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Friday, November 21, 2014

What Motivates You?

Motivation, you either have it or you don't. There comes a time where you look at some of the stuff you have piling up around you and wonder where the time will come from to get it all assembled and painted!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Know the Mission VIII - Fighting Withdrawal

Know the Mission VIII: Fighting Withdrawal

Steven and Dirty Jon get together and discuss one of our favorite missions - Fighting Withdrawal.  The guys cover all the rules for the mission in detail, as well as discuss objective placement, deployment and strategies for both attack and defense on this fine mission.  Tune in a crush your enemies in Fighting Withdrawal!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

AAR: Russians vs. Finns in Fighting Withdrawal Infantry Battle

Steven and I continued our "Get Jon's Stuff on the Board" series, where I play things I have painted, but have not yet played.  I started the Finns a long time ago, but have not got them on the table at all, as I was slowly building up the force so that it can fight from Early War to Late War.

We played the same day we recorded a Know the Mission for Fighting Withdrawal, so we went ahead and played that mission.  We rolled a die, and I got to be the defender.  We decided it was snowing, so we basically treated everything as Slow-Going.

Jon's List:

I am pretty limited in my choices of platoons - due to what I own - so I basically put a list together with all my Early War appropriate models.  Steven put together some Strelkovy.

Steven's List:

I deployed this infantry unit in the woods on top of my right-most objective.  I was going to have to count on this unit to hold off the horde.  I put the two attached HMGs on the edge of the wood (on is behind the tree) to give me to option to shoot the blob as it got closer.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

News from the Front: Episode 84 LIVE from Fall-In 2014!

Welcome to Episode 84!

The guys are back at you LIVE from Fall-In 2014!  The Con experience is covered in detail with news of the Flames of War Doubles Tournament, general gaming and all our usual shenanigans.  The guys cover new announced point levels and more!

Special Guests Dan-O and Judson recount the Bolt Action tournament and discuss the latest in Bolt Action news.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Film Review: 'Fury' WWPD Edition

'Fury' is easily one of the most anticipated WW2 films that has been released in a long time. The year is 1945 and the Allies have pushed into Germany. The scene is set for Sgt. Don 'Wardaddy' Collier and his crew, to once again do their part to ensure victory.

If you haven't seen the movie. Stop reading!!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

FOW Masters 2014 Live Twitter Feed

Unfortunately, our roving reporter had to report to sick bay and will be unable to attend.

WWPD Roving Reporter Throck Morton is attending the Flames of War 2014 Masters, and will be live tweeting the antics? Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @wwpdpodcast

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Friday, November 14, 2014

List Spotlight: Mid War Compagnia Carri

Many longtime readers of WWPD will likely recognize that I am a big fan of the Italians in Mid War! I've taken them to several tournaments and done well with them, and they've featured in many of our battle reports. It's now been quite a long time since my last game, and I'd like to change that soon! To that end,  I wanted to noodle out a good Tank list for mid war at 1650. Won't you join me?

In Mid War, our tank choices are quite limited! In fact, we have no choice other than the M14/41. So let's remember what the M14/41 is like in Mid War.

Armor 3/2/1, standard tank movement, and a 47mm gun puts this tank on roughly equal footing with an M3 Stuart. While the Stuart has Light Tank, the M14 sports a twin hull MG. With optional AA MGs that means the M14 can be spitting dakka... but as the core of our list, we must recognize some very serious weaknesses right off the bat. We cannot stand toe to toe with medium and heavy armor we expect to face: Grants, Shermans, Churchills (historically) or T-34s, Panzer IVs, Tiger I Es (mostly a-historically).

BUT this list is also elite- meaning it's got a good chance to be Confident Veteran and a slim chance to be Fearless Veteran.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Product Review: Trench Mortars, Regimental Support Platoon, and 7.7 FK96 n.A Gun Platoon

By Mitch Reed

In the past few weeks I was able to get my hands on the remaining few Great War blisters that Battlefront has produced for its new Great War Line.  Last week, Battlefront shipped the British Trench Mortar Platoon and the German Regimental Support Platoon which has 2 anti-tank guns and 3 Minenwefer mortars.  I was eager to get the last two items in the collection since they offer great weapons to add to your force list.

The British Trench Mortar Platoon contains four 3" Stokes mortars each with a crew of three.  The mortars themselves look identical to the WWII version which is fine since it was basically the same weapon with very little change in between the two wars.  Like the WWII mortar blisters, each stand has an identical crew, so much for varying your stands.

The Regimental Support Platoon supplies the two 3.7 TaK AT guns or three mortars found under the the Trench Gun box on the German list.  A player will have the choice of taking either the guns or the mortars since the current list will allow you to take both.  When I first opened this blister and cleaned up the figures I noticed that the sculpts in the package I received did not correspond with what was on the website.   You get four of the sculpt that is kneeling holding the firing lanyard which goes to the three mortars which I thought was odd.  The pack also contains a lot of prone figures, which I am not a fan of.  Finally the standing gunner included for the AT guns is the same as the one from the 7.7 Gun and does not easily fit on the seat in the rear of the gun.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Barbarossa Germans vs. Soviets at 3000 points!

by Eric Lauterbach

Yes you heard right, 3000 point game! Well its not that impressive once you see the point costs for what T-34s are in early war.

The main focus of the afternoon of fun was how can we get as many of Bob Everson's brand new T-26, T-28 and T-35s on the table and still have a reasonable game.

After tossing out two big handfuls of tanks (Bob still had more!) the point level was a little over 3000.  So the point limit was going to be decided by the German toys I had.

I started by giving the Pz IIIs and PzIVs all the upgrades I could find and that added up real quick.

With this many points we wanted to get after it quick so settled on Free-For-All as the mission.

The base force for the Russians was a T-34 company of HQ T-34, T-34 company of two,  T-26 company of 16 tanks, T-28 company of 8 tanks, and T-35 company.  A truly massive horde of tanks.  The German force was based on a Pz III company.

The village 

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gone Fishin'

As many of you may know, the WWPD crew is going to be at Fall In this weekend! Regularly scheduled posts will return on Monday, November 10th.

Make sure to follow our crazy antics on Twitter, Facebook, and the FBI's most wanted list.

If you need your fix, why not try one of our other websites?


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