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Friday, September 22, 2017

Battlegroup Rules: How to Win with Chits

The Battlegroup wargame system is currently on the top of my stack as I investigate new WWII gaming systems to try out. In this piece, I'll begin a series that looks at some basic rules of the game. All page references are from the Battlegroup Rule Book, hardcover revised edition.

Winning the Game: 

The first question a player asks of any game is: "how do I win" (or lose)? In Battlegroup, there are several ways: controlling all objectives at the end of your opponent's turn, causing the opposing force to be destroyed or pinned so they cannot use any orders on their next turn, or (as occurs most often) when your opponent's Battle Counter Chits sum exceed their force's Battle Rating.

Battlegroup uses a secret countdown of these Battle Counter tokens as a core mechanic. During the course of the game, players will be required to blindly draw morale "chits" from a bag or cup. These chits range up in value from one to five points each. Typically, there are more of the middle numbers (two and three) than there are ones and fives in the pool of chits. There are also special chits, with beneficial effects for the one who draws them. I will cover these more in a later piece.

When the numbers on the chits exceed the Battle Rating of the player's force, their force breaks and runs. Their opponent celebrates the victory. Tying your battle rating, instead of exceeding it, with chit values is not a loss. But, you're very, very close.

Chits are normally kept in a bag or cup for blind draws from the pool.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Product Review: Battlefront's BB215 Medium Desert House

By Ranger Dane

This is a nice piece of terrain for your Desert table.   This Medium Desert House is being released as part of Battlefront's new modern building line for use with Team Yankee, but will work great for WWII gaming as well. . This Medium-sized Desert House is being released with the V4 North Africa campaign set, but it will also blend well in any Italian Campaign.
This Medium-sized Desert House will also blend seamlessly with any Arab-Israeli war game.

These homes are also representative of many Mediterranean homes.   Here are an actual House in North Africa.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Bolt Action German armoured platoon for Tunisia 1943

By Bryan,

I've been working away for a while now on a German tank platoon for Bolt Action, based on the 10th Panzer Division in the 1943 campaign in Tunisia. I thought I would share it as I think it's a rather interesting force, being a bit different to the 'classic' Afrika Korp that most people choose to collect. I'll take you on a tour of the force and how I collected and painted an army based on the fall of the Axis in North Africa.

Here is an overview of the platoon, a 'Tank Wars' format of armoured vehicles making up the compulsory choices and the infantry in support. You'll notice it's not really much of a tank platoon as there are only two Panzers! This ad-hoc Kampfgruppe has a Marder tank hunter but most interestingly...many of Uncle Sam's halftracks!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bolt Action: The Clear Choice for Basing

By Seamus,

When it comes to wargaming, it can be argued that you need some decent basing to really bring the whole thing together, to really make the model stand out. A superbly painted miniature inevitably loses something if the basing isn't also as skillfully done as the model itself. One thing I'm sure we can agree on is that basing is a skill that is rarely easy to come by, and indeed it is through practice that we see people achieving truly stunning results over time. Many of us like to have a theme for our armies, whether it be a specific unit or perhaps a particular theater or battle. I myself have a Gebirgsjager force with snowy bases, an Australian force with jungle bases, and an Italian force with Tunisian desert bases, as examples. These bases really help set the tone for the models and the army and, while my basing skills are not anything to brag about, they do help emote the them of the army. In preparation for this article, I've asked the lads to share with me some of the basing they're most proud of. Here are some tremendous examples of what you can achieve with basing, especially in concert with superbly painted models.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Other Road Episode 10: Live from GENCON

Download the episode here.

Major episode, Mitch and Sean are at GENCON in Indianapolis and 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of this great event. The guys explore the vendor hall and talk to some great folks.

You also get to hear the thoughts of a GENCON virgin (Mitch) as he experiences his first event.

We finally talk to the guys who created Secret Hitler!

We also speak to the folks from Columbia games;

The guys that produce the game Superfight which they have been talking about for ages.

