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Friday, April 28, 2017

Cold War Doubles 2017 - Canadian Misfits and British Toy Cars

Kurt Reese, scholar, gentleman, and general man about town was kind enough to bring in the boards and host a farewell to V3 in Midwar.  A period many of us have enjoyed for its balance, slightly more limited or sensible list options, and all around fun play.  The Rules would be standard I95 fare for a doubles tournament, 2000 pts total per side.  1000 per player.  with the ability to swing a few points to one list or the other.  No similar company types, no tank and tank for example. and no fortified lists.  For a while it appeared I would have no partner...but a friendly Canadian came a calling with only a few weeks to go.

I had only played against Dennis Campbell once, and had found him to be a really nice guy and a fun opponent, but I was worried.  I was worried Dennis (Matt Varnish on his dice devil's blog) wouldn't be as on board with the kind of nonsense list I was hoping to run. But then he sent me his list...and he did not disappoint me.  It was garbage.  Beautiful garbage.  every portee gun he had never run more than once or twice.  A masterpiece in what I thought was uncompetitive list building.  I decided to do him one better.

Below - Dennis Campbell's Portee masterpiece a veritable island of misfit toys

...and I brought the armored cars... as a motor infantry company.  We both paid the extra points for trucks...because nothing says go for it like a movable deathbox with a 5+ save.

We expected to get smooshed.  but we were going to have a blast doing it.

At this point I admit that the weekend was a blur, particularly after playing in both the doubles and singles on consecutive days with some late night board gaming thrown in.  So these reports are a bit of a garble, but I took a lot of pictures, and will give as clear a run down as I recall! if my opponents see fit to correct the record, please don't hesitate to do so.

Game 1 - Against these awesome guys

The shirt is too good not to get a close up of

Rich Baier and Howard West brought themselves some tigers.  and with my armored cars not pushing higher than AT looked to be an adventure. at least I brought a plane.

We advanced quickly and hoped to sieze an objective before help arrived for the Germans.

Recon moves and some sneakiness later and I was nearly on an objective and MGing infantry, which thanks to some terrible dice on the part of our opponents, had not yet dug in.

On the other flank, our attack slowed, and it looked like they had us.  all the tigers came in, and we had no choice but to charge, and try and kill all their squishy support to force a company check and panic.

by the skin of our teeth we succeeded and somehow won the game.  I'm still not quite sure how we pulled it off.  It was a 4-3 or 5-2, I'm not sure which?

Game 2

No Retreat against Team "Last Minute" who did show up a minute or two late...but it seemed in character, so we didn't mind.

Their list was mostly armor, with a captured KV, some Panzer 3s and Panthers, as well as some support.  but no artillery to speak of, and a plane...a horrible plane that came in to murder us over and over again.

our infantry proved hard to shift, and despite some very successful air attacks on our artillery, we managed to hold the objectives at great cost.

Some suicidal charges by armored cars and some ambushing portees helped to slow their attack down.

How those trucks work out?
that well.

we won 4-3 I believe on this one.

Game 3 - How had it happened? how had we won 2 games with this? It just goes to show I'm not nearly as good a player as I thought I was.  Maybe I had played V3 wrong all along? and only now at the end did I understand? good is evil? up is down? armored cars are good?

We would fight these two terrifying gentlemen.   just look at the anger on their faces....
If you look below them, that is not a couple of multicolored tape is some of their army.   SOME of their army.   For the first time I have ever played this game, the attacker could NOT fit their force on the table, and needed to hold some of their troops in reserve.  well done gentlemen. well done.  you did it.  you painted ALL of this.  Dennis and I hugged each other, and prepared to watch as a human tidal wave crested over the hill and down upon my small unsuspecting motor platoons.

We had to hold half in reserve.

They would come straight at us.

Somehow, my dice would not miss.  with 6 shots to pin, I would get all 6. almost 8 times.  as Romanians, they had no Quality of Quanitity rule, meaning they were constantly being pinned despite doing everything they could to set up their assaults.

At the end they finally pushed through, but I made enough morale checks to keep my men contesting and in the game.  we won, 5-2 having only lost one platoon of unfortunate portee guns.

We had done the impossible.  We had come with something we thought fun, but not competitive and somehow turned it into a second place finish in a team tournament.

 Tons of Prize support was on hand, and almost everyone walked away with something
Thanks to Dennis, and to all our opponents, all of whom I hope we get to see at more HMGS conventions in the future!

Tom Mullane aka Captainecho on the forums, is a High School History teacher in Brewster NY and lives in Danbury CT, he plays at Hobbytown USA in New Milford CT with the Ordo-Ineptus club, come down for a game if you're in the neighborhood!

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