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Who We Are

Steven MacLauchlan founded  The WWPD Network. Steven has always enjoyed audio recording and miniature gaming, and in early 2010 combined the hobbies into the News From the Front Podcast. Steven's first adventures in gaming came in the form of RPGS, particularly White Wolf's storyteller system and Dungeons and Dragons. He briefly played Warhammer 40k, before jumping into Flames of War where he's comfortably been ever since.

Steven is married with one daughter, and works as a Data Management Consultant. He spent time in his youth touring in several mildly successful bands, though rarely finds time for music anymore.
Steven graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in Computer Science.

“Dirty” Jon Baber is the co-host of the WWPD: News from the Front podcast and 2iC of the WWPD blog. Jon got his start in gaming with the venerable Dungeons & Dragons series and quickly moved on to counter-based war games, such as Afrika Korps, The Third World War and Light Division. Jon started miniature gaming with Blood Bowl, Warhammer and Warhammer: 40,000 and has since moved to mostly Flames of War.

Jon graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1995, where he received a B.A. in History.

Jon [at] wwpd [dot] net

Luke Melia is the co-host of the WWPD Podcast.  Luke started wargaming when he was 11 years old with 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons. He has played just about everything from play by mail strategy, Warhammer, napoleonics, board games and ancients. Married and the father of two sons - Alexander and Jack - Luke, is active in many after school sports events as well as cub scouts. After his modeling and dancing career suddenly ended due to an unforeseen stage accident, Luke rejoined the workforce and began playing wargames again after a five year hiatus when he indulged in a variety of online multiplayer games.
He is an avid Flames of War player and his two favorite forces to field are the American and Soviet armies. Luke is affectionately known for his love of Stuarts and Tank Destroyers as well as his loathing new love of painting. Luke also provides the introduction to News from the Front as well as all marketing and WWPD sponsored events. Promoting the wargaming hobby is a 'uge part of the love of gaming for Luke.

Luke [at] wwpd [dot] net

Eric Lauterbach is the 3rd (4th?) chair for the WWPD News from the Front Podcast.  He is also Mr. Terrain Guy and a tournament organizer for the I-95 Gamers.  Eric started gaming with Avalon Hill Wargmes and soon graduated to RPGs and Miniatures. There is not much historical miniatures time periods he has not played from Ancients to Moderns.   Eric moved to Virginia in 2000 and started playing Flames of War Version one in 2003.   When he is not painting miniatures or making terrain he is running around with his two boys or doing Scouting stuff.   His part time Government LARPing job keeps him in beer money, and as you can tell from the picture on the left he is a big fan of Craft beer.

Eric [at] wwpd [dot] net

Judson MacCaull is a lifelong gamer that also happens to run BoltAction.Net. The Wall of One Thousand Games, in his game room, represents not only a wealth of gaming experience, but something he considers a badge of honor - the fact that he's played enough games to appreciate a good game when he sees one. When he was twelve, his dad purchased him a copy of Axis and Allies, one group of friends talked him into playing 1st Ed. Dungeons and Dragons, and another group of friends convinced him to save his allowance so that he could buy a fifty foot phone cord - enough to allow him to highjack his parents' phone line to play Duke Nukem' 3D.
Judson, his son Cameron, and his lady Stephanie live in Upstate NY. He helps run several health care facilities in the area, maintains a mostly healthy obsession with the NFL, and loves modern politics. Dano refuses to play a game of Diplomacy with him, because, as Dano puts it, "Jud's just trying to win." That being said, don't trust Dano, because he's just trying to win. 

Judson [at] wwpd [dot] net

Scott Simoneau runs WWPD's Outpost Zero gaming site.  Scott is relatively new to wargaming, and started with Warhammer Fantasy around 2007. After moving beyond the constraints of Games Workshop games, he dove into whatever rulesets he could get his hands on - chances are if you've heard of a ruleset, Scott's played it at least once. He has an affinity to taking "bad lists" and trying to make them good - look to see things from the Polish Home Defense Army
in FoW to UCM Infantry Hordes in Dropzone Commander.

Prior to wargaming, Scott was an aspiring music teacher, got his degree in music education, and married an opera singer. Now he works deep inside buildings with no windows. Scott can be frequently found at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn VA, and is the FoW Tournament Organizer at the NOVA Open.

Scott [at] wwpd [dot] net

Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah is a PR man by day and WWPD Editor by night, and comes from long line of gamers, nerds and scoundrels. His lead addiction first started back in the heady days of Rogue Trader when Marines were Marine and Orks were Orks. When both the Marines and the Orks went insane and turned into money grubbing soul vacuums, Sean escaped the vortex to the greener pastures of historical wargaming where he has been ever since.
Sean comes to WWPD with 20 years of miniature, role playing and video game experience, and an extreme grudge against the Oxford comma. Having written for Nobel Prize winners and former Vice Presidents, he gets grumpy when people can't complete a thought or simply spell. But his true love is putting paint on to lead (or plastic) and he regularly prefers to spend 8 hours painting over any form of social interaction. Because of this dark obsession, and dubious decision making by some judges, Sean is an award winning painter in both 28 and 15mm historical and Sci-Fi painting.

