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News From the Front is a Flames of War Podcast that is by gamers for gamers.  We do discuss other wargaming topics, but mostly stick to WWII and Flames of War.

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News From the Front

  • Episode 86. In Act I, the dudes talk about what they have been up to and cover a lot of FoW games in the AAR.  They guys also reveal their holiday wish lists, so I hope Santa is listening! In Act II, Luke talks a lot about things he learned running a tournament.  The guys also dive in to Hungarians and their recent popularity. In Act III, there is an epic, knock-down, drag out fight (not really) about Japanese and tournament scoring.  At the end, do a short commonly overlooked rules to wrap it up.
  • Episode 85. In Act I the guys do the normal AAR and discuss tips for starting a German army in Flames of War.  In Act II, the dudes talk about getting out of a rough patch of FoW Funk.  Continuing with that theme, the guy talk German Mid-War tanks in "Know Your Enemy".  The Act is closed out with a discussion of AT Guns.  In Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules, Forces of War and Terrain Talk rounds out the episode. 
  • Episode 84. The guys are back at you LIVE from Fall-In 2014!  The Con experience is covered in detail with news of the Flames of War Doubles Tournament, general gaming and all our usual shenanigans.  The guys cover new announced point levels and more!
  • Episode 83. Act I is filled with the usual AAR with LOTR, Netrunner, FoW games, painting, Throcktoberfest and more!  There is also an in-depth Fall-In preview. In Act II, the guys talk about the impact of Barbarossa on Early War - tanks, list construction, tournaments - it is all covered.  The guys also talk Know Your Enemy - US Infantry addition. For Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules makes another appearance and the guys talk about some recent Battlefront news about Forces of War, book prices and the housing subscription. Last, the guys talk about the future of the King Tiger in tournament play.
  • Episode 82. In Act I, the guys do the normal AAR and cover recent games, upcoming events and introduce some new sponsors. In Act II, the boys dive in to a deep overview of the new Barbarossa book.  Lists, special rules, detailed points discussion and more! Act III begins with the guys thoughts on Barbarossa -- what they like, predictions and such.  The guys also weigh in on the recent announcements from Battlefront about Easy Army/Forces of War.
  • Episode 81. Gencon AAR. In Act I, the guys do an extensive AAR and go into detail about their experience at Guns of August, what is on the painting tables and other cool stuff. In Act II, GenCon 2014 is the subject and eat up the entire act. Hear all about the adventures at this awesome convention! In Act III, we hit Commonly Overlooked Rules, talk a bit about what lists are in our future, and go over upcoming events across the globe.
  • Episode 80. In Act I, the guys do a super-sized AAR about painting, games and current projects.  Next, the guys talk about upcoming events likeGenCon and Guns of August. In Act II, Vince from Winged Hussar Publishing joins in for an extensive look at the world of publishing, focusing on historical and gaming topics. In Act III, the guys talk about Flames of War Nationals and commonly overlooked rules.
  • Episode 79. Live from Historicon 2014! Steven, Luke and Dirty Jon are joined by Eric Riha, Craig Baxter and James Brown as they recap all of the antics at Historicon 2014.  The guys give the results of several tournaments and talk about plans for upcoming events.  There is even singing!
  • Episode 78. In Act I, the Old School Crew of Steven, Jon and Luke have an action-packed AAR and a look ahead to HistoriconGen Con and Guns of August.  There is tournament discussion and painting progress all around. In Act II, there is talk of Naval Gun Fire and artillery in general.  The guys talk extensively about Recce and dive in to why Mid War seems to be a fan favorite time period. Wrapping up in Act III, there is Commonly Overlooked Rules and a Know Your Enemy about Russian Infantry in all time periods.
  • Episode 77. Act I is filled with the guys' recap of recent activities, including playing All's Quiet on the Martian Front, painting and general nerdery. The guys then move on to upcoming events like Historicon, Gen Con and an upcoming local tournament. In Act II, the guys cover the recently released Grey Wolf update and Eric rants on Recon. The guys cover the latest on the Premium Building Subscription and new releases announced by Battlefront. To wrap up in Act III, it is the return of the book review, with an Anzio themed read. Next, the guys cover commonly overlooked rules and go into detail on Mid War and the upcoming tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.
