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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cold War Singles 2017 - Last Call for V3

I was foolish enough to sign up for 6 games of FOW in 2 days.  I had a blast, and even squeezed in a team Yankee game in between, but man, was that a lot of standing and measuring and rolling dice.  cheers to the folks with the stamina to do that at nationals, I haven't yet had the pleasure.

When choosing a list for my last major tournament in V3, I wanted ride out on the horse I rode in on.  The 2nd Household Cavalry.  With the new V4 rules, recce isn't quite as fun anymore.  no more disengaging.  no more exposing ambushes.  the recon move itself has less utility than it did.  the special rule these guys have, to disengage after having shot, would be gone.  So i gathered all my dingos for one more crusade.

Kurt Reese was nice enough to lend me his display board, he carries a spare.

9 platoons (when you include the Staghound HQ platoon)

Priority air would also do a lot of work this tournament.  The v4 rules at first had me excited, but after looking that they had nerfed the Typhoons rockets to be AT 3 in a bombardment, I don't really ever see a reason to be taking them in the future.  I would have used them to kill heavy tanks, but now that's not going to happen.  Cannons are AT 8, and on a side armor for a tiger of.....8. what's the point? Live it up while you can I suppose.

Round 1 - vs German Panzer grenadiers in Fighting withdrawl

My kind and generous opponent. whose dice did him few favors this game. His army was also beautifully painted, and was my vote for best army.

As the defender, and with my attacker not having any artillery to dig out my artillery or motor platoons, I knew I could pull this off if I moved carefully, and took out some of his tanks to slow him down.

The Board

On the right flank, a gun battle with the HQ staghounds and some panzer IIs would end badly for the Germans

But on the left flank, the Panthers advanced. too close to aircover, and too spaced out for my 5.5 artillery to pop them.  some delaying actions by brave dead armored cars and the timely withdrawl of a platoon and objective left the Panthers isolated.

In the middle, an ambush finished some Panzer IVs and the planes finished them off.

Bending and taking losses, but not breaking, I win 6-1 (having the first platoon lost not count is a good thing for platoons this fragile)

Game 2 - Against 6 SS fearless Vet King Tigers on a hedgerow board.

My favorite game on the day.

Tim McClelland's list was well built to not bleed points.  since it was only 2 platoons, the worst he could do was a 5-2 if he suffered some losses.

The board did not do me favors, as wheeled vehicles have trouble with hedges of any kind.

Careful positioning, and closing fast limited the effectiveness of my planes.  Limited sightlines for my artillery limited its ability to take shots at the Tigers

The CO hides.

Tigers sneak through town

Assault on turn 2

Despite a brave and determined resistance, and many assaults, I was eventually forced to a company break.  having taken 3 tigers with me, I ran out of weapons and men.  Tim played too well, and brought the right list to beat me. I had a blast in this game, and he was my vote for favorite opponent.

2-5 loss for me.

The Final game of the day was against Bob Edoo, we got off to a little bit of a late start since we were coming back from lunch, but his army of elephants and tigers didn't take long to deploy

Starting out with a rapid advance, I sent infantry out to meet his heavy tanks.  I figured I could swarm them and hope to get lucky.  he didn't have enough MGs to deal with infantry, so I tried to jump him before he could jump my guns.

Then the planes came in......and they would continue to come in for 7 consecutive turns.  killing 2 elephants and a tiger before they were done. even his AA couldn't slow them down.

My infantry came in from reserve and advanced on the objective, eventually pushing him off and bailing his tank in an assault before time was called, handing me the game after a very frustrating game for Bob.

He couldn't kill those annoying armored cars fast enough, and it got me a 6-1 win.

Despite my 2nd round loss, it was to the winner, so on points and strength of schedule, I would wind up 4th.  Not a bad showing for some toy cars and an annoying plane,

Thanks to my opponents for 3 fun games, and thanks to Kurt Reese again for running 2 tournaments at Cold Wars this year.  I still have not gotten a chance to play him, and hope to have the pleasure.

To those going, I'll see you at Historicon in July for some Team Yankee, and doubles.

Tom Mullane aka Captainecho on the forums, is a High School History teacher in Brewster NY and lives in Danbury CT, he plays at Hobbytown USA in New Milford CT with the Ordo-Ineptus club, come down for a game if you're in the neighborhood!

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