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Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Review of Warhammer Quest by Fantasy Flight Games

Though it's been out for a while (See Scott's previous review!), I only recently managed to get my mitts on a copy of Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. As many of you reading this will remember, I am a big fan of both card games and cooperative games. My favorite card game is hands down the Lord of the Rings card game, and this game seemed to share a similar concept. Because I am so well versed in the Lord of the Rings LCG, my review of this game will be colored largely by that. Spoiler alert: This game is very very good!

The Concept
Warhammer Quest is a cooperative dungeon crawler card game. Unlike Fantasy Flight's Living Card Game. the game is meant for 2-4 players, and scales accordingly by ensuring the heroes always have 4 actions between them. Unlike a bulky board game, the entire game is done through cards which makes setup relatively simple, and the playing space relatively small. Still, the game feels like an epic dungeon crawler complete with everything you'd hope to experience: loot, leveling up, and glorious combat.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Netrunner: Democracy and Dogma Review

Hello All

Following on the AAR I posted up a week or so ago, today I have review of the latest data pack Democracy and Dogma. Myself and Maz give our thoughts on the cards in the pack, look at a few combos and options on how to use the cards.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

MW Panzer Company vs U.S. Infantry

By Luke Melia
The board before deployment. 

Andy and I wanted to get a practice game in before the tournament at the Williamsburg Muster so we decided to face off with our lists.  The tournament was 1500 points, in an open format.   Guess what I was playing?  That's right folks, Americans.  I know that comes as a shock to many of you, regardless despite my misgivings I made the sacrifice to play the old US of A.  Andy ran a Panzer Company out of North Africa.  The mission was Counterattack.  I used to absolutely hate this mission, but it is steadily growing on me the more I play and develop strategies for it.

My basic list is
2 Infantry Platoons
4 Lees
4 105mm Howitzers
4 155mm Howitzers
AA Platoon with 2 Bofors and 2 dismounted .50 cals
Recon Platoon
3 57mm AT Guns with 2 attached bazookas

Andy's List (please forgive me I am going off memory here so it may not be 100% accurate)

2 Command Stugs
3 Stugs
3 Panzer MKIV
1 Panzer Grenadier Platoon

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Bolt Action - My LRDG project comes to a conclusion, well sort of!

By Patch

Earlier this year I was fortunate to receive some of the new Warlord Games  Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevrolet trucks and one of their Jeeps to review. I found them to be amazing and I was bitten by the LRDG bug. Something about their roguish appearance and mish-mash of vehicles made them truly appear like pirates of the desert and had me hooked. I reviewed those vehicles and provided a painting guide here.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

LRDG (Off Topic) - Episode 28

LRDG (Off Topic) - Episode 28


Greetings one and all, the LRDG is back in the studio. In this "special" episode the guys are joined for serious game discussion, karaoke singing and puns galore by the the former member of the Dweller's Below Podcast, the Kraken/ That Ol' Egg himself...  Chris Cousins! 

We briefly discuss "Magical Cards," gaming companies that actually support events based around their games and 80's music before getting into our main topics. We mourn the death of Warhammer Fantasy and talk about one of its successors... Kings Of Wars. Of course, the Turkey is flowing sooooo...  these discussion take some time and might be prone to occasional entertaining, digressions about... Well... lots of things.

Buckle up and enjoy! This one goes old school! 


If you would like to let the guys know about how much you hated (or loved) this episode, you can now find, and contact, us on Facebook under: LRDG Podcast. 

You can find this fine episode in the iTunes store or your can directly download it to your digital device HERE.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Star Wars X-Wing: Ghost vs Gozanti Epic Game

Steven, Andrew, and Sean played a 200 point game of X-Wing. We wanted it to feel like a battle in Rebels, so had the VCX-100 "Ghost" facing off against a Gozanti Assault Carrier along with some support.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HMGS Board of Directors Election

As most of you know, we are big supporters of HMGS and encourage all of you to become members to support our hobby.  Over the years, we have become very interested in how the major HMGS Conventions - Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall-In - are run.  We think that the HMGS organization and the wonderful conventions that they run are a big part of keeping this wonderful hobby growing and thriving.  HMGS is having an election to pick the next Board of Directors, and we would like to encourage you to vote, no matter who you prefer.  However, we do have an endorsement to make.

The WWPD Crew has become quite close with Keven Kelley over the years.  First, as an online and Flames of War gamer, then as a contact with HMGS and more recently just a good friend.  On the business side, WWPD has had a wonderful time dealing with Kevin when coordinating our frequent appearances at the HMGS Cons.  As you all can imagine, there is quite a bit of coordination between Luke and HMGS to get the show off the ground.  In most cases, we wound up dealing with Kevin in his position of Treasurer, or he has stepped in to facilitate communication between us and the rest of HMGS.  It has been a pleasure doing business with Mr. Kelley.

On a personal note, we have very much enjoyed gaming with Kevin over the years - both online and in person - and we never fail to have a good time.  Kevin has great insights into games and game systems, but also has intelligent and thoughtful things to say about the state of our hobby, the direction of HMGS, and just life in general.  It is always a pleasure.

We feel confident that Kevin will be an outstanding HMGS Board Member, and bring his thoughtful, analytical and practical mind to the many challenges facing the future of HMGS, the Cons and our hobby.  Let this serve as our enthusiastic endorsement of his candidacy.

You can read more about Kevin's platform (and all the other candidates) here.


Jon, Luke, Eric, and Steven

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Long Time, No Heer: My Return to Flames of War

By Mitch Reed with Pictures from David Garvin

In the past I have penned more than a few articles on Flames of War that cover many aspects of the hobby, however now I cannot recall the last time I posted an article about the game.  I have not played Flames of War since the “Fall-In” tournament in early November 2015, a fact that shocked me because I was such an engaged player over the last few years.  My lack of play was not a conscious decision, and I guess I got wrapped up in other great games where I did not miss playing FoW.  Maybe a lot has to do with the fact that the new lines from Battlefront (Team Yankee and the Pacific) are not in my “wheel house”.  While they are great additions to the hobby neither of them gave me the same excitement as the Second World War and Eurocentric version of the game.

I guess it was an email from the I-95 Gamers Yahoo group many months ago that got me back into the fold.  It was for a Normandy themed tournament at Huzzah Hobbies in mid-April, and I quickly signed up for it.  The organizer for this event was David Garvin; a name I have never heard of him before and I thought (incorrectly) that I knew most of the folks who would try to organize a local tournament.
Bocage..... Sucks
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Netrunner: Tournament AAR

Hello All

Ben here from Breakthrough Assault, that small site from across the pond. It might surprise you but I'm not here today to chat about Flames of War, no I'm here to chat about (well, show you) Netrunner and A Game of Thrones the card game from Fantasy Flight Games.
I have been playing living card games now since last summer as with baby number two on the way I knew my painting time was about to disappear and I wanted something new to play that didn't need painting. A couple friends ran me through a few games of Netrunner and what was meant to be something I picked up a few sets of here and there and turned into a collecting obsession... I really must have all the cards! The price point to get into Netrunner was a little bigger than I hoped (but probably still cheaper than the average 40k army these days), so when A Game of Thrones was released I decided to pick it up too. I'm a massive fan of the show, I didn't want to decide to get into the game a few years down the line and have another big price point to over come.
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Star Wars Armada: Rieekan MC30 swarm vs Motti Dual-ISD

Rieekan leads a team of MC30s to strike against admiral Motti's twin ISD Fleet. The mission is Advanced Gunnery -- Watch live at

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