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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Product Review: Battlefront's BB215 Medium Desert House

By Ranger Dane

This is a nice piece of terrain for your Desert table.   This Medium Desert House is being released as part of Battlefront's new modern building line for use with Team Yankee, but will work great for WWII gaming as well. . This Medium-sized Desert House is being released with the V4 North Africa campaign set, but it will also blend well in any Italian Campaign.
This Medium-sized Desert House will also blend seamlessly with any Arab-Israeli war game.

These homes are also representative of many Mediterranean homes.   Here are an actual House in North Africa.

Here we have the Medium-sized Desert House shown on the FOW battle field.

This set comes with:
• 1x Medium Desert Building (with removable roof).

Medium-sized Desert House will accommodate accommodate two infantry teams inside and two infantry team up on the roof.

 Note the detail on the brickwork under the exterior stucco.  There is also a crate up on the roof, which is great as a handle to remove the roof.

This is a great addition to your North Africa, Italy, Crete, and Middle-East battlefield.   This house is very representative of many of the stucco houses in that region.  This house fits in well with the other battlefront properties.  It could also stand alone on an airfield or as part of a Raid scenario. This is a nice little piece for $25.  The quality is there.  I plan to purchase a few of these to create a Saharan Village.

This building rates: 5 Moroccan Dates and 1 Fig!

This Building was provided by Battlefront.

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