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Monday, March 27, 2017

V4 Launch Party - Hobbytown USA - New Milford, CT USA

This Saturday, my home club, Ordo-Ineptus had the only listed event in Connecticut for a FOW V4 release party.  One of the leaders of the club, Kevin Dietz brought a ton of terrain, and a crew came in the night before to get 2 tables set for demos.

The Tables setup as George looks on at a demo game

Testing out the Midwar rules while Vince eyes me and my camera suspiciously

Shane Lindey, Rod Puente and others helped organize a potluck.  I brought some Chicken chili and chips, others brought soda, cookies, and other delicious snacks. Turnout was high, with 6 to 8 regulars and around 20 coming through during the day to observe games, get their copies of the rules or just catch up with folks they hadn't seen in a while.

I got to play 2 games with the new V4 rules against Josh, one of our younger gamers....and got my butt beaten twice. And had a great time in both games.

Hobbytown USA has been our club's home for a long time.  Since I joined in 2011, they have moved location once to their current spot in New Milford.  The owners, Craig and Robin are a husband and wife team who have been among the most friendly and accommodating business owners I've ever met.  They also have a great selection of stock for a lot of games.  Their model railroad business also pays dividends for us wargames modelers as they often have the obscure terrain building piece you were looking for.

They open early and close late for us, always check in on what to order in to stock.  When some club members had a new baby boy in the family they hosted a party at the store. And when my apartment burned down 3 years ago, they printed off all my receipts for the insurance company so I could replace my toy soldiers.  If you are in the area and want a game, I highly recommend dropping us a line on our Forums, or stopping by on a Saturday or Sunday, we've almost always got something going on.  We have an X-wing tournament coming up in a few weeks, I'll keep folks posted.

Tom Mullane aka Captainecho on the forums, is a teacher in Brewster, NY who lives in Danbury CT.  He is a member of Ordo-Ineptus in New Milford CT and has been writing for WWPD since August of 2016

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