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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lists We Play - The Airborne

By Mitch Reed

Since earning my “jump wings” back in the 1980’s I have had a fond interest in the use of airborne forces in combat and the Second World War was both the genesis and high point of the use of paratroopers.  Flames of War contains many lists that feature these soldiers who have a very unique way of getting to work. In the latest installment of “lists we play” I will feature the airborne forces found in FoW. Airborne forces appear in all periods in Flames of War and most of the major nationalities can either field   complete paratrooper list or include a platoon of them in other lists.

The thought of employing ones troops behind the enemy by the means of the air is very old and can be traced back to the visionary thoughts of people such as Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci, it is the period in-between the two world wars where technology caught up to ideas and many nations developed airborne forces. Many of the key players in this period would be; Germany and the Soviet Union, with the United States and Great Britain close behind. One development that was made prior to the war was that airborne forces would consist of paratroops that deployed by parachute and airlanding troops that would deploy via gliders.

 German Fallschirmj√§ger in jump gear
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Diesel N Dust Episode 11

Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 11 (Click to Download)

Diesel ‘N Dust hits the road on the way to the Australian early war GT

In this episode David, Scotty and Ben hit the road to the EW GT in Campbelltown. Catch all the action and learn the ins and outs of the teams EW armies. In Part two Ben goes to the top shelf to interview Australia's number one player Paul Collins to find out how the best approach the art of list construction.
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Vietnam Action: ANZACs vs PAVN in Blocking Force

By Steve MacLauchlan

It had been quite a long time since Sean and I got in a game of Vietnam, and he had yet to see his ANZACs on the table, so we decided it was time to remedy that!

Australian List (from easyarmy.com)

PAVN List (from easyarmy.com)

Points wise, this was on the large size of our Vietnam games, but we chose to roll with it. We decided on Blocking Force- a mission we hadn't played yet. The Elephant grass was very tall, blocking infantry further than 6" and offering concealment to all infantry. The ANZACs were the attacker.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, and it's likely the time where you are asked the following question. "What do you want for Christmas?", I get this question every year and always give the same response. "I don't need anything." Nice.....well, if this is the way you answer your significant other or family member, I'm here to guide you to a few answers! This will ensure you have at least one thing to unwrap under the tree this Christmas.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

News from the Front Episode 85

It's Episode 85!  In Act I the guys do the normal AAR and discuss tips for starting a German army in Flames of War.  In Act II, the dudes talk about getting out of a rough patch of FoW Funk.  Continuing with that theme, the guy talk German Mid-War tanks in "Know Your Enemy".  The Act is closed out with a discussion of AT Guns.  In Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules, Forces of War and Terrain Talk rounds out the episode. 

After Hours

The guys talk movies and TV shows: Fury, Interstellar and The Walking Dead.  Spoiler Alert!  We pack in just a little FoW at the end!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Inexpensive Magnetic Bases for Flames of War

Homemade custom sized magnetic bases for FoW vehicles

By Tom Burgess

I base and magnetize all of my Flames of War models, including my tanks. I do this because it allows me to transfer my miniatures more safely in the metal storage boxes I use and using commonly themed bases helps to tie the infantry and gun teams with the vehicles that are also part of the same force. It also helps protect my vehicle models by giving me something to grip other than the model itself when moving the piece during game play.

This then causes me some problems as the three standard Flames of War base sizes don’t always fit what I need for a specific vehicle size and sometimes I need to make bases in standard sizes for non-Battlefront models which don’t come with bases. For the latter I could just buy Flames of War plastic bases and use Battlefront magnets, but that becomes rather pricy…and I’m finding the older bases without the holes hard to come by these days. So the ability to make low cost, custom bases has been very useful for me and I hope what I share here will be useful information for others who face the same challenges.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Playing Historical Games

By Mitch Reed

One of the great aspects of Flames of War is how the game can be used for different types of play that are each enjoyable and present different challenges for the players.  FoW tournaments are a huge success at conventions and local gaming stores.  There is also one on one play where two opponents play a game at their home or at their gaming store. And finally, there is using the game to re-create a historical battle, which this article will highlight.

