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Opinions expressed by authors are theirs alone, and do not necessarily represent WWPD as a whole, nor do the authors' opinions represent their respective employers'.

On Product Reviews:

The independent integrity of WWPD is very important to us.  We work hard to maintain our reputation as an honest and independent source of information about our hobbies.

WWPD reviews are candid, thorough and honest. If we like a product, we say so and why. If we don't like a product, we say so, and why. If we love a product, we'll say that as well and usually mention it on the Podcast.  Most products have pros and cons, and we always try to point out the details to help our readers make the best possible purchase decisions.

WWPD is an independent venture and a hobby.  Vendors cannot buy good reviews.  Advertising on WWPD or sending lots of product for review has no impact at all on the results of the review.

WWPD may, at our discretion, decline to review a product.  If we do, this will be communicated to the vendor in a timely manner.

Product sent for review will be retained by WWPD and used in any manner WWPD sees fit -- given away, added to personal collections, etc.

WWPD will try to turn around reviews in a timely manner, but please be aware that this is our hobby - life sometimes makes quick turnarounds impossible - we will do our best.  Due to time constraints, reviews may be delegated out to our contributors (i.e. someone other than Steven, Luke, Jon or Eric) at WWPD's sole discretion.

Some links to products or companies from the Web site are affiliate links (these are typically clearly identified as advertisements). That means we receive a very small amount of money if somebody clicks on them.  Again, this does not impact the content or results of reviews.

For information about sending review items or becoming an advertiser, please write Jon at: Jon [at] wwpd [dot] net

-The WWPD Team


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