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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bolt Action - Anf's Japanese go to MOAB

MOAB. What a weekend. I recently attended my 4th MOAB in Sydney the other week for my final Bolt Action V1 event. I marked my 21st Bolt Action event since I started 4 years ago and in keeping with previous events, it was a lot of fun. I got a game in against the amazing Uber Gruber, aka. David Hunter of the Down Order podcast and got to run a new army that I'd only tested out once in the Japanese. My army for the 1250 point, 5 game event, was quite unique and very different to the norm that I've seen in my time playing Bolt Action, but this is how I enjoy playing wargames. I love to find something different and then go crazy with it. So I am about to dive into my list, how it performed and how I go about making my lists in Bolt Action.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 29

Download the episode here
We’re kinda back on a regular schedule now! Awesome news huh?! And despite having our numbers culled by 25%, we’re still into it!
Act I sees use going over a heap of N00bNews from all over the gaming world. The latest and greatest in new shinys for all gamers!
Act II looks at whats been happening in and around our gaming club and all the craziness we’ve been getting involved in.
And Act III talks a little about our processes and thinkings when we start getting ready for a tournament, regardless of the genre.

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bolt Action - Michigan GT Bolt Action Wrap-up

By Michael Ovsenik

A few weekends back, on October 1-2, gamers got together at the Michigan GT in Lansing, MI to play a ton of Bolt Action. We held two events – the Bolt Action Back to the Front! singles tournament and the Bolt Action Best Job I Ever Had! Tank War tournament.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Why We Fight Ep. 7: Tanks, Tracks, Bang, Yeah with Peter Simunovich

Cick here to download        Have an extra pair of socks handy for this episode because they might be knocked off! In Act I, the guys give just a quick update on what has been going on. The episode really starts in Act II. We have super special guest Peter Simunovich of Battlefront here to give us all of the upcoming spoilers! In an emotional hangover Act III, the guys try to comprehend all the great information that they got from Pete. Be sure to head over to the forum to submit your questions to Pete. Now get ready for one of the most information-filled podcast yet!
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Market Garden Final Game

Our club up here "Ordo-ineptus" - Rolling low, rolling proud! , just wrapped up a Firestorm Market Garden Campaign.  The Campaign itself, while fun, was such a lopsided drubbing in favor of the Germans that I resigned formally as commander in cheif of allied forces forever.

We elected to end with a total war game.

The mission was a double sided breakthrough.
We wound up making a few tweaks to it in terms of size and layout.  We placed one objective on each end of the bridge.  In order for a team to win, they would need to break through the defenders and reach the other side of the bridge.

Defending companies could attack each other, or contest the objectives, but never control an objective.

Both Defending companies had 1500 pts, and deloyed on the board in a 2 ft bubble.

There would be 3 attacking companies, each with 1500 points, but they would be operating with half their platoons in reserve.  The idea being that what starts out as a tough fight for the defender, eventually becomes a massacre.

Some shots of the board.

(Club members from left to right, Wes (red shirt) Shane Lindey, and Kevin Dietz - German Commander)
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Team Yankee West Germans Tips & Tricks #4: Jaguar I & Jaguar II (TGBX04)

Now its time for he Jag-u-ar? ... Jag-war? ... Jag-GWU-are?  What ever you call it this time we get to talk about the nasty little missile launcher tank destroyer for the West Germans in Battlefront's Team Yankee!  The Jaguar I & II (TGBX04)

Another metal and resin kit that continues the trend of the West Germans sets...very nice! Battlefront continues to rock on these kits. This was another pre-release version I built and painted for the All Powerful Luke. In this set you have all the items necessary to build either the Jaguar I or the Jaguar II.

 The design of this set is such that you can build both versions with the judicious use of magnets and a little acceptance that the Smoke Dischargers will be "off" for one of the versions.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bolt Action: Japanese Army painting guide

By Bryan

Hi guys, welcome to a step-by-step painting tutorial for the Imperial Japanese Army of WW2. This guide and the techniques within are designed to get your Japanese army painted quickly, but also 'pop' on the tabletop. The two pronged attack of using a coloured spray primer and Army Painters Quickshade product will mean that you win that battle against your lead pile that all of us time poor hobbyists face.