Mitch noticed a great game from an indie game designer called Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, and the guys sat down with its developer Jon Lonngren for an interview.

Along with this we have the usual banter and some segments with special guests, super gamer Scott Simoneau and Wanda from housekeeping

This is our longest OTR episiode, however we had so much to cover and talk about!

@MitchWWPD on Twitter

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Quonset Hut Terrain Guide - Bolt Action

By Dennis,

Today I'll be walking you through a step by step guide on how to make an iconic WW2 building from the Pacific Theater, the Quonset Hut in 28mm scale.

Quonset huts were manufactured from 1941, when the United States Navy needed an all-purpose, lightweight building that could be shipped anywhere and assembled without skilled labor.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 40

Download the episode here

40 episodes! Really? Man that seriously is quite a few, isn't it!?

The Behind Enemy Lines guys are back. In this episode, you get some Noob News and rambling. You're gonna get an update on what the guys have been up to...and rambling.

And then we talk about ructions and rumblings within the Flames of War community at large.

There may also be rambling...

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Battlegroup: A look at the Rule Book

I've recently begun a quest to find a new WWII miniature game. In the course of my research, I uncovered a likely prospect for my new favorite game: Battlegroup. Over the course of several articles in the upcoming months, I hope to share my journey into learning this new game system.

The qualities I am looking for in a WWII miniatures game are numerous, but the main qualities include:

1. A rules set that is easy to understand,
2. Playable in a scale that I already have figures for,
3. Does not require rebasing of those figures,
4. The rules rely on and are based on: The rule book, theatre of operation source books, and tools such as dice and a measuring device. Any external additions (eg cards) should be for reference only, and not impact rules or strategy based on their use,
5. Have a community of players and rules designers already established. Even if I have to work to grow a gaming group in my own area, I'd like to know there is a popular base of support behind the game.

Battlegroup, so far, fits those criteria. I've had a chance to read the rules and begin some skirmish games at our local gaming club. The rules are different, much different than what I'm used to with Flames of War (FOW). But, they're not complicated. My biggest challenge has been trying to think inside of the Battlegroup rules, and not applying rules from another game set.

This article will look at the Battlegroup main rule book, its layout, and how it presents the core of the Battlegroup system. The rules themselves will be covered in later write-ups.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bolt Action - My US Anti-Tank Force for MOAB

By Patch,

Some of you may be aware that I have painted up a force of US Airborne (guide here) and I have been looking forward to fielding them in the biggest Sydney event of the year being MOAB in October. I have been dithering around on listing for awhile now and was almost settled on an all vet Paratrooper force however was just not happy with it. A few days ago I decided to go for something different and field a regular Gilder force instead.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bolt Action Event - Operation Südlicht

By Dennis,

Back on July 1st I ran my first ever Bolt Action event, Operation Südlicht, a 1-day Axis vs Allies 1000 point event.  It was also Tasmania’s first event for 2017.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bolt Action: How to Collect and Paint Early War Fallschirmjager Part 2

Hey Bolt Action Community! Hopefully you've had a chance to check out the first part of this discussion, all about how to pull together the best models on the market for your Early War Fallschirmjager (found HERE). Hopefully, too, you've had your interest piqued and did a little research on Eben Emael and Operation Sea Lion and you're really pumped about early war games! In this article I'll walk you through my method for painting Fallschirmjager appropriate for the early days of World War 2, right up to and including Operation Mercury when the Splittermuster pattern was introduced. The green grey smocks found use right up until the end, and indeed there are a good number of photographs from the fighting in Normandy, 1944 where the Green Devils were still using them. You could easily mix these into a late war force for a bit of variation, too.
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Review: Struck by Red Thunder?

It has been a while since I wrote an article about anything other than the Team Yankee Tournament at Historicon.  With that behind me, I wanted to review the new book for Team Yankee called “Red Thunder”. What a great title, especially since thunder has no color, it’s a sonic event, but anyway I was very impressed by the book and I feel you will feel the same. With the initial release of the game, we were given rudimentary forces based in part by the book the game is based on. Many tank-grogs argued about using the T-72, which was not really the top of the line Soviet tank in 1985, however it was used in the book so we got stuck with it. However Red Thunder corrects this mistake and gives some love to those of us who like to push the red horde.
I plan to talk about the new toys first.