  • Episode 76.  In Act I, the guys do an AAR on the recent Italy Tournament and cover what they have been up to.  Paw Paw makes a breief appearance before his Mom picks him up.  There is general craziness and a decent into Boss Moster madness. In Act II, there is a deep dive into the upcoming Bridge at Remagen book.  The guys cover the highlights and anticipate some US and German lists.  Pershings and Jagdtigers, oh my!  You will want to hear this segment, for sure!  In a short Act III, the guys cover some Commonly Overloked Rules, including transports and Assaults.
  • Episode 75.  The boys talk about what they've been up to, German tank production, and a general chat about Italy.
  • Episode 74.  Steven is back on the show, and the dudes jump right into all sorts of topics like the new Italy Compilations, WWPD4Vets, and various ideas on running Tournaments with a twist!
  • Episode 73The guys talk about their Cold Wars experience, including the Flames of War doubles tournament, the Bolt Action tournament and general gaming. There is news about the housing subscription, the Italy book and WWPD4Vets. Special guest Ed Leland discusses his Soviet list in detail and give some thoughts on the resurgence of the Russian Bear!
  • Episode 72.  The guys are back in action with an early morning studio edition of News from the Front.  In Act I, the guys do the usual AAR and reflect on Muster.  The dudes also talk about upcoming events like Cold Wars and Gen Con.  Act I is rounded out with some top terrain tips.  In Act II, the guys discuss Soviets and the impacty of Desperate Measures.  We review Ed Leland's recent lists to see what is up with the USSR.  Act II is finished off with talk of the new Italy books and a great tour of Battlefront's factory in Malaysia.  In Act III, we talk about some recent Battlefront mis-steps and hit up some commonly overlooked rules.
  • Episode 71.  Eric and Jon are joined by Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah in another live broadcast from Williamsburg Muster.  The guys talk about what they have been up to lately and try to predict the tournament.  There is also talk of the latest housing problems from Battlefront.  Desperate Measures continues to be a big topic and the guys are joined by Tom "The Crotch" de Mayo for additional hijinks.  
  • Episode 70.  In a blast from the past, we are joined by Steven MacLauchlan for the New Year's episode.  In Act I, the boys talk to Steven a little about his role at Battlefront and what he has been up to.  After that, the guys take turns going over their recent happenings.  In Act II, we talk about upcoming WWPD appearances at Williamsburg Muster and HMGS Cold Wars.  There is a brief Commonly Overlooked Rules segment, and the act is finished off with some more Desperate Measures talk about Cat Killers, Rudel and other cool stuff.  In Act III, the boys grade themselves on 2013 New Year's Resolutions and make empty promises about 2014.
  • Episode 69 - The Christmas Special.  In this episode, the guys broadcast from the WWPD Christmas Spectacular at the Game Vault.  We talk about recent Battlefront news, Desperate Measures and all the cool stuff we did for our Holiday Game Day.  We are joined by Maurice, Throckmorton, John Desch and Kathy from the Game Vault as special guests.  The dudes talk about upcoming events and i95 hosted tournaments, so don't miss out! 
  • Episode 68.  Luke and Dirty Jon record some thoughts on the way up to the tournament that cover our lists and prediction, some more thoughts on Desperate Measure and general rambling. Continue listening for real-time updates on our tournament experience as well as interviews with the top three finishers, including Bill Dorias giving some tips on a great EW French Infantry list and Throckmorton with a short Round 1 AAR.
  • Ep 67: Live from Fall In 2013.  Eric, Luke and Jon are joined by Judson from the Bolt Action Radio Podcast Live at the con.  The guys recap the Fall In convention antics and discuss their favorite things from Desperate Measures.  A Fall In sanitation report is included.  Yuk.
