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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Space Rocks Destroyed Blockade Runner for Star Wars X-Wing Review and Gallery

If you remember my debris and space station review for Armada, I was a big fan of their product! After that review, Mike from Space Rocks was kind enough to hook me up with a review copy of his awesome destroyed Blockade Runner for X-Wing! In fact, his generous offer helped push me into getting back into X-wing, but that's for another day!

If you plan to pick up anything from Space Rocks, make sure to use the code IFF2015 to save some cheese!

Now, unfortunately, I wiped a bunch of pictures from my phone and deleted the "before" pictures. I am borrowing the pictures from Space Rocks, only so you can see how the Corvette looks out of the box.
There she is out of the box. The model looks totally fine as is, and looks like a hulk drifting in space. The bases are thick acrylic with sturdy stands. I mention that specifically, because others have mentioned that previous bases were thin or brittle- I have never seen those, implying perhaps Space Rocks changed the bases. In either case, the bases provided with this were fine.

Edit: Mike e-mailed me to let me know that in the early days, they used different bases which in hindsight were not very good. They have indeed since replaced them. You can buy the replacement bases for a few bucks if you scroll to the bottom of this page.

Here are the pictures of the Corvette I did up. I painted it a hair lighter by dry-brushing it with a pale grey. I replaced the red trim with blue just to set it apart. Next, I dry-brushed the damage black, and then did up the embers. The embers were quite simple: red base, orange inside the red, a bright orange totally inside the orange, and finally a touch of yellow over the orange. As with the Armada stuff, I really wanted the ship to look like it had just been destroyed.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LOTR-LCG: Grant's Three Player Campaign - Part 3 - The Breaking of the Fellowship - "Black-feathered Fellowship" - Report

by Grant "pfcamygrant" Ellis

After vanquishing the vile Balrog of Morgoth in the fifth scenario of the Lord of the Rings: Saga Campaign, we moved to the last leg of The Road Darkens Expansion; The Breaking of the Fellowship.

This scenario sees the players continuing their quest after paying the tough price of sending one of theirs Heroes into the pool of Fallen Heroes at the climax of a Journey in the Dark. Our Fellowship lost Gandalf, so we no longer had access to his Hero or Ally card.

Fallen Heroes, particularly those as powerful as Gandalf, need replacing. We as a group, when replacing fallen heroes, like the idea of bringing the Hero version of Ally cards we've included into our decks into the game when the time comes.

We had some options to replace our Fallen Hero, while keeping with the trend of promoting Allies to Hero status. Galadriel was a lucrative choice, and would be a good fit for the Location Breaking style of the Glorfindel-Idraen Coalition. However, that deck felt a little exposed in regards to Defense, and I recommended a different course of action.

Haldir would have been a unique choice, with his attack potential and ranged keywords helping the group as a whole.

Boromir was another option, as his action advantage is phenomenal and the damage output between him and Glorfindel has high potential. Or the alternative would be to include his Leadership version, reworking the deck to apply buffs to Gondorian characters.

In this situation, however, we chose Elrond to return to the deck he started in (as Gandalf replaced him in the Ring Travels South.)

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Land of the Free Review

by Frank Popecki
Recently, I was offered the opportunity to write a first impressions review of Land Of The Free, by Joe Krone. As I am a big American Revolutionary War buff, I jumped at the chance to not only review the rules but add to my already growing pile of unpainted pewter if the rules grabbed me. So, having said that, on with my first impressions.

First off, the quality of the book itself is very good. Sizing in at roughly 7 1/2" by 9 1/2", and 191 pages, it is a very manageable book yet loaded with features.

The page quality is excellent and I like the reduced glare when reading under a light. Despite the glare in the photos I took, no book can withstand direct flash without some washing out of the page.

The binding is tight and appears it will stand the test of time and use. The book is well laid out with full color diagrams and photos weaving well through the rules text. Based on this alone, the price tag is very reasonable.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Darkness Comes Rattling Review

by "Dirty" Jon Baber

Darkness Comes Rattling is a new boardgame by Wyrd. We picked up a copy at GenCon after having a short demo.

Like most things from Wyrd, the game is absolutely gorgeous. I am a total sucker for a really good looking game!