Tanks for the Memories
The biggest addition to the game is the new T-64, which is more than just an improved version of the T-72. While it mounts the same gun, the T-64 has better armor, moves faster, and has the ability to shoot the Songster missile from its main gun while on the move.  With a front of 17 and side of 9, the T-64 now has the protection that is closer to what your NATO opponents have had for a while now.  The Songster missile has an AT21 and a range of range 48”; which gives the T-64 a mighty punch.  The range of the missile also gives the T-64 the ability to fire against the longer range guns of NATO tanks before they get into gun range. This also comes without the +1 for distance and another +1 for the target’s armor save.  The speed of the tank is also 14”, which makes it 4” faster than the T-72, so you now enjoy some of the mobility the NATO tanks have had so far.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

GenCon 2017 Report

Prepped and Ready for GenCon 2017 - bring on the Players!

The Weekend's Lineup 

Since 2011 Able Kompanie has hosted a full weekend of Tournaments and Event Games at GenCon in Indianapolis.  This year we planned to host four Tournaments, EW, MW, LW and, for the first time, Team Yankee,  Due to lack of ticket sales, we had to cancel the Team Yankee Tournament but will try again next year.  However, over 40 players showed up with 54 different Armies to play in the other three Tournaments.  We also hosted 48 1-on-1 2Hr. TANKS! sessions to introduce players to the game.  All of those sessions quickly sold out and we ended up with 85 of the 96 slots filled by the end of the weekend.

Tanks - Our Teaching Game

We had four 3'x4' tables set for TANKS and two of our GM's ready to teach the game during our four  2-Hour Gaming Sessions each day.  We had eight 100pt. Forces of 4 Tanks for the Players to use.  The Tanks were painted by members of Able Kompanie.  Here are some of the Forces (I missed getting a photo of one of the German Forces):

Most of the people who came to play TANKS had not played the game before.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and it looks like we launched quite a few new Players into the game.  The GF9 Booth sold out of the Starter Sets in the Vendor Hall so I guess we were successful.

Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments

We had three very successful Tournaments this year.  About 40 individual players playing over 50 different Armies competed over the weekend.  All three Tournaments were using the V4 Rules.  As V4 is still kind of new in the Tournament Scene, here is a breakdown of how we handled the various mechanics of the Tournaments.

Mission Choices

Our Group feels strongly that all players should be playing the same mission each Round so we did not use the Battle Plans.  We did want to keep the Missions at least semi-random so we used our old favorite "Wheel of Doom" for Mission Selection.  We like the visual excitement of spinning the wheel each Round.  And this system allows the TO to guide the Tournament by making pie slices bigger or smaller for the Missions on the Wheel.  As you will read below, we used a slightly different process for selection of Attacker/Defender. 

Attacker/Defender Selection

We used two different methods of selecting Attacker/Defender - one for MW and another for EW/LW.  We like both so thought we would give them a try.

For MW Attacker/Defender Selection 

Both Players add up the total points for any Infantry Formation(s) they have in their Force.  This includes all units including Bren Gun Carriers, AT Guns and AA.  They would also add the total points for any Infantry Platoon taken as a Support Choice.  Players would compare the Point Totals and the Player with the higher number would be the Defender.  Our thinking is that the player with the lower number would have more Mobile Assets and would therefore be better suited to be the Attacker.  This would help in Infantry on Infantry Match Ups as well as opposed to a simple die roll regardless of how much of each force is Infantry.

