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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back in the V4 Saddle???

This past weekend I answered a call from a friend to step in last minute and run the Flames of War V4 tourney at MiniWars in Fullerton California. I was already scheduled to run the Team Yankee tourney on Sunday, so it wasn't a problem to step in and run the Maus Haus tourney on Saturday, as well.

Unfortunately, the player list for the FOW tourney wasn't very deep. With the original TO and his son out, another friend and I stepped in to play in the FOW tourney and get them up to 4 tables. I knew I could step out if we had a drop or an add last minute. (I'm not in favor of TOs playing in their events, but understand it may be necessary to make the experience better for the players and get another table in when needed.)

Those who read the forums know that I've moved away from FOW for my WWII gaming experience. This was an opportunity to give it one last go, and play well outside my comfort zone. Please allow me to share my return to V4 experience.

Kevin ran LW Japanese and finished 2nd in the tournament. He also took home Best Painted Honors both days.

The tourney was a V4, Late War event set at 1665 points. There were already a lot of Soviet armies ready to take the field, so I abandoned my beloved British Rifle Company for a German army. This was probably for the best since the play style of V4 doesn't match my cautious defensive infantry play.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Product Review: Battlefront's BB222 Small Desert Houses

By Ranger Dane

These are great little houses for your desert table.   These Small Desert Houses are being released as part of Battlefront's V4  North Africa Campaign. . These Small Desert Houses will also mix well in any Italian Campaign.  These Small Desert Houses will also blend seamlessly with any Arab-Israeli war game.

These homes are also representative of many Mediterranean homes.   Here are an actual Houses in North Africa.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Test Your Team Yankee Skills at Fall-In!

Come test your Team Yankee skills against the guys from WWPD at HMGS's Fall-in!  WWPD will be running Team Yankee Demos Friday and Saturday (3-4 Nov) at Fall-in, come find us near that day's Flames of War tournament and play a 30-minute, 35-point game with us and get a free Team Yankee sprue! Win and you get a $5 coupon from Battlefront towards and army box set. Maybe even play against a list from Stripes!  No models needed just show and test your skills! 

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

On Battle Plans

by Tom Culpepper

Last month Battle Front released an updated mission pack.  Much has been said about the implications of the new victory conditions and how they will affect play-style and, perhaps, list creation.  Recently, I conducted an analysis of the Battle Plans scheme for choosing the mission.
For tournament players knowing what missions will be played, or are likely to be played, can have a decisive impact on their list construction.  If you’re anything like me when you first saw the Battle Plans mission selector you thought to yourself, “this looks complicated, but fun!”  Your second thought may have also been, “How can I over-analyze this to gain a small edge over my opponent?”
First, we should discuss the nine (not counting Annihilation or Hasty Attack) scenarios found in the updated More Missions pdf.  Each of the nine missions can be sorted into three groups.  Each group contains three similar scenarios. 

Defensive Battles

Bridgehead, No Retreat, and Rear Guard compose this set.  These scenarios are featuring a classic attacker vs defender type layout.  In all three missions the defender has minefields and an ambush.  In two scenarios, Bridgehead and No Retreat, the defender must contend with reserves, deep reserves actually.  Rear Guard is the only mission that uses Withdrawal, acting like reserves in reverse.  To me, these are the most straight forward missions even though they use many special rules because each side only has one job to do.  The attacker must take an objective to win.  In Bridgehead and No Retreat the defender wins if the attacker is not near the objectives after turn six.  In Withdrawal, he just has to hold out until turn nine.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 41

Download the episode here
We're back and now with 300% more microphones!

And even though we're all professional now, we're still gonna bring you the same show you know and love.

Come and join us as we look at new releases in the gaming world, tell you about our latest gaming exploits and we may even crack into a rant or 4....

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Product Review: Battlefront's BB225 Desert Walls

by Ranger Dane

A great little addition to your North Africa, or Italy battlefield terrain kit.  These wall sets come in “cover and concealment” (low wall) size and block LOS (tall wall) size. These wall sections are being released with the V4 North Africa campaign set, but they will also blend well in any Italian Campaign.  They will also blend seamlessly with any Arab-Israeli war game.

So let’s take a look at these walls that surround many North African homes, buildings and cities. These walls also surround many Mediterranean homes, buildings and cities.   Here are a few actual walls from North Africa.

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