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Friday, February 12, 2016

L'Art De La Guerre in the Manly Scale!

 By Eric Lauterbach

L'Art De La Guerre is the current hotness in the Ancients community - a one book package with all the rules and armies. The majority of the players play in 15mm, but a few select brave souls play in the "Manly Scale" of 28mm.  Its a righteous beautiful wargaming event to play Art De Guerre in 28 mm.  I do not own any 28mm Ancients, so all of these great looking figs belong to Sean Mackintosh.  The armies set for this day's battle were Late Imperial Romans vs. the Visigoths. The Roman force was Cataphract Heavy with a good backbone of Legionnaires. The Visigoths had the usual tons of sword swinging warrior infantry with the elite nobles mounted on Medium Cavalry.  The Romans - having better command - were able to choose to defend against the Visigoth attack.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Guest AAR: Battle of Arnhem

By Kevin Kubecka

Battle of Arnhem-A Bridge Too Far!
GameMaster: Stephen Wilcox, Lone Star Historical-Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Texas, USA
Location: Texas Toy Soldier
Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of Lone Star Historical Miniatures hosted a massive 15,000 point Flames of War brawl reconstructing the Arnhem Bridge engagement of September 17-26, 1944. Nine lucky players commanded their troops on a colossal six (6) by sixteen (16) foot board modeled on period  reconnaissance photographs. Who says, everything isn’t bigger in Texas!

All the usual characters made this fight:

BRITISH TROOPS                                                             GERMAN TROOPS

Colonel Frost’s Perimeter Force                                         Spindler’s Blocking Force
   -2 players, 1,250 points each                                             -3 players, 1,250 points each
General Urquhart’s Parachute and Airlanding Forces        Gräbner’s Reconnaissance Force
   -2 players, 1,250 points each                                              -1 player, 1,250 points
XXX Corps Armor-British Armored Force                           Hummel Armor Force-Tigers!!
   -1 player, 1,250 points                                                        -1 player, 1,250 points
                                                                                            Knaust Reserve Force
                                                                                               -1 player, 1,250 points

11 players listed with forces, however only nine actually participated.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:          Frost must hold out until XXX Corps arrives on Turn 6;
SECONDARY OBJECTIVE:    Urquhart’s forces must push through the town and link up with Frost.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:          Reclaim bridge head from Frost’s Forces;

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE:    Prevent Urquhart’s forces from linking up with Frost.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Star Wars Armada - Tournament Report: Dave and Adam's 1/23/16

I was lucky enough to not only attend a recent Store Championship event at Dave and Adam's Store outside of Buffalo, NY but to do so with fellow crew member Dano! We had a great time with all the amazing people involved - if you're in the neighborhood you've got to check this incredible store out - and the following is a quick round-by-round report of how the event went for me.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Star Wars Armada - Video Report: Double Header!

It's been a while since my last Twitch video of Star Wars Armada, but here are two games with my pal Andrew. Andrew is brand new to Armada, and more than holds his own! In an effort to learn the game I had him build the lists, choose his side, and away we went! As you can see, is quite the quick study.

In game one, Andrew very wisely chose "Fleet Ambush" from the Rebel fleet, and witnessed a valuable lesson: If you want to keep the enemy at long range ,don't give them the option of turning your ambush on you!

In game two, we re-picked the objectives for the Rebel fleet, and Andrew picked Superior Position. He played a very good game!

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Bolt Action - Flakpanzer V 'Coelian'

By Patch

The Flakpanzer V Coelian is a prototype anti-aircraft weapon based on the Panther platform. It was designed to combat the ever increasingly effective Allied ground attack aircraft and to give the crew some fighting chance to survive attacks. From the research I have done, no working prototypes ever got to field testing stage due to shortage of supplies and as such it is as much a 'what if' vehicle as some of the more fantastic designs going around at the time. The final design, had it actually been built, would of housed dual 3.7 cm Flak 43 guns firing at a rate of 150 rounds per minute with an effective range out to 4800 meters.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Playing Around with Team Yankee!

 By Eric Lauterbach

Well, some of the I95 guys have picked up the new Team Yankee book and it was time to dust-off the micro armor.  Some of this stuff has not seen the light of day in 20 years so it was good to do.  Sean Mackintosh has so much micro he can do whole Motor Rifle Regiments! We got out of hand rather quickly with what we put on the table for our knowledge of the rules.  So we did two 200 point armies with all the bells and whistles so we could give the rules a good test.  We were not overly concerned with the missions, so we did a modified free-for-all with the Soviet objective of opening a road off table and reducing the village that dominated them.

 The new spearhead deployment is interesting by using the recon platoon you can extend your deployment area very useful!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Osprey Books - Finland at War Vol 1 - A Review

By Old Man Morin

Many of us in the wargaming world, particularly those of us who come from fantasy or sci-fi based
games systems, rely heavily on background material, or 'fluff' to inspire our choice of armies and units. When I started playing Bolt Action I discovered a new world, rich with information about units and battles within what some consider to be a "short" war. 'The Armies of...' and the Bolt Action Theatre books provide a glimpse into these conflicts and the forces that fought in them but because of their length and purpose, this information is condensed down to brief overviews. Now there is quite a lot of information online and there are literally thousands of books and biographies about this global conflict and to be honest the sheer volume of text can be daunting. To focus my searches I have been researching things that I find interesting when reading Bolt Action books. Not the most holistic view of the war but it is a starting point (and I have been at it for close to 4 years now). Now Osprey publishing puts out vast numbers of short, soft cover books covering everything from specific units and battles to technology and tactics. These are great resources and I am sure I will discuss them again in an article soon. Today though, I want to talk about something else. Their 'Finland at War' series.

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Star Wars Armada - Token Commanders: Firepower and Flexibility

By Patrick J. Doyle

 There is a basic principle that holds true for starship combat games, and that is the importance of concentrating firepower on a single target. Concentration of your firepower requires maneuvering into the right range with the right ships facing the right direction, while simultaneously denying your enemy those same advantages. I will discuss one way to accomplish this goal.

Once we have established the importance of concentrating firepower (i.e. putting dice on target) and how maneuvering can allow you do that, we will drill down and discuss what I will classify as a Token Commander, or a Commander that allows you to issue additional command tokens to your ships. Two of these commanders are Grand Moff Tarkin for the Empire and my personal favorite, Garm Bel Iblis.

I am not attempting to make the case they are “THE BEST” commanders and that you will always win by using them. There is no “auto-win” fleet list or tactic. There is only list building, planning, attention to detail, and improvisation when the plan goes sideways. I am suggesting how you can use this type of commander if it fits your style of play. You will still have to practice with your list and match it with your plan. Admiral Akbar is certainly another good way to put dice on target, but he comes with his own advantages and disadvantages that we can discuss at another time.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XVII: Thirteen Secret Reasons Dan Loves Ozzel That Scientists Don't Want You to Know

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 17: Thirteen Secret Reasons Dan Loves Ozzel That Scientists Don't Want You to Know brings the original crew back together! Easy, Steve, DT and Dano, fresh from Store Championships in New York and Virginia set the listening table with reviews of the events and their takeaways before bringing some Wave 2 commander chat to the conference room. Listen up because the Flesh Star Destroyer is glistening after all the recent action! 

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Bolt Action - Indiana Jones Objective marker set

By Bryan

Normally you create objective markers for your army...but in this case, I had an idea for a set of objective markers I wanted to do so badly that I made an army to go with them! A couple of weeks ago I took you through my initial 1000pts of Afrika Korp, now I will show you the Indiana Jones themed objective markers for the army, and how you can go about doing this yourself.

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