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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bolt Action - Cancon 2017 Photo Dump

Not too long ago, we had a Bolt Action packed weekend at Cancon, Australia's biggest wargaming convention.  There was a Friday K47 event and then the main BA event over Saturday and Sunday with 56 players, the latest event in Australia to date. Headed by master TO, Peter West, who was backed up by deputy TO, Patch of the BAA, everyone managed to enjoy an amazing event that ran like clockwork. 

Bryan, Patch and myself (Anf) were in attendance and we talk a bit about the event in the latest Ghost Army Podcast episode, but for those who have not heard enough about the event yet, we have compiled a bunch of photos of the weekend and the amazing armies that were in attendance. 

Patch was donating 2 armies as raffle prizes (along with the generous support of some local companies) to help raise money for the Soldier On charity, helping veterans.

The tables set out for the weekend were the a great mixture of terrain types and density.

Some of the amazing armies on display. Best Painted was taking out by the illustrious Bryan Cook and his German Aufklärungs.

And of course, with 56 players, each playing 5 games over the 2 days, there were plenty of cool moments and action shots from the weekend!


Well that's the armies, tables and games of Cancon Australia for another year. It was a great first event for Bolt Action 2nd edition for the Australian community. If you feel like gaming with us Down Under the 2018 dates will be January 26-28th. 

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