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Friday, October 31, 2014

Dirty Jon's Basic Tips for Painting Miniatures

In this article, I will set out some of my top beginner tips for painting 15mm miniatures for Flames of War.  I will be focusing on achieving good effects for playable models, and not trying to get you winning painting contests.  When one paints hundreds of tanks per year like I do, the focus really is on getting those miniatures on the table top.  I generally ink my figures, so I will assume you are doing that too -- it really does save time and give a good effect.


You have your models purchased, so now what?  I recommend painting a playable unit like a platoon all at once. The next thing to do is to pick your color scheme and gather your paints.  The books published by Battlefront usually have a good guide - with specific paints - in the back for infantry and tanks.  I would also search out the Osprey books, which have really good color plates that you can match up to your paints.  Here are some prep tips:
  1. Use cheap black spray paint as primer - sue me, white primer fans!  $1 at big box stores.  Black lets you make mistakes on small infantry figures and have no one notice.
  2. Take the time to really trim all the flash off of your figures!  Nothing ruins a paint job more effectively than horrible flash lines.  Take the time up front and clean those figs!
  3. Brush off the white-ish dust (release agent) on the figures, if present.  I have never really had much of a problem with this, but when I do see the stuff I use a stiff brush or a quick wash with soapy water before priming.
  4. Paint a platoon at a time. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and encouragement to continue.  It will also help tie the platoon together as a unit.  Even if using the same techniques and materials, it is difficult to exactly replicate a paint job.
  5. Order/buy everything you need before starting! 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product Review: Battlefront's Stoss Platoon

By Mitch Reed

One of the Great War platoons I was eager to have in my collection was the German Stoss Platoon.  The actual name of these forces was Stosstruppen which means "Storm Trooper" and represent Germany's late war answer to break the deadlock on the Western Front in 1918. These troops used infiltration tactics when attacking and bypassed forward enemy strong points in order to penetrate deep into the rear areas and attack artillery positions, supply points and headquarters.  The a major attack Stoss units were followed up by regular troops which had the duty to reduce the bypassed pockets of resistance.  Stosstruppen were usually formed into battalions that were assigned to infantry divisions and were in the first wave across from key enemy positions.  Along with the use of tanks, the Stosstruppen represent how the Great War ushered in a new type of warfare in the 20th Century.

The Stoss Platoon is available as a support platoon on the German Infantry Company list for 305 points for a full unit.  You can upgrade the command pistol team to a SMG team for 5 points and add a flamethower stand for an additional 45 points.  The Stoss Platoon are also the only unit rated as Fearless Veteran in the Great War game so far.  A full Stoss Platoon is composed of one command and six pistol  "Sturm"teams, with two MG teams.  The platoon has some great benefits, SMG and pistol teams hit on 2+ in assault combat, Tank Assault 3 rating,  and they do use the Mission Tactics special rule.  One possible drawback (besides the cost) is that if your force has the Stoss Platoon it becomes an Always Attacks list, however if you are the attacker your Stoss Platoon and all infantry platoons may make a Spearhead Deployment move at the beginning of the game.  The special rules really capture how these were used and what they were capable of very well.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Desperate Measures Battle Report: Panzerkompanie vs Hero Moto in Pincer

It had been a while since Jon and I got in a game, and while we are excited about Barbarossa, Jon really wanted to use some of his Desperate Measures Germans. I threw together a Hero Motostrelk list that I thought would be fun, and perform well, and set up the table. We rolled randomly for mission and "Pincer" came up. We made sure to use the "errata'd" Pincer!

