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Monday, January 30, 2017

Why We Fight Ep. 12: Version 4 Deconstructed Pt. 3

Cick here to download             In this episode of Why We Fight, we jump right into more rules from version 4. In this short two act only episode we start off by going over the new rules and changes for National Special Rules. In Act II, we talk about Missions and share our thoughts about each of them. Be sure to check out this bite sized episode for more version 4 goodness!


Panther-Fan said...

In V3 also all teams starts gone to ground- this is no change.

Amy said...

Having listened to all three parts, I'm not seeing a drastically simpler game here. Pete said BF's goal was to make the game easier to get into for new players, but I don't really get that sense from hearing the rundown of the rules. Most of the changes just seem to make things "different," but not really simpler. Taken as a whole, V4 seems almost as complex as V3. If the game isn't really any simpler, then what was the point of changing to V4? Am I right or wrong on this?

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