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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LRDG II Podcast Episode 11

LRDG II Podcast Episode 11

Welcome back to another huge episode of the LRDG II. Old Man Morin is initially joined by Jeremy Spurlock of the San Diego Bolt Action Raiders and the guys talk about the scene and upcoming events on the left coast of the US. They also talk about an important cause to help both veterans and dogs in need. 

To find out more about Jeremy's awesome fundraising campaign, I highly recommend that you check out this website and/or go to play at Kingdom Con. The proceeds go to the same place and you might win a tank painted by Old Man Morin!

At that point, old friend of the cast, Luke Emerton hops on mic and he and Brad discuss the successful Cancon Bolt Action event and go over the new Battle Of The Bulge Campaign book unit by unit, with a microscope and a fine tooth comb. 

Please check out the episode and let us know what you think on the LRDG Podcast Facebook page. We love and appreciate any and all feedback.

You can also find this fine episode in the iTunes store or download directly HERE.

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