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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bolt Action: Vehicle design system

By Bryan,

Welcome to another PDF supplement for Bolt Action by the community, for the community. This time around it's a system for generating rules and points costs for vehicles of the Second World War that do not as yet have rules for them in the game. Richard Humble, the man responsible for this great new game resource has compiled a complete system for you to get your obscure, 'what if' or prototype vehicle onto the tabletop. 

The intention behind this PDF resource is not for players to create over the top vehicles of destruction which never existed, let's get that out in the open straight away!

Instead, this system has been back-engineered from the points values of existing vehicles in the 'Armies of..' books to allow players to create a unit profile and points cost for a particular vehicle they want to field that as yet has not been included in said books.

Before explaining further, here is the link for you to download this PDF, as like most gamers I am sure you are impatient and want to just get to the cool stuff!

These vehicles usually fall into 3 categories;

Prototypes - Experimental vehicles which for whatever reason were only fielded in very small numbers and never mad it into mass production.

Obscure vehicles - Usually a field conversion using captured enemy vehicles and guns, or possibly a minor nations vehicle that was fielded in small numbers and has been missed by the main books authors.

'What if' vehicles - Classic examples of these are the German 1946 'Paper Panzers' which were planned but never built as the war ended before they could be. But what if that hadn't happened?

The Vehicle Design System PDF gives you all the tools to create rules for these types of vehicles for your games of Bolt Action and Konflict '47. There has been a fair amount of hunger for late war 'real world' prototype and '1946' vehicles to be present in the Konflict '47 game, so this PDF also gives you many examples of the rules in action with example unit profiles of the most popualr of these for the British, US, Germans and Soviets.
The A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank (above) is the perfect example of a vehicle which existed during the war, but did not make it to the front line before the hostilities ceased. It was designed as a bunker buster to take on the vaunted German defenses of the Siegfried Line. But the Allies broke through these before it could be deployed. This amazing miniature is available from JTFM's 'After 45' range and was sculpted by the PDF author himself, Richard Humble. The beautiful paint job is by the talented Jacob Richards, a frequent poster on the Bolt Action community Facebook groups.

So get your Vehicle Design System PDF here

This PDF has been produced by the team at the Bolt Action Alliance, it is the latest in a series of free gaming resources for the Bolt Action game. We recommend you check out our popular campaign system by the talented Cbax;

Road to Victory Campaign system

We also have PDF army lists like the 1st Free French Brigade in the battles of the Gazala line in 1942

We hope you enjoy these supplements made by members of the Bolt Action community, for the community. Many people have contributed to these supplements in so many ways, too many to thank everyone, so check out each PDF for the full credits.

From us at the BAA we say...may your dice be hot and your beverage cold!

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