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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Product Review: Battlefront's BB225 Desert Walls

by Ranger Dane

A great little addition to your North Africa, or Italy battlefield terrain kit.  These wall sets come in “cover and concealment” (low wall) size and block LOS (tall wall) size. These wall sections are being released with the V4 North Africa campaign set, but they will also blend well in any Italian Campaign.  They will also blend seamlessly with any Arab-Israeli war game.

So let’s take a look at these walls that surround many North African homes, buildings and cities. These walls also surround many Mediterranean homes, buildings and cities.   Here are a few actual walls from North Africa.

Here we have the desert walls shown on the FOW battle field.

This set comes with:
• 4x Low Desert Walls.
• 4x Tall Desert Walls.
• 1x Tall Gate.
• 1x Well.

The well is just fun!

 Note the brick work detail under the stucco texture on the walls.

I really like theses wall sections.  They can be used on almost any battlefield from the steppes of Russia, to Europe to North Africa.  With a quick change in exterior color, or not, they will fit well with the other battlefront properties. The price is right at $25 a box, to add some interest to your gaming table.

These walls rate: 1 Beau Geste Kepi!

This wall set was provided by Battlefront.

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