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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault Core Set Heroes

Following up from the Core Set Imperials post, here are the core set Heroes! I painted the heroes after the Imps, and because they were all so unique, I spent a bit more time on making them come out okay. I'm pretty happy with the end results!

First up is Jyn Odan. A smuggler with an itchy trigger finger.

Next up is Gaarkhan. Menace to stormtroopers everywhere. We keep him around despite the lingering stink in the transport.

Gideon, The old man of the operation. Back in his day, the bad guys were droids. Before the dark times. Before the Empire.

 Diala, a padawan who survived Order 66.

Mak, the Bothan sniper. He's been tasked with finding out information about the Empire's 2nd super weapon. Should work out fine for him.

Fenn Signis. Ultimate badass who chews through Stormtrooper squads.

There you have it! All 6 of the core set Rebel heroes. Stay tuned for the (very few) Mercenaries from the core set, and then on to Wave 1!


Unknown said...

So as German player your Condemned for using your special rule to get an advantage Emma cheap tank but as a French plait you can use your special rules to get 5 Infantry squads for less than a price of a Panzer IV that's a little bit hypocritical to press that advantage not another what you mean about the diversity at events but you can't condemn someone for using a special rule to get something cheaper that does something that's it more expensive with dick to save point and then she really do it yourself I do the podcast

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