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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Team Yankee Day at Brookhurst Club

The gamers at Brookhurst Club in Garden Grove, California, have set aside the fourth Sunday of each month as Team Yankee day.

Garden Grove is located in Orange County California, just down the road from the house of the Mouse. No, not Maus... the MOUSE, yep, that one.

This was our first go at a dedicated TY day. We run Sundays at the club as "Historical Fun Days," and decided to see if we could build a player group for Team Yankee.

We had volunteers ready to run games in three different scales: Battle Front's standard 15mm, as well as 10mm, and Micro 6mm scale.

Two new players each tried 6mm. Three experienced players (myself included) combined on one table to run a game.

Players from other games that day, including those playing Kings of War, Armada, 40K and others stopped by our tables.

The general consensus amongst players and bystanders was that 15mm scale looked better, but the tables with the smaller scale seemed to play better with more room to maneuver. Players and bystanders said that BattleFront is missing out on an opportunity if they don't start producing a smaller scale, like 10 mm, for this game.

Hyato and Malcolm squared off on the 15mm table. Malcolm let me push around some M1s, but he warned me that their MGs would fall off if I even "looked at them wrong."

I gave them my best version of the Midwestern Stank-eye Glare several times. All MGs were present and accounted for at the end of the game.

Ron (right) introduced Marc to the 6mm version of the game. Marc was trying to decide which scale he wanted to collect in and came to the club to get some experience with the smaller scale.

David led Brian through a game in 6mm as well. Every time I walked by their table, there was much bogging going on, with the occasion wreck in flames.

One problem with beginning a game in a club is that too many players are in multiple stages of painting their forces. But, that doesn't affect their play. Here the Russians need some basing decoration, and the AFVs need decals and wash. Despite their finished look, Hyato's Russians easily decimated our American force that day.

Before my Abrams all got toasted by the Russian air strikes, they did manage to use several of the Russian AFVs to send smoke signals to the rest of the Russian force.

Malcolm made a mad dash toward an objective off camera (top left). Had all three Abrams made it through the woods, he would have shots on the only Russian BMPs close enough to threaten the objective. Unfortunately, Malcolm's dice decided to show him the risk of bogging as vehicles enter woods.

To no avail. Hyato's Russians, despite their lack of pretty terrain on their bases, were able to destroy the last M109 holding the US objective.

We were pleased with the turnout for our first monthly Team Yankee day. We added a few people to the interested list. If you're in the SoCal area, swing on by the club and see what games we're playing.

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