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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Product Review: Battlefront's BB228 Apartment Block

By Ranger Dane

The most recent Battlefront property released as part of the RED THUNDER battlefield in a box terrain series is the Apartment Block. The Apartment Block is an impressive 3-story building capable of housing even the largest platoon.  Each floor measures 1.5” x 5” x 3.5”    and can hold: 4 (medium base) Infantry Teams.   This building is typical of the apartment buildings seen all over Europe.  This building is a welcome addition to Battlefront's new modern building line for use with Team Yankee.

The 3-story Apartment Building comes with Air Conditioners (window units) and HVAC systems for the roof, or side yard

Let’s take a look at a few typical European apartment buildings.

Here we have Battle Front’s Apartment Block, product code BB228 and retails for $50.00 USD.

The model comes with:
• 1x ground floor with doorway.
• 2x elevated apartments with balcony.
• 1x roof.
• 1x package of 6x air conditioners and 4x HVAC units.

Each level of the Apartment Block could stand alone as a town building and are large enough to accommodate 4 infantry teams.

The roof is perfect for those SA-14 Gremlin or Fliegerfaust Teams.

I really like this model.  It is very representative of many of the city apartment blocks in Europe. Though this set comes pre-painted, it would be easy enough to change exterior colors to add a little Variety. It is a great terrain piece on the game table, especially when combined with other Team Yankee Terrain. Though some may not appreciate the $50 price tag, this is a lot of building for the gamer’s money.  The quality is there and there is a lot of resin in this 3-story building.  I believe I will get a few more of these and create an apartment block for those Urban-city fights.

This building rates: Ein Prosit und eins! zwei drei! trinken!
This Building was provided by Battlefront.

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