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WWPD South Operation Market Garden Mega Game BatRep (Day 1)

Hey y'all!  SonBae here posting a Batrep done by WWPD South's very own Dane Tkacs covering a Mega Game we held here in Huntsville, Alabama at the Deep Comics and Games from 17-18 September 2016.

From Dane:

Part 1 - A Bridge Too Far - Mega-Game

The Huntsville Historical Gamers (HHG) gathered on SEP 17-18 to recreate Operation Market Flames of War ruleset.  The HHG Mega-Game stretched over 5 tables.  The Mega-Game pitted 10 Axis players against 7 Allied players.  Each side had approx. 11,500 points for a mega-Game total of 23,000 points. Lists were chosen from the forces in Market Garden for the Allies or Bridge by Bridge for the Germans.
Garden using the

Operation Market-Garden, Field Marshal Montgomery’s plan to attack over the Lower Rhine into the industrial Ruhr Valley and capture the V-1 and V-2 rocket launch sites that have been terrorizing Britain.

Garden:  To represent XXX Corps, the Allies had:

2,060 points Irish Guards
2,060 points XXX Corps

In Addition, the Allies also received:
- Either 3, or 5  (depending on fog) dedicated aircraft sorties (for Close Air Support or Air Resupply) each turn.
- 8x 25-pdr battery, plus,  8x 5.5” batteries of Off table Artillery (Guns across the Volga rule) able to  range targets on boards 1 (Joe’s Bridge) and 2 (Son / Veghel).

Market:  To represent First Allied Airborne Army, the Allies had:

1,525 points British 1st Airborne Division
1,540 points US 82nd Airborne Division
1,540 points US 101st Airborne Division
1,045 points Polish Airborne Brigade
1,500 points British 52nd Airlanding Division

Relocated into Holland after fierce fighting in France, Army Group B was placed under the command of Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt who had been recalled from retirement on  4 September.   To represent the scattered forces of Army Group B, the Germans had:

1,565 points  KG Walther (6th Fallschirmjager Division)
1,065 points  KG Graebner (9th SS Panzer Division Recon)
1,500 points  KG Spindler (9th SS Panzer Division)
1,500 points  KG von Tettau
1,500 points  59th Grenadier Division
1,500 points  107th Panzer Brigade
1,500 points  KG Becker (3rd Fallschirmjager Division)
1,000 points  406th LandesschĂĽtzen Division
200 points Nijmegen Garrison
140 points Best Garrison

In Addition, Germans also received:
- 1 dedicated air mission sortie (either air interdiction or Close Air Support) each turn.
- 8x 150mm sFH18 howitzers Off table Artillery (Guns across the Volga rule) able to  range targets on boards 5 (Arnhem) and 4 (Elst / Driel).
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Team Yankee West German Tips & Tricks #3 - Rolands (TGBX08)

Roland, Roland, Roland...keeps those Rolands firing...ROLAND!

For those that recognize that terrible riff on the classic Rawhide theme're old.  Like me  ;-)

This time we look at the Roland AA (GBX08) kit from Battlefront supporting the West German forces in Team Yankee.  These bad boys are a Brigade level support for all the lists and you can get up to 1 Batterie of up to 6 launchers of these guys. Look out Soviet Airpower!

Battlefront continues to rock on these kits. The kits I have for prepared are pre-release versions. This is another old-school resin hull and turret with metal bits. Lots of detail everywhere. I know these are from newer molds/castings, but that only accounts from the cleanness of the models.  There appears to be more little "grubbins" molded into the resin and metal than I have seen in older resin kits...this is a common theme so far in the West German kits. It makes be very happy for the future releases.


- Very simple build.  Glue the tracks to the hull and the missile launchers and radar to the turret.  When you glue the missile launchers make sure the missile pods hang under the launcher.

- You have an option with the side skirts. You can leave them off as in the cover art (and like I did) or you can put them on.  You have the POWER!!!!!!
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bolt Action - AAR: Campaign Road to Victory, Game 3

Finally got game three of our Bolt Action campaign in. Play testing continues to go well with very few changes to the core rules. Last time, Colby added a Tiger and a Flak 88 to his list, which is a bit scary to be honest. Both of us have really enjoyed the random unit generator and the unique tactical changes they present. Right now the Soviets have a edge on mobility and infantry, while the Germans are flush with anti-tank and big guns. Games have been really bloody with the body count on both sides nearing 100% in our first games.

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