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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The LRDG II Podcast- Episode 17

The LRDG II Podcast- Episode 17

The LRDG II podcast is back with an another exciting, two part episode. 

In the first segment, I am joined by longtime Ghost Army Podcast member Casey to discuss current hobby projects and the elephant in the room, gaming world wise, Warhammer 40K. We also discuss significant rumours in the Bolt Action and Konflikt '47 world and what it means to be "that guy" when gaming.

In part two, the master of Australian TO'ing, the one and only Peter West rejoins the cast to talk about lessons learned from the most recent Wintercon BA event, getting creative with hobby ideas in BA and to discuss how a Very British Civil War and the Operation Sea Lion campaign are similar and how they can be linked to create a rich "what if" backdrop for Bolt Action Gaming.

As always we love to hear from you through the LRDG Podcast FaceBook group. A number of you have requested that I separate BA from non-BA content differently. In the future I will put non-Bolt Action content at the end of the episode so it is easier to avoid if that game system is not your thing. That said, if you are looking to hear only BA content, I would suggest tuning into this episode at the 40 minute mark. Thank you to the folks that have sent in this feedback! :)

We hope that you enjoy episode 17!  

Old Man Morin

You can find this fine episode in the iTunes store or you can download directly HERE

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