For EW/LW Selection

We used the following point values for each type of Force:
Tanks = 3pts
Mech = 2pts.
Infantry= 1pt

Players add up the total points for all their Formations and then divide by the number of Formations.  The player with the lowest number is the defender.  So, for example, A player with a Mech/Infantry Multi-Formation would have a point value of 1.5 while a player with a Tank Formation would have a point value of 3.  As it turned out we only had one player with a multi-Formation List so we really ended up with the V3 Tanks attack Mech & Mech attacks Infantry. It all seemed to work out fine.

Victory Conditions 

We were presented with the opportunity/challenge of having our first Tournament on the morning of the new Victory Conditions being released.  I did see a post the night before detailing the changes and got in touch with Joe Lewis and Andrew Hopson - the other TOs for the Tournaments.  We looked over the changes and liked them .  We decided it would be a lost opportunity if we didn't try them out over the 30 + games and 40+ Players over the weekend.  We took the time each morning during the Tournament briefing to explain them and by the second day had handouts for each player with the Victory Conditions wording.  And the results were great.  A large number of players, both as attacker and defender, reported that the new Conditions worked well and contributed to the completion of games which might have otherwise ended as draws.

Wins vs. Draws

Overall through the 78 games played in the three Tournaments we saw 75% of the games played have a Winner.

Here are the Breakdowns for each Tournament:

Early War - 15 of 24 Games Completed  63%
Mid War - 19 of 24 Games Completed 79%
Late War - 25 of 30 Games Completed 83%

I think the lower completion rate for Early War is a combination of quite a few large infantry forces, Russian Strelk and Polish Infantry especially, and a higher percentage of V4-inexperienced players in their mix.

Here is the Breakdown by Mission

Encounter -        13 Completed & 5 Draws  72%
Dust Up -           12 Completed & 4 Draws  75%
Breakthrough -   7 Attacker Wins & 6 Defender Wins & 5 Draws    72%
No Retreat -        4 Attacker Wins & 5 Defender Wins & 1 Draw     90%
Counterattack -   4 Attacker Wins & 4 Defender Wins & 0 Draws  100%
Bridgehead -      2 Attacker Wins & 2 Defender Wins & 4 Draws     50%

Bridgehead clearly had the highest percentage of draws accounting for almost 25% of them.  It was played in the Early War Tournament so it may be that again the large infantry forces in that Tournament contributed and number of inexperienced players contributed to that number of Draws.

The Last Section of this Article is all the details of the Tournaments - Enjoy!

Early War 1500pts.

8 Allies & 8 Axis

Final Standings

1. Joe Lewis – German Mtn. Infantry                                   
2. Scott Dyer – German Light Panzer                                    
3. Richard Hurchanik – German Panzershutzen                       
4. Chuck Hiner – Russian Light Tank Battalion                       
5. Garrett Hunter- French Recon                                               
6. Chris Novak- Russian Strelkovy                        Best Sport
7. Jim McKinney-British Armoured Regt.                                   
8. Doug Wood – German Light Pioneer                                   
9. Alan Wright – Hungarian Tank Co.                                   
10. Mike Brenneman – British 8th Army Rifle                       
11. Jackson Simon – Russian Strelkovy                                   
12. Ben Mulick – Polish Infantry                                               
13. Robert Klemic- Italian Bersaglieri            Best Army
14. Scott Erny – German Grenadier Co.                                   
15. Bob Boggs – Russian Strelkovy                                               
16. Mark Jones – German Panzer Co.- Czech   

Round by Round Breakdown

Round 1 – Dust Up – 2 Axis Wins, 4 Allied Wins, 2 Draws – 75% Completed
German Light Panzer Win
German Mtn Infantry Win
Russian Light Tank Battalion Win
British 8th Army Rifle Co. Win
British Armoured Regt. Win
French Recon Win
2 Draws

Top 5 after Round 1
German Mtn. Inf Co.                                8pts
German Light Panzer Co.                        8pts
Russian Light Tank Battalion                  8pts
British Armoured Regt.                           8pts           
French Recon                                           8pts

Round 2 – Bridgehead – 3 Axis Wins, 1 Allied Win, 4 Draws – 50% Completed
German Mtn. Inf Co. Win                       
German Light Panzer Co. Win           
Russian Strelkovy Win                       
German Panzershutzen Win
4 Draws

Top 6 after Round 2
German Mtn. Inf                                    16pts.
German Light Panzer Co.                      16pts.
Russian Strelkovy                                  11pts.
Russian Light Tank Battalion                   9pts.
French Recon                                            9pts.
German Panzershutzen                             9pts.

