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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lists We Play: the Waffen-SS

Lists We Play: The Waffen-SS
By Mitch Reed

In the last article I discussed my first army, the Canadians, now I will go over my second army, the German Waffen-SS.  While I play this game for fun, and stay as politically agnostic as possible, I did have some hardship in fielding a force whose mark on history was so disturbing.  However, taking the history out of it, and looking at a force that is competitive, I was able to put my issues aside to build an SS list.

The Waffen-SS, which means Armed Protection Squadron has its roots in the Nazi party and was a military force separate from the regular German Army (Heer).  This is why the game has Reich Divided national rule for lists that have both SS and Heer units.

Where to Find the SS
Almost every book that features the Germans (the one big exception is the North Africa book) has the option to field both Heer and SS lists.  The one distinction of the SS in the game is that they have a Fearless motivation rating through all periods.  This is due to the recruiting standards, political indoctrination and aggressiveness the SS displayed during the war.  While many could argue why certain forces are rated as Fearless, I have never heard anyone say that the SS does not deserve such a rating. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Great War BatRep: Brits on the Offensive!

By Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah and Mitch Reed

When Battlefront announced the new Great War line I was eager to give it a test.  Mitch ordered both box sets and painted them up in record time, so we decided to give it a try.

We decided to show how you can build out a table on a budget using stuff you might already have. In our case, we went for simple and effective. Let's test the thing out and see how it works.

We used some battlefront tree bases to indicate blasted forests, areas that gave concealment and slow going and my personal collection of trenches, mine fields and barbed wire to act as a trench system.

Lists: We wanted to get all the toys on the table to see how they worked and it came out to be 2020 points. This out all of the British box on the table. We had to proxy the Stoss platoon and Mitch took the flamethrowers from the company HQ. 

Confident Vet Brits:
HQ with Sniper
2x Combat Platoon
2x Mark IV Male Tanks
1x Whippet
2x 18 pounder Artillery Detachment

Confident Vet Germans:
HQ with Flame Throwers
2x Combat Platoon
MG Platoon converted to 4 Nests
Stoss Platoon
Infantry Gun Platoon
2x A7V tanks. 

For the point value these seemed to be incredibly small model count lists. This is mostly because we wanted to check out the tanks that come in the box and both the German and British variations are quite spendy. 

Mission: The Big Push!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Uparmored Easy 8 Spotlight (US055)

I recently got in an Uparmored M4A3 Easy 8 for review.  In the Bridge at Remagen book, the US player can add in up to three of these guys into a platoon for +50 (RV) or +55 (CV) points - 10 points more than a standard Easy 8.  For those points, you get one more FA and one more SA (8 FA, 5SA), a .50cal Hull coax instead of just a regular MG.  The drawbacks are losing Detroit's Finest and Smooth Ride.  That seems like a LOT to lose for the benefits, but you guys can make up your own mind about that!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Impudent Mortal Truss Bridge and Guard Towers

The bridge at Arnhem.
Photo from http://www.geocities.ws/radisic_igor/a_bridge_too_far_operation_marketgarden.htm
Hey gang, right before Gencon, I received some new terrain in the mail: a 15mm truss bridge (this is the Ludendorf Bridge from Remagen) and some guard towers! I picked these guys up from the Impudent Mortal kickstarter to use with Flames of War. Here are my thoughts on each (with some eye candy). Spoiler: I really like them.

Guard Towers:

The towers comprise 12 pieces (4 legs, a base, 2 wall frames, 4 walls, 1 roof, 1 ladder).

They go together very easily, with everything fitting snugly. I attached everything but the roof, so I can put a team in there as needed. 
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Hallowed Ground Terrain - Firebase Trench System

By Craig Baxter

A few months back Hallowed Ground Terrain launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter  for for vietnam terrain.  It included a Firebase, VC trenches, river boats, and village huts.  When the Kickstarter failed to get enough support to go through, the company reached out to those who had pledged to see if they were still interested in supporting the project.  My Dad and I were, so they filled out order from our pledge (thats pretty cool).  We had backed the US Fire Base set to use in FoW Vietnam.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lists We Play: The Canadians

By Mitch Reed 

This is the first in what I hope are many articles on some of the forces that we either play or play against in Flames of War. Today’s spotlight will be on the first army I actually built, the Canadians.