Sean lives and works in Washington, DC where he enjoys watching the Cap's get crushed by the Penguins on a regular basis and drooling over the intense number of art museums in such a concentrated area. Sean studied International Relations and Economics in the mid-west, before deciding that was super boring and heading off to DC to become a political flack. 

seantsarah [at] gmail [dot] com

Christopher Hecht is WWPD's Online Community Manager, and leader of the 1st WWPD Panzer Division in World of tanks.  Chris has been participating in tabletop gaming since the second edition of Warhammer 40k.  Now he enjoys competitive FoW, but still retains his prized original first release Necron Army.

Chris comes to WWPD with over a 15 years of online gaming and clan management experience.  He has managed competitive clans in games such as Counter Strike, the Battlefield series, WoW, Call of Duty, and several others.  He now heads up the World of Tanks clan and other potential online gaming groups for WWPD.
In addition to running the online gaming community for WWPD, Chris creates a YouTube series for World of Tanks ( as well as other games.
Chris lives and works in the suburbs of Baltimore where in his spare time he enjoys DJing events in addition to his WWPD duties.  Chris studied Communications (TV, Radio, and Film) at LaSalle University in Philadelphia and later earned his BS in Computer Science and Business (Marketing and Management) from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.

ChristopherH [at] wwpd [dot] net

Craig Baxter is the Director of the top secret WWPD Northern Research center in Anchorage, AK and a Senior Contributor to the WWPD Network.  Raised in a historical wargaming home, Craig has been wargaming since he was a young boy.  As big supporter of WWPD's number one rule, Craig believes the wargaming lifestyle is not only a honorable pass time, but can bring people from all walks of life together to peacefully wage war, roll dice, and enjoy their mutual company.  Whether you imagine yourself driving a tank across the steppes of Russian, piloting a F-86 over Korea, or marching in Caesars Legion, wargaming is a place you can call home.  Craig's monthly articles on painting, miniatures, reviews, AARs, and tutorials can be found on the plethora of WWPD websites.   When Craig is not contributing to he is busy blogging, painting, modeling and rolling dice. You can find more of his work and articles at

Craig [at] wwpd [dot] net

Arran Slee-Smith is a Web Designer by trade and a professional coffee addict.  Arran has been a crucial member of the WWPD crew in re-branding the site and a few of the WWPD side projects. He started war gaming when he was introduced to Warhammer 40k in 1999, though rarely got to play the game.  He mostly enjoys assembling and painting the models. Arran was introduced to Flames of War when briefly working in a War-game store where he picked up a box of British Paratroopers, and hasn’t looked back.
His favourite aspects of the hobby are painting, sculpting models and making terrain, but of course he does enjoy the odd game of Flames of War.

Arran [dot] sleesmith [a] gmail [dot] com

Opinions expressed by authors are theirs alone, and do not necessarily represent WWPD as a whole, nor do the authors' opinions represent their respective employers'.

On Product Reviews:

The independent integrity of WWPD is very important to us.  We work hard to maintain our reputation as an honest and independent source of information about our hobbies.

WWPD reviews are candid, thorough and honest. If we like a product, we say so and why. If we don't like a product, we say so, and why. If we love a product, we'll say that as well and usually mention it on the Podcast.  Most products have pros and cons, and we always try to point out the details to help our readers make the best possible purchase decisions.

WWPD is an independent venture and a hobby.  Vendors cannot buy good reviews.  Advertising on WWPD or sending lots of product for review has no impact at all on the results of the review.

WWPD may, at our discretion, decline to review a product.  If we do, this will be communicated to the vendor in a timely manner.

Product sent for review will be retained by WWPD and used in any manner WWPD sees fit -- given away, added to personal collections, etc.

WWPD will try to turn around reviews in a timely manner, but please be aware that this is our hobby - life sometimes makes quick turnarounds impossible - we will do our best.  Due to time constraints, reviews may be delegated out to our contributors (i.e. someone other than Steven, Luke, Jon or Eric) at WWPD's sole discretion.

Some links to products or companies from the Web site are affiliate links (these are typically clearly identified as advertisements). That means we receive a very small amount of money if somebody clicks on them.  Again, this does not impact the content or results of reviews.

For information about sending review items or becoming an advertiser, please write Jon at: Jon [at] wwpd [dot] net

-The WWPD Team


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