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Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Fond Farewell

Friends, countrymen, and esteemed WWPD readers,

After much soul searching, I have made the decision to let the sun set on the WWPD Empire. It’s not lightly I make this decision, and there are years of wonderful memories here. From a humble painting blog to a podcast titan (okay… maybe not a titan.. more like a gnome…) to growing WWPD and becoming a part of a larger community has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching activity. I have met so many incredible people, and had so many folks tell me how important WWPD was to them that I am getting a little choked up writing this!

All good things, however, must come to an end. Obviously, I have been absent for many months now. My interactions with WWPD have been mostly on the back-end of things. Posting podcasts, editing and scheduling articles…. It took a while to admit a hard truth to myself. I have no desire to return to podcasting or writing articles in the near future. And as rewarding as it is to serve a community by enabling other content creators- the joy is gone. We always said we’d stop doing it when it stopped being fun. Sadly, that day has come.

As we considered our options for WWPD, a few different outcomes came to mind. The first and most obvious was passing the reins to a new, capable group. This was the original plan. On second thought, however, we were uncomfortable being hands off moving forward. I know many of you will see that as selfish, and that is understandable. but I believe that being able to end WWPD on my terms (as it began!) is a rewarding way to lay the beast to sleep.

There is much more to be said on this topic, and I encourage all of you to give the final episode of News From the Front a listen where we do our best to thank as many people as possible, dispel rumors, and lay out a bit more about the transition plan.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for making this period in my life incredibly rewarding. Do please keep in touch.

-Steven MacLauchlan


Matt Varnish said...


Fingolfen said...

Steven - first I'd like to thank you for all the great coverage, blogs, podcasts, and the like over the years. Second, thanks so much for the opportunity to write a few guest spots on the WWPD blog.

The team and its insights will be sorely missed! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Steve Charlton said...

Just two words to steve and the crew - thank you!

Have a wonderful Christmas to you all.

James Best said...

I’ll miss you guys.
Thanks for all the tourney and game memories.
Thank you for the time you’ve put into this hobby,
It’s made a difference for me.

Have a very merry Christmas.

zsavk said...

Totally understand. You and the crew did an amazing job elevating the hobby and my personal enjoyment and abilities were magnified just through being an observer/listener to WWPD. Thank you all!

Unknown said...

It was a good ride, thank you.

Jon Holland said...

Thank you all for all you've done.

Nick said...

Thank you for all you have done!!!!! Have fun in all of your gaming!!!!!

Mike-Alfa-Six-Five said...

Thank you all for the awesome articles and podcasts and best wishes for the future.

Tom said...

Thanks, gents. Have enjoyed listening to all of you over the past several years. Y'all got me through my first marathon back in 2012. Best to all of you!

John Hovey said...

You turned me into a FOW fan. I’m not sue I’ll keep playing as much. You will be missed.

The Confather said...

Thanks for all the love, guys! We really appreciate it!

-Dirty Jon

Anatoli said...

End of an era guys, sad to see this happen. Finished listening to the last podcast on my drive home from the in-laws after Christmas. It felt strange and a bit depressing to hear it end like this even though I understand the decision.

The WWPD network really became a huge beast with the forum, podcast, several blogs etc - I know it takes time to manage it all with a life, family and work (as well as trying to squeeze in some games in there as well).

Listening to you guys I wish you would keep the podcast, keeping it casual and talking about latest played games etc and not feeling the pressure to make it as focused as it was during the height of the FoW period with the detailed reviews of army lists etc.

You guys will be missed!

takeda33 said...

Thanks for all your efforts and work over the years, always enjoyed the articles and cast.

AFpilot09 said...

Thanks for all you have done.

Please leave the website up as an archive of the old news and great articles!

Eddie said...

Cheers guys great work over the years, best of luck to you all in the future

Brian Hamilton said...

Just saw this post now. I want to say thanks for all the content you guys have delivered over the years. WWPD was a major factor in me picking up FoW years back, which has led to a lot of fun games played and awesome people met. Shame to see it closing down, but hopefully it doesn't mark the end of your involvement in the hobby!

Lilan said...

So... Nearly one month later, i must admit that this was no joke.

Farewell guys, i'll really miss this blog, for every subject you once wrote about.


Neal Smith said...

OK, so when does the "normal blog" start back up? :)

You guys did so much for so many people. I have only been following from a distance lately, but I still used WWPD as a great resource for reviews, painting inspiration, etc.

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