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Historical Scenarios

This is a collection of Historical (and Historically based/inspired) Scenarios for use in Flames of War. Download and enjoy them for a change of pace! Have a scenario you'd like to see here? Just shoot us an e-mail!

Early War
  • Disaster at Sidi Razegh.  South Africa vs Germans.  Sidi Razegh, 1941.  South Africa’s participation in the Western Desert campaign got off to an inauspicious start during the Operation Crusader battles, leading to recriminations and continuing distrust between the South African and British high command.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • The Pimple.  British vs Italians.  Beda Fomm, Libya, 1941.  After their crushing defeats at their camps near the Egyptian border and at Bardia and Tobruk the Italian 10th Army was in full retreat. But, units of the British 7th Armoured Division had outflanked the Italians and cut off their retreat from Cyrenaica.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Queen's Cauldron.  French vs Germans.  Merdrop, France, 1940.  On the morning of 13 May, 1940, Panzer Schuzen with supporting armor from the 4th Panzer Division attack near the village of Merdrop and Queen Maria Theresa- a 17th Century Chateau.   Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.
  • Last Man Out.  British vs Germans.  BELGIUM, 1940.  German Panzers were on the move in May 1940 and have broken though the Belgian and French forces in the Ardennes.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.
  • Bitter Defence at Otta.  British vs Germans.  GUDBRANDSDAL VALLEY, NORWAY, 1940: As the fight in southern Norway moved into thehighlands, the German tactics developed into something of a uniform pattern. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Narew River Crossing.  Soviets vs Germans.  CHRABOLY POLAND, 1941.  German Forces attempt to force their way across the Bridge across Narew, held by a Soviet Blocking Force.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Rehearsal For Crete.  British Vs Germans.  ARGOS, GREECE, 1941.  The campaign in Greece is going well for the Germans, who will surprise the retreating Tommies by grabbing the Corinth Canal bridge ahead of the Panzertruppen. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
Mid War
  • Operation Hubertus.  Soviets vs Germans.  STALINGRAD, 1942.  Ten battalions of German infantry supported by tanks and pioneers moved out towards the Barrikady factory the Red October factory and nearby buildings. Paulus had launched his latest, and last, bid to capture the city. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Valley of Death.  Soviets vs Germans.  KHARKOV, 1943.  Following the victory at Kursk, the Russians decided to immediately exploit the situation and reduce the German salient around Kharkhov.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Red House.  Soviets vs Germans.  STALINGRAD, 1942.  The German 6th Army pushes the Soviet 62nd Army to within eye-shot of the Volga!  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Assault On Rogan.  Soviets vs Germans.  KHARKOV, 1943.  As part of the Third Battle of Kharkov, the SS Panzer Corps launched a number of attacks to try to cut off the roads from Kharkov to the cities of Rogan and Chuhuiv.  Scenario by Denis Kosta.
Late War
  • Celleno. South Africans vs Germans.  Italy, 1944.  The 6th South African Armoured Division deployed their entire 11th South African Armoured Brigade in the advance towards Florence. This would prove the first and also last opportunity during the entire Italian campaign in which the entire 11th SA Armoured Brigade could be deployed in unison.
  • Cole's Charge.  US vs Germans.  Normandy, 1944.  Having fought their way down “Purple Heart Lane” the 3rd Battalion 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment found itself scattered along the roadside ditches waiting for an Artillery bombardment to soften up the defenses of what was later to be found as the 6th Fallschirmjager Regimental HQ. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Abram's Folly.  US vs Germans.  LORRAINE, 1944.  On the the 6th December a battered tank company and understrength infantry company came up against superior German forces in the small farming community of Singling. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Preparing the Way.  Soviets vs Germans.  POLAND, 1944.  The Soviet wave swept inexorably towards the borders of the Reich – but in those isolated instances where replenished German armoured units were encountered they still proved masters of the battlefield.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Siege of Bastogne.  Americans vs Germans.  BELGIUM, 1944.  This large 4v4 scenario simulates the desperate conditions for the surrounded allies.  Scenario by Jeff. 
  • Defeat in the Cornfields.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  On the second day of Operation Goodwood, several small towns still had to be taken before the main objective, the ridges beyond could effectively be confronted. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Lingevres.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  The British 50th Tyne and Tees faces the famous Panzer Lehr Division as the British attempt to break through German lines.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Stoumont.  USA vs Germans.  BASTOGNE, 1944.  Kampfgruppe Peiper penetrated the American lines and pushed west.  After murdering 86 American PoWs they halted at Stavelot before fighting their way across Ambleve Bridge.  Scenario by Craig Baxter.
  • Pegasus Bridge.  British vs Germans.  NORMANDY, 1944.  Soon after midnight, 6 June, 1944, Glider borne infantry from D-Co, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckingshire Light Infantry Regiment attacks and captures a key bridge over the Orne Canal a few miles outside of Caen France.  Scenario by Ron Bingham of the Battle Barn.
  • Counterattack on the Vistula.  Soviets vs Germans.  NEAR WOLA CHODKOWSKA, POLAND, 1944: As the Soviet 8th Guards Army was expanding its bridgehead on the Vistula they met with stiff German resistance.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Hill 621.  Soviets vs Germans.  NEAR MINSK, 1944: In late June 1944 the Soviets began what eventually would be known as the ‘Destruction of Army Group Centre’. Scenario by Mike Bersiks.
  • Hube's Pocket.  Soviets vs Germans.  NEAR BUCHACH, WESTERN UKRAINE, 1944: The March Russian offensive to drive the Germans back to the Carpathian Mountains had been successful.  Scenario by Mike Bersiks.

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