  • Episode 66.  In Act I, the guys cover their recent adventures, including lots of painting, Dutch armoured cars, a preview AAR, Halloween and other shenanigans.  [Editor: When Dirty Jon says Cromwells, he means Churchills]  For Act II, Eric dives in to a historical look at artillery and its effectiveness up to WWII.  After that, the guys dive head-first in to the recent Red Bear update from Battlefront.  To round out this act, the guys talk Battlefront plastics.  In Act III, the guys hit commonly overlooked rules to include: Night Fight, Spearhead and Gun Tanking.
  • Episode 65.  In a super-sized Act I, the boys cover what they have been up to lately, including the Name the Gooch Contest.  There is a ton of talk about painting queues board games and epic discussion about the Huzzah Hobbies EW tournament.  Luke talks a little about some quality issues and we touch on street barricades.  In Act II, Luke talks more about his thoughts on the Japanese and the guys talk Early War in general.  In Act III, we talk about commonly overlooked rules and the importance of following the rules for hit allocation and saves.
  • Episode 64.  In Act I, the guys discuss what they have been up to lately.  There is talk of painting, basing, and upcoming EW tournament, Eclipse and Descent.  In Act II, Eric covers some lists you may have missed recently - from the goofy to the just plain strange.  The guys move on to discuss USTDs and high AT Allied assets and the impact on the game.  Eric gives a great historical overview of the specialized rounds.  In Act III, we dig up some commonly overlooked rules, discussFate of A Nation and generally discuss where Battlefront might be going.
  • Episode 63.  In Act I, the boys come to you LIVE from Guns of August, where Luke and Jon discuss their lists and Eric talks about the tournament.  The guys go on in Act II to talk about the tournament results and do a general recap of the Con.  In Act III, there is talk of Rules we Forgot and other stuff that comes to mind.
  • Episode 62The WWPD dudes are back with the first post Stevepocolypse episode! They cover Historicon, upcoming conventions and Rising Sun. Joining Dirty Jon and Cool Pants Luke is Eric Lauterbach of i95 fame to discuss all this, plus offer advice for running your own tournaments. The Commonly Overlooked Rules segment returns as the dudes crank out the first 'cast of a new era.
  • Episode 61. Live from Historicon with special guest star Judson from BoltAction.net.  The guys cover the events of the Con in Steven's last fling.
  • Episode 60.  "Adios!" Steve-O records his last studio 'cast.  The dudes talk about the past, present and future of WWPD and Steven's new opportunity
  • Episode 59.  The dudes are back in action and ready to roll!  We discuss our recent gaming and painting, Operation Overlord, Historicon, and the Huzzah Hobbies tournament. 
  • Episode 58.  Operation Overlord is announced!  The dudes discuss the campaign, and their recent hobbying.  We also discuss the WWPD app in the Google App Store (which is available now!
  • Episode 57.  The fellows discuss the new FOW Errata, recon, mortars, and more!
  • Episode 56.  Uwe Eickert joins to discuss his company Academy Games and their award winning game Conflict of Heroes.  The guys then discuss the upcoming Market Garden Tournament put on by I95!
  • Episode 55.  The fellows discuss Market Garden, WWPD4VETS, and recent gaming!
  • Episode 54.  "Cold Wars 2013".  The dudes are live at Cold Wars 2013, with plenty to talk about!  We talk about the gaming we've gotten in (FoW, Zombicide, Spartacus) and generally ham it up!
  • Episode 53.  The dudes are in the studio and gearing up for their next convention trek!  In this episode we talk about our newest time sink: EVE.  We also hear Steven's interview with Pete before the guys dive in to Flames of War chat.
  • Episode 52. "Crunchy!"  The boys get all crunchy, as requested by the WWPD Community.  Often overlooked rules and the great Tank Debate.
  • Episode 51.  "Live From the Patriot Inn Hotel Bar".  I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?
  • Episode 50.  "The Wrath of Sean".  The original host is back in the studio!  The dudes talk about their recent tournament, an upcoming tournament at Muster, T-26s, and more!