I have always been interested in the Canadian story of WWII, which grew with my many trips to Canada as a child visiting family in Canada or my many trips to Winnipeg when I was stationed in North Dakota.  This interest was even more solidified from working with the Canadian military and marching in the 2005 Warriors Day Parade in Toronto.

My forces are modeled after the tankers of the Fort Garry Horse and the infantry are the Royal Winnipeg Rifles (aka Little Black Devils), both of whom landed in Normandy on D-Day and fought through the campaign the Northwest Europe. 

WWII Cap Badges turned into Objective Markers. Ft Gary Horse is on the right and Royal Winnipeg Rifles is on the left

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Monday, September 8, 2014

News from the Front Episode 81

Welcome to Episode 81!

In Act I, the guys do an extensive AAR and go into detail about their experience at Guns of August, what is on the painting tables and other cool stuff.

In Act II, GenCon 2014 is the subject and eat up the entire act. Hear all about the adventures at this awesome convention! 

In Act III, we hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, talk a bit about what lists are in our future, and go over upcoming events across the globe.

After Hours 81

This is a free-wheeling After Hours, so step inside and see where the guys take it!
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Battlefront Arab MiG-17

By John Sulek and Eric Lauterbach

The MiG-17 was one of the iconic planes of the Cold War, with over 10,000 produced in all variants. Designed and built by Mikoyan-Gurevich it was the next generation of MiG and improvement over the MiG-15 the main communist fighter of the Korean War. The MiG family can draw its linage back to German early jet designs and research but the end product was purely Soviet. The combat capabilities of the MiG-17 were very good and it was an extremely agile plane. MiGs flown by the North Vietnamese were able to out maneuver heavier US jets and prompted a reintroduction of dog fighting skills.

The Egyptian Air Force at the time of the Six-Day War had 124 MiG-15/17s, and 108 of the MiG-21, 60 Su-7, and large number of transport aircraft and helicopters. A very impressive force which is why the Israelis probably decided to launch a preemptive strike and start the war early.

So lets get into Battlefronts MiG-17 box AAC03

Here is what you get in the box AACO3

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Decals

by Mitch Reed

I have always been a fan of putting the little details in my models; this includes decals to make the models look as they did in real life and if I want to portray my models as a certain unit, this extra step really helps.  While I never had much of an issue with the products from Battlefront or my favorite - Doms Decals -  (his site seems to be down), I wanted to have the ability to create something that neither of those retailers had.  As with everything else, my search started online.  While I found many good tips (model rocketry sites had the most info) I decided to go with Testors Clear Waterslide paper, which I picked up online for around $9.  You can also get products with a white background, however I felt that clear would do the trick.  I also want to point out that laser and inkjet printers use different paper and they are not interchangeable.At Historicon I picked up three old Comet tanks that Battlefront produced many years ago.  Knowing that the 11th Armoured Division used the Comet in 1945, I decided to make the divisional symbol, the Bull. 
I went online and found the graphic I was looking for and saved it as a .jpg.  While you can buy a dedicated program to make your decals, I found a lot of online tips that claimed that Microsoft Word would do the trick.  Having gotten my PowerPoint Ranger badge many years ago I coped the graphic to Word and  it was easy to re-sized them to what I needed.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AAR - Gencon LW Tourney

By Maurice "The Space Cowboy" Kent

Photo from www.tankdestroyer.net
Hey again,

I had the pleasure of playing in Able Kompanie's 1250 point late war Flames of War tournament at Gencon in August. I previewed my list here. I'll give you a quick rundown of how my games went and provide some eye candy of the various armies in play. Let's see how the boys of Task Force A were able to do.

Game 1: Hasty Attack against Ron's excellent SS Panzergrenadiers. He had a large platoon, a short platoon, Panzer IVs, some StuGs, Pak40s and Nebs, if I recall. Naturally, as TFA, I got to attack.
Set up underway
Ron kept his large platoon in immediate ambush and spread them between the two objectives. The Pak40s covered both objectives from the center, while the StuGs covered the objective on my left behind the woods. I kept a Hellcat platoon, the Scotts and Recce in reserve.

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