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Monday, January 23, 2017

Unboxing the Volks Armee

Part of bringing you the Preview of a new book is writing about the toys that come with it. For the Volks-Armee book, Battlefront is releasing 6 new boxes and one blister of NVA goodies that I was fortunate to get my hands on. I also was able to get a copy of the new book and I picked up some of those very cool NVA tokens and decals as well. In my last article I detailed a fight between my Iron Maiden army and a T-72M list from VA. As I look to playing in my first real Team-Yankee tournament in February, I think the NVA will be the guys I pick to battle with.

The Book
I hate to start off with an excuse, however when we preview a book it is always a PDF draft and may differ from what comes out in the final version. This was true in VA where the final draft of the book does not have the Basic Stabilizer on the T-55AM2, so no +2 when you move and shoot, it’s just a +1 for being Slow Firing. I first saw the book at a tournament in December, and even now I am so impressed with the front cover and I think it may be the new wallpaper for my laptop. So you will just have to excuse me for giving you a false alarm about the T-55AM2.

The book comes with all of the “conversion cards” for previously released models that are used in VA. So you get cards for a T-72M force, and unit stat cards for the T-72M, BMP-1, BMP-1 Scout and OP, Shilka, Gopher, Carnation, Hind, Raktenwerer, and Hind. Let me tell you how much I like this and I think it opens up a lot of flexibility for Battlefront. Once the product lines are put in place for commonly used equipment, it makes adding other nations that much easier since they can come out with the book and the cards. So we may see Poles, Romanians, and Hungary one day in TY. Same can be done for a lot of the smaller NATO nations as well taking into account the lines put out for TY, Vietnam, and Fate of a Nation. I think this strategy grows the game’s appeal and of course will sell more models with those of us with OCD.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Star Wars Armada: Wave V Sensor Net Moff Jerjerrod vs General Rieekan

Another Armada battle report for your consideration today!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AAR: Iron Maiden Vs Volks-Armee

As the clock was running out for 2016 I was anxious to get my newest army on the table in force. I think I flooded all of you with how much I liked building my British force for Team-Yankee and I could not wait to get a full 100 point force on the table. In the time since I finished my Chieftain force I also was able to review Volks-Armee and in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, I was able to play my British force against the yet to be released East German’s. Let me get one fact straight before I proceed; I do not have any of the new models for Volks-Armee, so those hoping to see the new models can stop reading now.  What I did do was proxy the NVA force with the Soviets I have in my collection. Well even the term proxy is not quite fitting here since the list I built used the same T-72 and BMP-1 models I have in my collection, in fact the only real models I substituted was using my Soviet infantry for East German Mot-Schutzen.


So with two days left to go in the year, Throck, Ben (from Team Bro-Go) headed up to Glen Burnie Maryland to meet our gaming buddy Kato, who also wanted to get his West German’s on a table before the year ended. We love going to Games and Stuff in Maryland, it’s such a well-stocked store with an excellent staff that I always end up spending a few bucks in.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Tanks of Volks-Armee

The new Volks-Armee book from Battlefront features one of the most iconic tanks of the Cold War era, the T-55. The T-55AM2 featured in VA has been vastly upgraded since the original model rolled off the assembly line in 1958, and features many upgrades that enhanced the protection and fire power of this mass produced tank.  In VA, players are given the option to field a ton of T-55AM2 tanks, which would be fun to play and is historically accurate. The other MBT featured in VA is the T-72M, which was the export only version of the T-72 and did not have all of the same features of the T-72 used by the Soviets during the 1980’s. Used separately or in tandem, these two tanks used in mass can give your opponent more targets than they can handle on a single turn and if played right can lead to certain victory.

The T-55 was born out of the T-54 program and is one of the most mass produced tanks in the post WWII period. Like many Soviet designs, the T-54/55 program did not feature a tank build from the ground up, instead it took many design features of tanks used during WWII. Thought its service life the T-55 featured the D-10T 100 mm rifled gun which when it first came out was a feared weapon, however as other MBTs were produced with better protection (and better guns) the effectiveness of the D-10T fell behind any enemy tank the T-55 would have to face.