  • Episode 49.  "Empty Promises Revisited".  The dudes talk about 2012's New Year's resolutions and make some new empty promises in Act III!  In Act II, hear Maria talk about her role as Battlefront's print broker for most of their book releases.  Act I sees the guys covering all their hobbying in the last few weeks!
  • Episode 48.  "Christmas Special 3".  Steven is back from New Zealand, and the dudes all get a chance to catch up!  The first audio interview with Jeff from Battlefront is in the middle of the episode.  
  • Episode 47.  "Live from Fall In 2012".  The boys are live at Fall In 2012!  We talk The Flames of War I-95 Doubles tournament, Bolt Action, Saga, X-Wing, Battlestar Galactica and a lot more! 
  • Episode 46.  Editor's note: It's been a while!  But like a bad case of the "Dirty Jons", we just keep comin back!  This time we talk about our recent gaming, my New Zealand trip and of course- NUTS!  This episode might be a bit much for younger listeners- we're fairly raunchy from the get go so be warned!
  • Episode 45.  "Rick Priestley is the Man".  In this episode we are very lucky to be joined by Rick Priestley!  If you don't know who he is, google him now- you probably like something he's done!  We are joined with Judson to talk some Bolt Action before rounding out the episode by discussing some tactics around setting up assaults in Flames of War.
  • Episode 44.  "Assault Cats".  The fellas have a bunch to report in the AAR.  The NOVA Open, Dropzone Games, Descent, and more!  Steven gives an overview of Bolt Action, followed by some discussion on airplanes and Assault Guns
  • Episode 43.  "Artemis".  We've 42 episodes behind us and there's nowhere to go but forward!  We have a lot of games we've played recently to discuss, in addition to Anatoli's newer September Campaign pdf!  We also discuss the rules for Combat attachments and Kampfgruppe.  The episode gets rounded out with a discussion on German Tank Hunters, and Jon's book review on "Origins of the 2nd World War".
  • Episode 42.  "Sex Panthers".   The gents are back!  Steven and Luke talk about their recent experience at Guns of August, Jon brings Steven a few Mojitos back from Aruba, we talk about Bolt Action .Net, and our new premium episode "Know the Mission!"  But wait!  There's More!  We also talk about the "Ambush" special rule, and Jon covers a book: "The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo".  Talk aout a monster episode!  Make sure to come back for After Hours- it's  a good one!
  • Episode 41.  "Live from Historicon 2012!".   The gentlemen are live at Historicon 2012!  We talk Flames of War Nationals, The Flames of War I-95 tournament, Saga, and a lot more!  Stick around for the 2nd part of the show as the guys decompress and lament how much stuff they bought!
  • Episode 40.   The dudes discuss the last 40 episodes, the future, and Devil's Charge!  The train derails almost immediately- like usual!  Let Steve, Luke, and Dirty Jon reminesce a bit before talkin' Peiper, The Bloody Bucket, and much more!  
  • Episode 39.  "John Paul Spills All."  The dudes brave the heat to record a brand new episode!  This is another crunchy one with plenty of rules discussion... but most importantly we have John-Paul from Battlefront join us and drop more than a few juicy tidbits!  
  • Episode 38.  "Longest.  Act I.  Ever."  The dudes bite off a bit more than they can chew!  But the chat is strong, and the good times are had.  The dudes discuss their recent tournament experience, Tank Destroyers, Supply Vehicles, Sea Lion and much more!
  • Episode 37.  "Diablo's Charge"  On the table are Recon, Tank Destroyers, Diablo, Disney, and terrain!  Plenty of silly antics, of course, and lots of crunchy bits too!  We also make completely baseless guesses to the content of Devil's Charge (note- they are a bit outlandish!)
  • Episode 36.  "Comin' at you live from Studio B!" The dudes talk Operation Sea Lion, Adepticon, Tank Destroyers, and more!  Steven talks about his recent tournament at Huzzah Hobbies, Steven and Jon take a quick tangent to discuss SAGA, and the crew generally hams it up as usual! 
