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Friday, May 27, 2016

Star Wars Armada Video Battle Report: Rieekan vs Motti!

Steven and Chris play Advanced Gunnery. Can Motti's Twin ISDs catch Rieekan's Double Assault Frigate and A-Wing horde? Watch and find out! -- Watch live at
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Bolt Action - Making a Land Mattress

Hey guys, this week I take a look at the American artillery choice that is the Land Mattress. A while ago this little gem popped up in Easy Army and I gleefully rubbed my hands together. Playing against Garratt, I'd faced the fury of the multiple launcher before but other than the Sherman Calliope, the Americans didn't have access to the equivalent of the dreaded Nebelwerfer. Then along came the Land Mattress in the Battleground Europe Theatre Book. I immediately did some searching on the internet and was wholly disappointed to find that no one seems to produce a 1/56 scale model for this great little piece.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

AGoT LCG - Bristol Regional AAR - Swiss Rounds

Hello All

Last weekend saw the first 2nd Ed UK Regional for A Game of Thrones LCG, I popped along to Bristol and brought my camera along. I recorded the top table for each round of Swiss and I did record the cut to top 8 but my camera card got corrupted so I lost the top 8.... not happy about it but it was a good lesson to learn.
The event was well run by Liam Hall and the venue, Excelsior Comics, was really nice and friendly, if the toilets where slightly odd.... All the players were really great bunch of guys and from this experience the AGoT community seems to be a competitive but very friendly bunch. Here are the Swiss rounds I recorded, with games one and four probably being the highlights.

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Bolt Action - Alternate Mission #5: Crossfire

The battlefield can be confusing places. Enemies and allies might appear in your flank, fire fights can
erupt out of nowhere and orders may not make sense. It takes skill, determination and more than a little luck to succeed, and survive!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Netrunner LCG: Salsette Island Data Pack Review

Hello All

Following on from the review we did on Democracy And Dogma Review we have the 5th pack in the Mumbad Cycle Salette Island. In this video myself (Ben), Maz and Adam give our views on the cards and come up with a few deck building ideas.
Thanks for watching.

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WWPD: Why We Fight Episode 1

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Episode One of WWPD: Why We Fight hosted by Ben Davy, Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia.  On our first episode the guys discuss the goals of the podcast and upcoming news for Flames of War.  In Act II the guys review what they have been playing  lately and some upcoming lists they are working on.  In Act III the guys discuss Team Yankee, Tanks and some terrain rules.

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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord M7 Priest

I've recently received two of the new-ish Warlord Games M7 Priests for a little conversion project that will be its own article at a later date, but first I thought I would take some time to go over these great resin kits from Warlord for those out there that want to add some bang to their British or American forces.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Battlefield in a Box Oil Tanks Review

I am going to be putting a short series of reviews of Battlefront's new modern building line for play with Team Yankee

Battlefield In A Box has been a very good line of accessories for Battlefront's game systems.  They do not have to be used exclusively for Flames of War or Team Yankee, however, and may be used with any 15mm system.

Today we will be taking a look at Oil Tanks.  The product code is BB190 and it retails for $29.00 USD.   

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XXI: Hold The Door

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In episode XXI of Intensify Forward Firepower, DT, Dano, Easy Machine and Skyshuffler hastily regroup in the conference room of the Flesh Star Destroyer to discuss two new threats on the scanners. Wave 4 approaches and the crew does not hesitate to blast away at the Interdictor, while redirecting shields towards the Liberty. Tune in for their fast take on the latest Armada preview from FFG.

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Star Wars Armada Video Battle Reports

Two more video battle reports for your viewing pleasure!

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