While the gun remained the same, the tank received numerous upgrades in other areas. By the mid 1980’s the T-AM version was the standard MBT of most of the Warsaw Pact nations and featured the Volna fire control system, stabilizers, laser range finders, a more powerful engine, and smoke dischargers. Perhaps the biggest upgrades went into protection, with BDD armor applied to the tanks turret, as well as many other features that would protect the tank and its crew. The actual version used in VA is the AM2, which was produced under license in Czechoslovakia and sold all over the world. In fact the T-55 has seen combat in the Middle East and Africa, and even today is used by many nations. The tank was simple to operate and maintain and had a low profile so a nervous crew could hide better if the situation called for it.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why We Fight Ep 11: Version 4 Deconstructed Pt. 2

Cick here to download            We hope that everyone had a great New Years and hope everyone is refreshed and ready to continue to dive into version 4. For Act 1, we have a quick tournament recap from the guys. Act 2, is all about shooting in version 4 and we cover a lot! We finish out strong by covering assaults in Act 3! Ring in the new year with another version 4 filled episode!
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Video: Frostgrave First Game!

Dirty Jon was kind enough to schlep all of his Frostgrave terrain and minis over to the Maclowchodome and we recorded the action!

We probably missed a ton of rules, but we had a good time!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The LRDG II Podcast: Episode 10

The LRDG II Podcast: Episode 10
Like the Kardashians, Old Man Morin appears to have survived the calamities of 2016, which means only one thing... More LRDG II content in the new year! Brad is back with our tenth episode along with two sets of guests to kick off another season of podcasting madness.

In segment one, Sam from The Down Order Podcast helps Brad shake off the cobwebs of not having cast for a while and the guys talk the state of Bolt Action now that version two has been out for a while now. They also generally discuss the "new" Armies of Germany book and discuss a few units not discussed in other places. 

It is that time of year again, the run up to Cancon, Australia's largest Bolt Action event. Though Brad is not attending, he talks with hobby god's Steven Drury and Andrew Brownrigg about how they are preparing for this huge event. They also discuss K'47 in the world post BA V2 and discuss how they are preparing their forces for the Cancon Konflikt'47 event.

Please check out the episode and let us know what you think, for good or for worse, on The LRDG Podcast Facebook page. We do love and appreciate the feedback!

Please find this episode in the iTunes store or download it directly HERE.

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The Volks-Armee, The Other NVA

With the upcoming release of Volks-Armee from Battlefront, I thought it would be a good idea to give players a brief history of East German military and the weapons they used. The formation of the National Volks Army (NVA) took a different path than many of the other nations in Eastern Europe who found themselves in the Warsaw Pact. First of all the creation of two separate German nations was not something that was planned prior to end of the war. The plan was to carve Germany up into zones of occupation under the Allies and the Soviet Union after World War Two, with the thought that one day the entire nation would revert to self-rule.

Obviously this never happened because the two sides could not agree on very much and in 1949, the Soviet Union turned over their occupation zone to the German Communist Party and they formed the German Democratic Republic (DDR in German). I think the term “turned over” is applied very liberally here since not only did the Soviet troops stay in the DDR, very little went on in East Germany without the approval of Moscow.

The DDR geographically composed of what was agreed to during the Potsdam conference of 1945, with the eastern most parts of Germany and East Prussia being given to Poland and the remaining territory being east of the Oder–Neisse line to the new Polish border. The German capital of Berlin was also similarly split between the Allies and Soviets in 1945 and in 1949 the City of East Berlin became the capital of the DDR.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

That's All Volks-Armee

Out of all the Team Yankee releases, the one that would give us the forces of East Germany was the one I was most curious about. I have some ties to the former DDR, when I was 4 my Grandfather - who lived in West Berlin, and worked in East Germany - took me across Checkpoint Charlie. The East German border guards were very nice to him, not only did they see him every day, but they all knew that their officers school was named after his Aunt. More recently this interest has been piqued by the Hulu series Deutschland ’83, which takes place during the height of the Cold War and it’s a series I recommend to everyone. So after a year since its initial release,Team Yankee has only one “Red” force, which are the Soviets from the first book. When I play the game I like Red vs Blue fights so we needed another force for some variety. I know from reading the posts on many forums that many players were eagerly awaiting this new release.

First of all the cover of Volks-Armee is one of the neatest in the series. It is true porn for those who love the T-55 and the HIND.

Inside the book, which is about 33 pages in length, we are introduced to the DDRs 9th Panzer Division. Like the other books in the series, a back story of that unit is given and their fight when the cold war went hot. I do not know how they plan to release this, since VA is a bit slimmer than other releases and has no scenarios, or at least the version provided for my review.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault Core Set Mercenaries Painted

 Just a quick post today! The Imperial Assault core set doesn't have too many Mercenary figures: Just 2 Nexu and 2 sets of Trandoshan Hunters.

Foul bounty hunters!


Sorry for the short post! More painted IA stuff to come soon.

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