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Q. When I download each episode and put it in iTunes, it's not appearing in my "podcasts"- help!
A. Unfortunately, iTunes isn't flexible in what it considers a "podcast".  Any mp3 file (even audiobooks!) that are imported into iTunes automatically revert to Music.  Fortunately, the fix is easy.  Just follow the short instructions on this page:

Q. Does Libsyn accept paypal for subscriptions?
A. No, at this time, Libsyn does not accept Paypal, but it's a likely future improvement.  For now, the subscription is only available with a credit card.

Q. When will the iOS/Android app be available?
The WWPD specific app will be available soon (TM).  Remember that you can stream our episodes online now, or through iTunes as before.  We hope to have the apps available shortly!

Q. Is this DRM Free?
Yes, you can download every episode- premium or not, and put it on whatever device you'd like!

Know the mission is a premium episode that focuses on one mission or scenario for Flames of War, offering insights into the tactics and special rules.

After Hours are special episodes of News From the Front recorded AFTER a regular session, and available for a nominal subscription. These extra episodes will be between 30 minutes and an hour, and basically be the guys' chance to unwind, and cover any opinions they had that they weren't able to express during the standard show. So sit back, pour the scotch, and turn the lights low. This is WWPD After Hours baby!

Note: After Hours is now part of the regular episode post.  See that index here.
  • Episode 55: After Hours!  The dudes chat on their way home from WWPD4VETS.
  • Episode 53: After Hours!  The dudes continue their chat on Cold Wars, EVE, and whatever else crosses their minds.
  • Episode 52: After Hours!   The dudes discuss balance in FoW- Are special rules breaking the game?
  • Episode 51: After Hours!  Steven and Sean discuss their post-tournament action at Muster.  This is crunchier than the NFTF Episode!  Bizarre!
  • Episode 49: After Hours!   In Episode 49 After Hours, the dudes talk about The Hobbit, tournament lists, and the new Market Garden book compilations among other "after hours" topics!
  • Episode 48: After Hours!   This one's a Doozy!  We discuss "Recreational Outrage".  Careful, this may tread into some territory that may offend for real!  If you can't handle "sensitive Holiday topics" being discussed- best avoid this one!  It's After Hours baby, anything goes!
  • Episode 46: After Hours!   The dudes are in the goofy zone!  We talk WWPD post apocalypse.  The wagaming ark is conceived and merged with the Artemis.  This is one for the ages.  
  • Episode 45: After Hours!   The guys talk tournament lists for Fall In, a follow up to the Artemis, and generally shoot the breeze.  A bit crunchier than the last few- which were straight up silly!
  • Episode 44: After Hours! The episode starts with some real discussion, but quickly devolves into ridiculousness as the dudes make plans for "The Artemis" AKA- a crummy Winnebago!  Will it ever happen?
  • Episode 43: After Hours!  Really silly episode that runs the gamut!  We talk Winnebagos, the WWPD crew as Scooby Doo characters, Buseymouth, plus some real discussion on why we think Mid War is so popular.  If you haven't tried After Hours yet, this is a good one to jump in on!
  • Episode 42: After Hours!  This is a good, long, meaty one!  I mean the episode!  Of course, we're all fired up as usual to talk meat and potatoes in Flames of War.  Lots of list discussion, with a heavy focus on Panthers in the late late war meta game.  
  • Episode 41: After Hours!   The dudes are fairly burnt out after Historicon 2012, but can't help "tawkin' crunchy!".  The guys talk Flames of War, Saga, upcoming events, and other siliness!
  • Episode 40: After Hours!   The dudes talk Prometheus, Early War, and general Haberdashery.  Cut loose with the dudes- have a beer on us!  Literally on us.  gross!
  • Episode 39: After Hours!  The dudes are fairly on topic tonight- lots more FoW discussion.  We're on an upswing and have a hard time breaking away from the topic!  Even more crunchiness, with some talk of Nationals lists.  
  • Episode 38: After Hours!  This episode is split into 2 parts- the first is after recording Episode 38 in the Studio.  The dudes go on a bit about wonky rules and people being jerks.  They talk a bit about movies and general silliness.  The 2nd half sees the guys in the van on the way home after a tournament joined by their buddies Eric and Ted.  The 2nd half hears Ted and Eric's post-tournament AAR, and then takes a turn South.  Warning: This episode gets a little raunchy!
  • Episode 37: After Hours!  After recording episode 37 and a long day, the dudes are instantly goofy!  They talk more Tank Destroyers (Seriously, Luke can make a cheesy list!), movies, their upcoming tournaments and more!  Jon also tells the ballad of the Crunk Cups that were not to be! 
  • Episode 36: After Hours!  After recording episode 36 the dudes are chatty! We talk TV and movies, and of course Flames of War. By the end of the episode they are a complete train wreck, and Steven and Jon are revealed for the true A-holes they are.   Note: This was previously titled After Hours Episode 19
  • Episode 35: After Hours!  After recording episode 35 we, wake up a bit and talk about all kinds of stuff! Luke eats a box of Easy 8s, normal TV and movie chat occurs, and of course- tons more FoW chat!  note: This was previously titled After Hours Episode 18
  • Episode 34: After Hours!  After recording episode 34, we keep rockin' and rollin'!  We talk a lot about TV and movies, lists we plan to run in V3, and generally shoot the breeze.  We also continue making fun of Luke for dropping the "H" out of 'UGE.  We won't give up on that, sorry dude! note: This was previously called After Hours Episode 17
  • Episode 32: After Hours!  After recording episode 32, we keep on keepin' on! The chat is, of course, V3 heavy, along with plenty of other nonsense! This is a fairly crunchy episode- we just cannot stop talking about Version 3!  Note: This was previously named "After Hours Episode 16".
  • (Legacy After Hours are Slowly being added as of 9/2012)
  • Episode 20: After Hours!  After recording episode 20, the guys have more independent team discussion- we could fill volumes with this! We then talk a bit about our upcoming tournament (Sorry- we forgot the mics were on, we plan for a few minutes), the rapture, and general goofery!
  • Episode 18: After Hours!  Steven, Jon, and Luke discuss movies, World of Tanks, Historicon, tournament road trips, and general tom foolery.  Recorded after NFTF Episode 18.
  • Episode 17: After Hours!  Steven, Luke, and Sean talk after NFTF Episode 17. Tournament lists, movies & TV shows, and other ridiculousness is on the table!
  • Episode 16: After Hours!  This is the episode that started it all! Steven, Luke, and Jon talk after NFTF episode 16. hot girls, 'nam, and other silliness is up for discussion!  Note: This was previously named "After Hours Episode 1".

WWPD After Hours is not recommended for children, prudes, or people who hate fun.  If you're easily offended, don't risk it. 

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