In this game, 2-6 players are cooperatively working to rescue the Sun from the belly of the Darkness before the snake can permanently digest and snuff out humanity's light.  The premise is certainly unique and makes for very interesting artwork.

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode X: A New Host

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 10: A New Host smashes through your shielding and launches a boarding party as special guest Michael Gernes (the producer of Star Wars Armada at FFG) heads to the bridge of the Flesh Star Destroyer. Joining him there are, as always Drunk Tarkin, Dano, Easy, and Steve Skyshuffler - not that he can pronounce it. In Episode 10, the guys chat with Michael on the design process behind Armada before getting him in front of the interrogation droid in an attempt to extract information on future Armada releases. The episode is rounded out when Michael joins the crew to talk about Easy's squadron-led victory, DT's hard-learned lessons, and Skyshuffler's use of Garm's Gups.

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Monday, August 31, 2015

BOLT ACTION The Morining After: Old Man Morin Responds...

By: Old Man Morin

The last 24 hour hours have been interesting in the bunker. In case you missed it, Commodore Judson posted his thoughts about the direction of Bolt Action in his explaining why was merging with WWPD. Since then, let’s just say… The internet has been hot with feedback, questions and criticism.

I am here to set the record straight and clarify some serious misconceptions that some people have had regarding the post and… well…. Us.

To begin with, it is important to acknowledge that the staff at are unpaid fans of the game and there are a lot of us. Each us of have our own thoughts and opinions regarding life, love and Bolt Action. While I may not entirely agree with all of Jud’s points, I can definitely see where he is coming from.
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Transition Time for Betty, the Boys and BoltAction.Net

By Judson

It is a time of transition at BoltAction.Net.

That doesn't mean we're throwing an improvised anti-tank charge into your tracks from inches away, though! What it means, in simplest terms, is that articles relating to Bolt Action or 28mm Second World War gaming will appear on, and the web address will redirect readers to Read below for more details, and a short thank you.

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Star Wars Armada Tournament Report

By Steven MacLauchlan

On August 23rd, I had the pleasure of attending a small Star Wars Armada tournament at Battlegrounds in Richmond, VA. The tournament wasn't hugely attended, but 5 players showed up to pew pew, and that's good enough for me!

I decided to go with a group of three Assault Frigate Mk II Bs. To be honest, I had no idea if the fleet would perform. I have never used Garm, but have seen him used to good effect. I also wasn't sure 3 Assault Frigates would be versatile enough, but I love the ship so I figured I'd give it a go.

For my objectives, I chose Opening SalvoIntel Sweep, and Fire Lanes.

My fleet (courtesy of Fab's Fleet Generator):

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Important Announcement! Bolt Action.Net Will be merged with WWPD.Net!

Hi guys, pursuant to our last update on August 8th regarding the merging of Outpost Zero, we are happy to announce that Bolt Action.Net will be rolled into effective immediately!

As before, the transition will take a few days as article indeces are sync'd and broken links are fixed. We look forward to covering Bolt Action content in addition to the huge variety of content we're now pursuing on "WWPD Prime". Don't hesitate to ask on the forum if you have any questions!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Heretical Bananas: Horus Heresy-Era Imperial Fists

By Tom de Mayo

Since moving away from Richmond, I'm in an area with lots of Warhammer 40k, but not much Flames of War. So I've been painting a lot of 28mm Warhammer 40k. One of my latest projects has been a Horus Heresy army.

Of the existing legions, I wanted a loyalist force. After a few test models and a lot of dithering, I settled on the Imperial Fists. I've been doing them on the cheap, using the basic GW plastics mixed in with only a little bit of semi-precious Forgeworld resin. My forces are a mix of loyalist and chaos elements, with a bit of conversion, and some plasticard.

Yellow is a pain in the ass to paint. It took me a long time to come up with a technique I like. I have settled spraying them black. Then I dry brush a base coat of GW Steel Legion drab. I then layer a 50/50 mix of Steel Legion Drab and Averland Sunset, followed by pure Averland Sunset, and finally 30/30/30 Averland Sunset, Yriel Yellow and white, for a nice creamy color. I then wash the armor with a mix of Vallejo Brown ink, Vallejo Black ink and water.

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