Round 3 – Breakthrough – 4 Axis Wins, 1 Allied Win – 63% Completed
German Mtn. Inf. Co. Win
Russian Light Tank Battalion Win
Hungarian Tank Co. Win
German Light Pioneer Win
German Panzershutzen Win
3 Draws

Top 5 EW Lists       

1st Place - Joe Lewis – German Gebirgjagers 


8-1 Encounter vs. Jackson Simon – Russian Strelkovy
8-1 Bridgehead vs. Jim McKinney – British Armoured Regt.
8-1 Breakthrough vs. Scott Dyer – Light Panzer Co.

2nd Place - Scott Dyer – Light Panzer Co


8-1 Encounter vs. Bob Boggs – Russian Strelkovy
8-1 Bridgehead vs. Mike Brenneman – British 8th Army Rifle
1-8 Breakthrough vs. Joe Lewis – German Gebirgjagers

3rd Place - Richard Hurchanik – German Panzershutzen

1-2 Encounter vs. Ben Mulick – Polish Infantry
8-1 Bridgehead vs. Bob Boggs- Russian Strelkovy
8-1 Breakthrough vs. Chris Novak – Russian Strelkovy

4th Place - Chuck Hiner – Russian Light Tank Co.


8-1 Encounter vs. Alan Wright – Hungarian Tank Co.
1-1 Bridgehead vs. Garrett Hunter – French Recon
7-2 Breakthrough vs. Jim McKinney – British Armoured Regt.

5th Place - Garrett Hunter – French Recon

8-1 Encounter vs. Doug Wood –German Light Pioneer
1-1 Bridgehead vs. Chuck Hiner – Russian Light Tank Co.
3-1 Breakthrough vs. Mike Brenneman – British 8th Army Rifle

Mid War -  75pts.

9 British & 7 German

Final Standings

1. Rozy Rozmarin - German Tank Co.                                   
2. Jeremy Cicak-Grant & Honey & Motor Co.                       
3. Jim McKinney – Grant and Honey Squadron                       
4. Chris Fretts-Crusader & Motor Co.                                   
5. Chuck Hiner-Crusader & Motor Co.            Best Army                                   
6. Rick Gearheart –Crusader & Motor Co.                                   
7. Harlow Stevens – Afrika Rifle Co.                                               
8. Dick Hurchanik-Afrika Rifle Co.                                               
9. Chris Novak-Afrika Rifle Co.                        Best Sport                                               
10. Mike Brenneman-Grant Squadron                                   
11. Andrew Hopson-Honey & Motor Co.                                   
12. Mike Mansfield-Afrika Rifle Co.                                               
13. Robert Klemic-Afrika Rifle Co.                                               
14. Joel Hassler – Honey Squadron                                               
15. Alan Wright-Honey & Motor Co.                                   
16. Charles Smith – German Tank Co.

Round by Round Breakdown

Round 1 – Encounter v- 2 German Wins, 3 British Wins & 3 Draws- 63% Completed
German Infantry Win
German Tank Win
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
Grant Squadron Win 
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
3 Draws

Top 5 after Round 1
German Tank Co.                                             8pts
Grant Squadron                                                8pts
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co                      8pts
Grant & Honey Squadrons & Motor Co.         7pts
Afrika Rifle Co.                                               7pts.