  • Episode 35.   The dudes talk about their experiences in V3 compared to their predictions, and discuss some of their favorite rules and missions.  The fellows talk about new Battlefront releases including the Achtung! plastics. The dudes round out the episode with a high level look at the missions in V3.
  • Episode 34.   The dudes have a new intro and a new outlook!  They're joined by Jasper Oorthuys from Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine, talk some Bood Guts & Glory, and other Various Version 3 goodness!
  • Episode 33.  Live From Cold Wars! The dudes are live at Cold Wars!  We talk about our con experience, the doubles tournament put on by I-95, and a little bit about the new book Blood Guts and Glory!  Luke and I give an in depth AAR on the drive home- hear us weep!
  • Episode 32.   Version 3: Now that we've been on a few dates..." We're still all in on Version 3!  This is another crunchy episode as we discuss more rules clarifications, and our real world experiences with the latest revision of Flames of War!
  • Episode 31.   Flames of War Version 3 is here! The dudes take their first (of many) looks at the new rules. This episode is heavily devoted to the new edition, so grab your V3 mini rulebook and follow along! The discussion here is fairly high level as we all come to grips with the new rules!
  • Episode 30.  The dudes talk Version 3 with Battlefront's own Mike Haught!  Get the skinny here first, and get ready to wage war with an updated version of Flames of War!  The guys also discuss New Years Resolutions, upcoming events, Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy magazine, and continue drooling over Red Bear and Grey Wolf. 
  • Episode 29.  The boys are back in the studio (sans Jon who joins remotely) to talk about their upcoming Holiday Break and (most importantly) Red Bear & Grey Wolf! Flames of War Version 3 is on the horizon- and we talk about it!
  • Episode 28.   One more episode in the can before Steven's reinforcement arrives!  The dudes talk Skyrim, pizza, T-34s in Flames of War and Battlefront Miniatures' upcoming changes to Hen & Chicks.  The dudes go on to discuss German National Special rules in n00b zone!
  • Episode 27. The boys are back in town, and ready to talk about Fall In! Our mp3 competition gets a winner, we talk Plastic Soldier Company, Zvezda Panzer IIIs, and Battlefront Miniatures' awesome Desert Fort! We round out the episode with some tips and tricks for assaulting in Flames of War.
  • Episode 26. The dudes discuss Fall In, Flames of War news, Burning Empires, Grey Wolf/Red Bear, some basing tips, and advice on how to use your transports!
  • Episode 25.  The dudes return! Luke is hot and bothered about the BAR, and the guys have trouble counting in N00B zone! The fellas talk upcoming tournaments, Infantry Aces, and painting tips.
  • Episode 24.  Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk about their Guns of August experiences, Anatoli's Polish Campaign pdf, Fortifications, "That Guy" and Hellfire and Back.
  • Episode 23.  Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk Guns of August, Recon rules, Plastic Soldier Company, and much more!  Luke and Steven talk to Steven's wife about being a wargaming widow.
  • Episode 22. Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon interview Tim O'Neill, talk Historicon, review the Cassino map case, a book on WWI, and much more!
  • Live From Historicon 2011.  The gang do their second live show with plenty of interviews, trivia, and much more! 
  • Episode 21. Steven, Joe, and Dirty Jon talk Historicon, Cassino, and other nonsense! Plenty of "Wow"s abound with Joe back after a hiatus!
  • Episode 20. Steven, Luke, and Jon have one of their best n00b zone segments yet: Independent teams! The gang also discuss World of Tanks, British artillery, and the failed Rapture.
  • Episode 19. This episode is recorded live from the car to and from the Showcase Showdown by Steven and Sean. It is essentially one huge after action report.
  • Episode 18. Steven, Luke, and Jon talk about the US Light Tank Company, World of Tanks, The Longest Winter, and plenty of other awesomeness!
  • Episode 17. Steven, Luke, and Sean talk about their recent tournament experience, Panzer IVs, tournament preparations, and general silliness! Brian and Steven talk airbrushing and quick painting.