In my 2 ½ years of playing Flames of War I have observed two types of players; you have the gamers who are addicted to the thrill of gaming and play many different types of games and then you have the historical gamer who uses a game or rules system to see what they would do if allowed to refight a battle from the past.  Many gamers can identify themselves as being part of both groups at different times, and while playing, the rationale for gaming is immaterial to their success or failure on the table. However I always like at tournaments how players will explain why they chose a particular period or army to play; it shows some connection to the history that the little soldiers on the base represent. 

Kevin Hatch writes a history of the unit he uses for most tournaments

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Friday, December 5, 2014

What the Flock(box)?????

Hey y'all!

I have got to share something that I recently found and am L-O-V-I-N-G!

The Flockbox.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hermann Goring Panzerkompanie vs. US 1AD Tank Company in Blind Domination

by Randy Elliott

I don't know about you guys, but my regular gaming buddy, Mike Richards, and I have hit a wall with the "normal" FOW scenarios...  We've been playing with our Italy lists for over a month now and really enjoy the games that we're getting from this particular match-up.  The issue that we've encountered has been with the standard deployment.  You put something down and he counters it...  That's okay for most games, but occasionally, its really nice to have no idea where the opposition is going to manifest!  Our good I-95 friends, have provided the perfect solution - Blind Domination!

In this excellent scenario, you use hidden deployments.  Your company approaches a disputed area that has several objectives with a range of point values for their control. We had 8 OBJs, ranging in value from 1-3pts, for a total of 13pts.  We decided that the first one to control 9 undisputed points at the start of their turn would win.  Of course, if your company broke, that would be the game as well.  Given the nature of deployment, we decided that a company MC could not be forced until Turn 3, after the arrival of all the platoons.  We did come to play, not get quick win!  We didn't track platoon losses.
For deployment you need to assign points of entry for each platoon and their turn of arrival, anywhere from turn 1-3, by which time your entire company is on-table.  Normally the areas are broken into 12" blocks, but we were also tired of playing on the standard 6'x4' table and up-scaled to a 8.5'x5' table!  This would give us six, 17" deployment zones.

We rolled off and I won the choice of sides.  I opted for the side closest to the town.  Mike won first turn.

Mike ran the following CV Hermann Goring Panzerkompanie from Fortress Italy:

HQ - 2x P3M (PzIII M)
Pz Plt 1 - 4x P3M
Pz Plt 2 - 4x P3M
Pz Plt 3 - 3x P3M
Schwere Pz Plt - 2x Tiger I (Tiger Ace - re-roll bogs)
HG Assault Gun Plt - 3x StuG G
HG Hvy Pzspah Plt - 2x 8-rad
Total:  1745pts

I ran a CV US 1st Armored Div Tank Company from Road to Rome:

HQ - CO M4 Sherman, 2iC M4 w/improvised armor (both 75mm)
Sherman Plt 1 - 3x M4A1(late) (76mm)
Sherman Plt 2 - 2x M4A3E8 (E8) 1x M4 (75mm)
Sherman Plt 3 - 1x E8, 2x M4
Lt Tank Plt - 3x M5A1 Stuarts
Recon Plt - M2 Halftrack w/.50cal, 2x recon jeeps w/AA MG, 3xRifles, Bazooka
TD Plt - 2x M-18 Hellcats, recon jeep , 2x M20 scout car 
Total:  1770pts

This is the table at start.  The OBJs were each road exit (four - 1pt @), the two multi-level hills( 2pts @), the church on the hill (2pts) and the town center(3pts.)

We had all off-road movement require a bog check and crossing linear obstacles, moving in woods, plowed fields and moving across slopes required a second one!  it was very muddy!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Fate of the Nation Israeli Forces

By Eric "Tarzan" Lauterbach

 With the newly expanded book Fate of a Nation, gone are days of loading up on IShermans to crush Jordanian and Egyptian forces without breaking a sweat. Now its going to be harder, but I love a challenge.  Smacking the opponent so hard with special rules and under-costed tanks that they never want to play again doesn't do anyone any good. Your force will be sitting in the box with no one to play.  The good news is Battlefront has adjusted the balance to what looks like a way more playable game. So what are the new challenges to the Israeli armies? Lets get into it!

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