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Friday, June 24, 2016

"Unknown" - A cooperative survival boardgame by Rob and Dave games

"Uknown" is a (pardon the pun) relatively unknown game that I happened to come upon on Kickstarter. I thought it looked promising, backed them, and then completely forgot about it.

Check out Rob and Dave games on Facebook. I'm not sure if this game will be available for purchase soon, or what.

A few weeks back, a suspicious package (Man, that's a great band name- Suspicious Package) arrived on my doorstep, and this game was inside! I finally talked my buddy Sean into trying it out with me, and we were quite impressed.

The game consists of a group of survivors exploring their underground world. They fight monsters, avoid hazards, and gather food for their settlement.

Sean and I recorded a playthrough- check it out! The game is fantastic!

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Bolt Action - Panzer Grey painting tutorial

While painting the latest addition to my Royal Hungarian army forces, a Panzer IV, I decided to record the process to share how I have painted the model and in particular the 'Panzer Grey'. Read on as I show you step by step how I painted this vehicle.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Star Wars Armada Video Battle Report: Ackbar vs Motti

Admirals Steven and Andrew throw down in a last minute game of Armada with truly thrown together lists.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Counter Point: What is "The Meta"?

With much assistance from Eric Riha

My good friend Mitch recently posted a controversial article entitled "Myth Busting: The Meta in Flames Of War". While I think he makes a lot of good points, I fully disagree with a lot of his premise, and I'll outline why and how I view a "meta" below. As a quick aside- man, hearing the word "meta" just makes me cringe, what about you? I think it DOES describe a phenomena in almost every game I've ever played, but it just sounds so dumb.

The fact is, many popular games we play right now evolve. Why? Because that is the business model. New models to sell and new rules to make them easier to sell. We're all okay with that right? We want new and shiny and we want our favorite game companies to succeed so they can keep churning out new stuff. It's a win/win really, and the "meta" is just the obvious by-product. I think Mitch and I agree with each other in a very broad sense in that the "meta" isn't exactly bad. It just is, and it's a thing to consider.

Mitch used the definition of "Metagaming" from Wikipedia (which I've repeated below), and goes on to de-bunk the myth based on the fact that the Wikipedia definition implies something rule or game-breaking.

Any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed rule set, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. -Wikipedia

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Flames of War- Game Vault 1500 Mid-War Tournament Recap

by Eric "Tarzan" Lauterbach

Some days you just get lucky as a tournament organizer - this was one of those days. First we had an even amount of players, then we had equal amounts of Axis and Allied armies with no effort at all. So with those two things happening before we got started it was shaping up to be a easy day for me.

The tournament was a local Virginia, DC, and Maryland player affair at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg.  The store owner had set the theme as open mid-war armies 1500 points. Missions played were one each of the three basic randomly selected by the players at the table. We had Soviets, Brits, US, Germans, and a Hungarian player so the mix of armies was pretty good.

The allies started out strong but the Germans were on the offensive this day!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

LRDG II : Episode 4 – Return Of The Rising Sun (Another Bolt Action Only Episode)

LRDG II : Episode 4 – Return Of The Rising Sun

A loooooong time ago, the guys in the LRDG took a serious look at the Armies of Japan book when it came out. Since then, the Japanese army has not had much love on Bolt Action podcasts, to rectify this Old Man Morin has put together a formidable round table of IJA players to discuss common misconceptions about the army, tactics, favourite units and sooooo much more! 

Later in the episode, Brad is joined by Patchimus Prime to talk painting, upcoming events and Patch’s 2017 Cancon giveaway. It should also be noted that Patch says a VERY naughty word!

The episode is rounded out with a chat from another friend from the north side of Australia, Hari Turner. We talk listing for late war Fins, grudge matches and Bolt Action in general.

Stay tuned.. This is a BEAST of an episode!

As always, we would love feedback from you, the listener. Please find us on Facebook under The LRDG Podcast and let us know what you think of this, or any other of our podcasts.

You can download this episode from the iTunes store or you can find it directly HERE.
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Bolt Action - Blitzkrieg Wolverine vs Rubicon Achillies

Back in February 2015, I attended my first ever Bolt Action event. Is was called BAMF and it was a 750 point event where I met some incredible and lasting friends. Bryan showed up with his incredible French to show everyone what the gold standard was. Anf showed up with a multiple vehicle list and freaked me right out! And the LRDG were in the house strong with Old Man Morin running the floor and Lachlan and Dave throwing dice like a couple of furious honchos. At that event I was lucky enough to to win the prize I had my eye on all day, namely the Blitzkrieg Wolverine. 18 months later, and the Rubicon M10/M36 has crossed my desk. So as opposed to doing a straight up review of the Rubicon kit I thought I'd pit the two models against each other and see what's what.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

WWPD: Why We Fight Episode 2

Cick here to download

On Episode 2 Eric and Luke are joined by Mitch Reed.  The guys discuss their latest AAR's, social media news, and upcoming events.  In Act II the topics turn tournament list building and a recap of the recent tournament at Game Vault.  In Act III Mitch discusses Great War and we talk about the Meta in gaming as well as a sneak peak at Leopard, the new Team Yankee release.

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Elder Sign brief review and video Playthrough

I recently made the trek down to Game Theory in Raleigh NC for a Star Wars Armada Regionals tournament. I'm a big fan of that game shop; I visit it regularly as it's near my in-laws' place. So, I wanted to pick something up to support them (and, more importantly, feed the addiction). My friend Sean suggested Elder Sign, so I snapped it up. I've now played it many many times, as it's become a MacLauchlan house favorite.

In the game, 1-8 players work cooperatively to stop one of the Eldritch Gods from waking and bringing about our doom. The game reminds me of a streamlined version of Arkham Horror, and that's a good thing. It's quick to teach, difficult to master, and a barrel of fun! Check out a playthrough with my friend Jeff below:

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Leopard Arrives to Adrenalize Team Yankee

 By Mitch Reed and Luke Melia
 The good people over at Battlefront supplied us with an advanced copy of the first follow on module for Team Yankee. Leopard: The West German’s in World War III expands the NATO faction by introducing us to the host of the conflict. The 48-page softcover book, written by Wayne Turner, has all the information a player will need to run a Bundeswehr list; and also has a painting guide, new scenarios, and a back story that gives the player some context on West Germany’s military after WWII and their expected role in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion.

Mitch has composed the majority of this article. I have inserted comments, review notes and opinions in italics to differentiate between us.  -Luke

"Armageddon It"

When making a game about a fight that never took place it is important that the designers give the player some idea about the environment that these forces will fight in. This background is explained in detail at the beginning of the book and explains the growth of the post war German Military and how it played a key role in the NATO alliance. Having the largest ground force in NATO and knowing that the next war would be fought on their land it, the role of the Bundeswehr cannot be overstated and including them made an excellent selection (if not the obvious choice) for the first module to follow on the initial Team Yankee Game.
OOB For KG Muller
The contextual back story leads to the introduction of Kampfgruppe Muller, which is a part of the 1st Panzer Division, 2nd Panzer Brigade that battles the Soviets in northern Germany. The WWIII fight of KG Muller is what the book’s lists and scenarios are based upon.
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