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Friday, January 23, 2015

Review - BB 185 Train Tracks Expansion

By Tom Burgess,

Already owning a box Battlefront's "Battlefield in a Box" BB 135 Train Tracks I was very happy to be able to add a bit more variety to my on table rail lines when Battlefront released BB 185 Train Track Expansion.

The Train Track Expansion is nicely packaged and well protected like most "Battlefield in a Box" terrain.
 The contents of the box are clearly described on the back of the box.

The box comes with four curve sections, two switch sections, two coal bunkers to go on terminal track ends and the usual two types of flocking.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Italian Blind Domination: 26th Panzergrens vs 1AD Armored Rifles(PART 1 OF 2)

By Randy Elliott

My regular gaming buddy, Mike and I reconvened last Sunday for our weekly FoW Smackdown.  We'd played a couple of Blind Domination rematches since our last batrep.  All took place in Italy with lists drawn from the Fortress Italy and Road to Rome books.  All games were played on the larger 5'x8.5' table.  The last game saw Mike absolutely crushing me.  His HG Panzers wiped me out to a team!  I managed to pick off a whopping two dismounted recon teams and a PzIV...  That being the back story, I was raring to get some payback for my little warguys!

Mike had mentioned that he wanted to work infantry into our lists for a change and he mentioned using, "Infantry In Name Only" companies.  You know, the two compulsory platoons and HQ, but as much armored/mobile support as possible.  I was okay with that, but I decided that I was going to use the random list generator featured on Nick Bowler's excellent blog, www.fowlists.blogspot.com.au/  This is a terrific, free list generator that I've used as well as Easy Army.  Unlike Easy Army, you need the books as there is no list validation in the generator.  (Thanks, Nick!!!)

At first I ran 1505pts lists for the 92nd ID, but it kept coming up with a single tank platoon with no TD or ATG supports.  Then I'd get multiple arty options.  Not my cup of tea.  I wanted to maneuver, not camp.  I tried a 3rd ID list and then a 1st AD list with much the same results...  Finally, I tried a 1st AD Armored Rifle list.  Bingo!!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beyond the Foxholes Episode 23

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 23

Ben and Adam are joined by Mike Haught, co author of Nachtjager. In act one they talk about the British lists in the book. These include the 11th Armoured Division, Comet tanks and the 51st Highland Division.

In act two the interview moves onto the Germans, infra red equipped troops, railway guns and a quick chat about what is next for FoW and Volkssturm Companies!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Steven's 2014 Painted Models

It's that time of year again where we all look back and see how much lead we painted (or, more appropriately, how much we left unpainted!). My 2013 haul was pretty solid, though 2014 was less productive. A trans-global move, discovery of  a game that was most certainly designed for me, and a new gaming console have pretty much done me in! I did, however, add an airbrush to my painting table, and that's been great fun!

Anyhow, here's the list of what I got done for all of the world to see. Here's to a productive 2015!

Soviet BT7As (6x) (2nd Jan)
10x Soviet IS-2s + Tank Escorts (25th Jan)
10x Soviet SU-100
6x Soviet SU-85M
3x German SU-85s
1x German SU-100
3x Captured Soviet Halftracks (March 2)
7x German Panzer III L (March 15)
8x German Panzer III N (March 15)
German: 2x Recce Patrols from DM (sd kfz 231/1 & 231/4 with puma turret options) (March 25)
German: 6x 234/22 Pak 40 halftracks (March 25)
German: 2x 8 Rads (March 25)
Martians: 3x Assault Tripods (May 27)
All Quiet 6x US Mk II Steam Tanks (June 2)
3x US Mk IIb Steam Tanks (June 2)
1x US Mk III Steam Tank (June 2)
3x Martian Assault Tripods redo (July 24)
6x German King Tigers w/ turret options
Bolt Action Soviet Valentine
4x 2cm Flak38 Guns

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

News from the Front - Episode 87 - New Year's Spectacular

It's Episode 87!  Steve-O is joined by Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon for the New Year's Episode!  In Act I, the guys cover the normal AAR and talk recent painting, games and immediate future plans. 

In Act II, the guys cover Commonly Overlooked Rules and Recap the WWPD 2014 Resolutions.  Points are scored, judges unconvinced, and all manner of wheeling and dealing about the past year's accomplishments.  