  • Episode 16. Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk 'nam, Easy Army (EasyArmy.com), Sucker Punch, and tournament lists!
  • Episode 15. Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon talk Cold Wars, Mobility, Panzer Leader, and review the GF9 Swamps.
  • Live From Cold Wars 2011. The gang do their first ever live podcast from Cold Wars! They review the event, have trivia with great prize support, and a slew of interviews!
  • Episode 14. Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon discuss their upcoming Cold Wars appearance, The Hermann Goering Division, the US "Triangle Division" structure, and much more!
  • Episode 13. Steven, Luke, Joe, and Dirty Jon discuss their recent tournament attendance. They talk about Panzer Lehr, Airplanes, and "tourney play vs friendly play".
  • Episode 12. Steven, Luke, Joe, and Brian talk about the past few weeks in gaming, US Tank Destroyers, BF Customer Service, Dystopian Wars, and "Platoon Forward".
  • Episode 11. Steven, Luke, Joe, and Pete talk about their past few weeks of gaming, ambushes in Flames of War, US Armor, and plenty more!
  • Episode 10. Steven, Luke, Jon, and Joe chat it up about new getting new players into FoW, US Rifles, Artillery, and unpainted lead in the longest episode yet!
  • Episode 9. Steven and Luke sit down with newcomer Dirty Jon and have a good time talking about 2010 and the looming 2011.
  • Episode 8. Steven and Luke sit down and give an in-depth AAR of their recent tournament experience in Delaware.
  • Episode 7. Steven, Brian, and Luke talk about manpacked guns, The different types of armored vehicles, and generally shoot the breeze. INTERVIEW: Wayne Turner of Battlefront.
  • Episode 6. Steven, Joe, and Luke talk D-Day, Stalin's Europe, and Terrain. INTERVIEW: Shawn Morris AKA The Terrain Guy.
  • Episode 5. Steven, Joe, and Brian discuss Early War, Fall In, and FOW tournaments.
  • Episode 3. The gang discuss the 7th Armoured Division, Terrain, Etiquette, and Moon.
  • Episode 2. Steven and Sean talk about the Military History Weekend, The Battlefront book D-Day (spoilers!), Das Book, the movie El Alamein and more!
  • Episode 1. The gang discuss British armour, the movie Pandorum, announce their blog of the week, and much more!
  • Episode 0. Sean, Steven, and Joe introduce themselves and talk about how they got into gaming.

On the Road

  • On the Road Episode 6.  Iron Tom and the Battle Vault crew head off to a tournament in Ohio.  The guys discuss tournament lists, predictions and results.
  • On the Road Episode 5.  Mathamagician Eric Riha, Richard Barnes and Steven take a trip to Historicon! There is list discussion, more list discussion and list performance discussions.  A There and Back Again tale of adventure - told and re-told....and told again!
  • On the Road: Episode 4.  Welcome to a guest episode of On The Road with Eric "Mathemagician" Riha, Crazy Rich "Tantexto" Barnes, Reno "Dr. Excedrin" Besseghini, and Dai "DeadDai" Eby from the NorCal Flames of War tournament circuit.
  • On the Road: Episode 3.  "Panzer Matt and Company".  "Panzer" Matt Meyer, Jim Best, and Chris Corman regale us with the tale of their tournament outing to the recent Huzzah Hobbies mid war flames of war tournament.  Steven and Jon attended but did not record an On the Road episode- thanks to Panzer Matt for stepping up!
  • On the Road: Episode 2.  "There and Back Again: A Tournament Tale".  In this episode, Dirty Jon and Cool Pants Luke are joined by Eric Turner to discuss the trip down to and back from Southern Front 2012. Listen to the outlandish predictions and mundane results as the guys reflect on the trip.
  • On the Road: Episode 1.  "NOVA Open 2012".  Steven and Tom travel to the NOVA Open to participate in the Early War Flames of War tournament.  On the way up, Steven gives Tom a crash course on Bolt Action.

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