Steven's Hero Motostrelk
050- HQ + Komissar
305- Full Strength Moto w/ 3 Panzerfausts
305- Full Strength Moto w/ 3 Panzerfausts
260- Hero artillery w/ 8 76mm Zis-3 guns
280- Hero Tankovy w/ 3 T-34/85
360- Hero Medium Assault Guns w/ 3 SU-100
180- Hero Spetsnaz. Full Strength w/ Panzerfaust upgrade

Jon's Panzerkampfgruppe (Confident Trained)
130- HQ (2 Hetzers)
260- 4x Hetzers
450- 4x Panzer IV/70(V)s
545- 3x Jagdpanthers
100- 2x Ostwinds
095- Heavy Recon Patrol (Pak Puma!)
160- 4x 10.5cm Artillery Battery

As always, we made our lists with Easy Army!

The battlefield. A little crossroads village.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Crescent Root's New Pre-Painted Desert Building Line

Long time readers of WWPD will know that I am a huge fan of the Crescent Root buildings. The bulk of my collection is CR's excellent pre-painted buildings and scenery. Just check out our previous reviews of Crescent Root stuff if you need reminding of their products: church and church-grounds, town base.

This time around, we're reviewing their new desert building line. Their desert buildings were the first purchases I made from them, and had me hooked. Now, however, they have entered a whole new ballpark! The buildings are no longer resin, and are instead laser-cut MDF.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beyond the Foxholes Episode 20

WWPD presents Episode 20 of Beyond the Foxholes!

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 20.

In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with price reductions and digital books and then the guys talk about the resent BA One Day MW tournament.

In Act Two the guys talk about painting tips and then move onto Dave's Mail Bags.

In Act Three Adam leaves us as, so Winner Dave and Ben talk about some commonly overlooked rules before chatting about a few random projects.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Plastic M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon by Battlefront (UBX44)

-by Dirty Jon

The WWPD Crew was pretty excited when Battlefront sent us the new plastic M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon for review.  This box set is part of the new move toward plastics, and gives you five tanks with two complete turrets for 75mm and 76mm Shermans.  There is also an option to make some of the 75mm turrets in to 105mm if you like.  You can also construct the Uparmored version of any of these tanks.  For my build, I am going to try to build these up like the pictures on the box.  Let's get to it!

The box has a very clear layout of the parts provided and color-codes all the parts you need for a particular build.  I also like that the sprues come with a ton of extra parts - it is clear that these are multi-use sprues, which should save on costs as well.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diesel N Dust Episode 9

Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 9 (Click to Download)

In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk what’s on their painting table, share highlights of the MOAB event and generally struggle to stay on topic.
And in Act2, Ben talks about the best parts he found in his look at the new Barbarossa book, Australian masters is announced and we preview upcoming events.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Behind the Scenes (Part 2 of 2)

Looks like it's time for the second part of my visit to the War Museum in Ottawa. Sorry it took so long to get to the presses! The sheer amount of WW2 pieces in this museum is staggering, among the top draws are a Panther, Hitler's staff car and the 'only' Land Mattress Rocket artillery piece in existence!
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Vietnam AAR: Assault on a Fire Base

We finally got our first game of FoW Vietnam in with our new Fire Base from Hallowed Ground Terrain.  This is such a cool terrain set and it really gives you the Vietnam Fire Base feel.  We intentionally played the Fire Base mission with the most possible entrenchments on our first outing with the base.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

News from The Front: Episode 83

Welcome to Episode 83!

The Old School Crew is BACK with Episode 83!

Act I is filled with the usual AAR with LOTR, Netrunner, FoW games, painting, Throcktoberfest and more!  There is also an in-depth Fall-In preview.

In Act II, the guys talk about the impact of Barbarossa on Early War - tanks, list construction, tournaments - it is all covered.  The guys also talk Know Your Enemy - US Infantry addition.

For Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules makes another appearance and the guys talk about some recent Battlefront news about Forces of War, book prices and the housing subscription. Last, the guys talk about the future of the King Tiger in tournament play.
Be sure to tune in to After Hours - there is a killing!

After Hours

In this exciting episode of After Hours, the guys get a kill right off the bat!  The insanity continues with a wide ranging discussion of German King Tigers and other topics!  Tune in for heart-pounding action!
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