In Act III, the guys commit to new 2015 resolutions with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

After Hours/On the Road

Steven and Jon talk about their tournament experience at the Huzzah Hobbies Jan 10 Mid War open!
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Luke makes Eric feel dirty...or..US Infantry vs German Panzers in Breakthrough

By Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia

This was another test of tournament lists for the Huzzah event.  Luke's Arty-party vs my Panzer-bums.  To switch it up Luke suggested that we switch lists I play his he plays mine. I agreed and my slippery plunge into the dark side began.

Luke's list was the US 80th Infantry Division out of Citizen soldiers, with two Infantry platoons, 5 Shermans, M10s, recon scouts, two batteries of 105, and one battery of 155s. The force is confident trained BUT the artillery shoot like veterans.

My list is the 111th Panzer brigade out of Bloody guts and glory affectionately know as the Panzer Bums for their reluctant trained goodness. It contained 14 Panzer IVj, 6 Stugs, 2 Whirlelwind, two Aufkl Panzergrens in halftracks.

The mission we played was breakthrough so as the US player it was going to all be about protecting the Arty-Party from a fast attack wave German tanks aka the "bum rush" maneuver. Neither one of us were really adept at the other guys army and couple of times the words"Your doing it wrong" were mentioned to the opposing player and explained why. With that we kicked off.
The board

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Counterattack - Israeli & Egyptian Tank Forces

by Tom Burgess

My friend Greg and I had a chance to get in another Fate of a Nation game recently. With a desert board already set, we rolled up "Counterattack" as a mission. Unfortunately I rolled up as the Defender and thus the Mobile Reserve rule was really going to hamper my force.

I was running an AMX-13 based Israel force with:

HQ: 2 x AMX-13
Plt 1: 4 x AMX-13
Plt 2: 4 x AMX-13
Inf: Full Mechanized Infantry Platoon with extra Blinidicide
MTR: 3 x 120mm Mortar Halftracks
AAA: 2 x 20mm AAA Halftracks

I set my infantry on my right across from the UAR deployment area. The stream/wadi I hoped would help my infantry withstand a full on tank assault.
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Monday, January 12, 2015

AAR: Udarny vs Grenadiers (with a Train!) in Pincer!

Sean and I got another Flames of War game in before the end of the year! Again, we wanted to something "fun" and decided to revisit the East Front. We didn't want a horde of Strelkovy, and Sean wanted a train, so with that criteria, we got to work! The Udarny are attacking.
Sean elected to start with 2 infantry and Pak 40s on the board with his Tigers in ambush (who rolled For the Fatherland and Rapid Fire).

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Attack of the Panzer Bums! Panzer Company vs US tank Company

By Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia

Luke and I decided to try out our 1600 point lists for the Huzzah tournament. Since I was slated to be a swing player I had two lists made.

So we decided to bang them together for a good test.

First, let me say I am big fan of cheap medium tanks and one of my favorite lists is out of "Bloody Guts and Glory:" the Panzerkompanie of reluctant trained tanks. These guys are Bums!! But they rarely lose.

They win with horrific casualties which makes them a terrible tournament army, but they usually come out on top.  On the fun scale they are great though. The US list I made was also a tank company out of BGG probably one of my favorite books and its another pile of trained medium tanks. My style is play fast and die hard and quick.  The mission was hasty attack.

The Panzer Bums are auto attack which works to their favor.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remagen Bridge Mat Set (FW230A)

 By Steve MacLacalacalacalan

Battlefront's Remagen mat is far from a new product, but I finally got my grubby hands on it and wanted to let everyone take a look. It's important to think through what this product is trying to do. It may seem obvious, but I can already hear the complaints of it looking unrealistic!

The point of this mat is to allow a very significant piece of terrain for a set piece battle affordable, portable, and simple. Not all of us are willing to spend the time, money, and effort to create a board that is (for all intense and purposes) one use. I struggled for a long time deciding whether or not to build a D-Day board back when the book first came out. I'm glad I didn't, cause I maybe play the beach assault mission once per year. It's not that it isn't fun or that building that terrain isn't awesome- but most of us have limited space and that's where these mats come in!

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