Round 2 – Counterattack – 3 German Wins, 5 British Wins – 100% Completed
German Tank Win
Afrika Rifle Win
Afrika Rifle Win
Honey Squadron & Motor Co. Win.
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
Grant & Honey Squadrons Win
Grant & Honey Squadrons & Motor Co. Win

Top 6 after Round 2
German Tank Co.                                                15pts
Grant & Honey Squadrons & Motor Co.            15pts
Afrika Rifle                                                          11pts.
Afrika Rifle                                                          11pts
Grant & Honey Squadron                                    10pts
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co                          10pts

Round 3 – Dust Up – 3 German Wins, 3 British Wins & 2 Draws - 75% Completed
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
Afrika Rifle Win
German Tank Win
Grant & Honey Squadron Win
Afrika Rifle Win
Crusader Squadron & Motor Co. Win
2 Draws

Top 5 MW Lists

1st Place - Rozy Rozmarin – German Tank Co.
8-1 Encounter vs. Charles Smith – German Tank Co.
7-2 Counterattack vs. Rick Gearheart – Crusader Squadron & Motor Co.
6-3 Dust Up vs. Jeremy Cicak – Grant & Honey Squadrons & Motor Co.

2nd Place - Jeremy Cicak – Grant & Honey Squadrons & Motor Co.

7-2 Encounter vs. Jim McKinney – Grant and Honey Squadrons
8-1 Counterattack vs. Mike Brenneman – Grant Squadron
3-6 Dustup vs. Rozy Rozmarin – German Tank Co.

3rd Place - Jim McKinney – Grant and Honey Squadron

2-7 Encounter vs. Jeremy Cicak – Grant and Honey Squadrons & Motor Co.
8-1 Counterattack vs. Mike Mansfield – Afrika Rifle Co.
6-3 Dustup vs. Rick Gearheart – Crusader Squadron & Motor Co.

4th Place Chris Fretts – Crusader Squadron & Motor Co.

2-2 Encounter vs. Harlow Stevens – Afrika Rifle Co.
7-2 Counterattack vs. Richard Hurchanik – Afrika Rifle Co.
7-2 Dustup vs. Andrew Hopson – Honey Squadron & Motor Co.

5th Place - Chuck Hiner – Crusader Squadron & Motor Co.

2-1 Encounter vs. Mike Mansfield – Afrika Rifle Co.
7-2 Counterattack vs. Joel Hassler – Honey Squadron
7-2 Dustup vs. Mike Brenneman – Grant Squadron

Late War 1625pts.


13 Allies & 7 Axis

Final Standings

1. Chris Fretts-  US Armored Rifle – Battle of the Bulge                       
2. Mike Brenneman – British Rifle Co. –Nachtjager                                   
3. Joe Lewis – US Tank Co – Battle of the Bulge                                   
4. Chris Novak – Russian Motostrelk-Desperate Measures                       
5. Jim McKinney-Fallschrimjager – Fortress Italy                                   
6. Christian Bach-US Paratroops- Battle of the Bulge           
7. Joshua Miller-US Tank – Bridge at Remagen                                   
8. Scott Erny-US Tank-Bridge at Remagen                                               
9. David Cicak-Russian Motostrelk – Red Bear                                   
10. Jason Stubbs- US Armored Rifle(Dismtd)-Bridge at Remagen           
11. Will Yankausky – Hungarian Tank Co.-Grey Wolf                                   
12. Doug Wood – Pieper Tank/Volksgrenadier-Ardennes                       
13. Mark Jones-Canadian Tank Co. – Road to Rome                                   
14. Richard Hurchanik-German Tank Co. Peiper-Ardennes                       
15. Matthew Thomas-British Tank Co-Market Garden            Best Sport                       
16. Drew Merrill-German Heavy Tank-Bridge at Remagen                       
17. Alan Wright-New Zealand Rifle – Road to Rome                                   
18. Chuck Hiner-US Paratroops – Battle of the Bulge            Best Army                                   
19. Scott Dyer – German Panzergren (Lehr) Atlantic Wall                       
20. Peter Adolphsen-German Panzergren-Grey Wolf     

Round by Round Breakdown

Round 1- Encounter – 3 Axis Wins, 5 Allied Wins & 2 Draws
8-1 US Armored Rifle Win vs. US Paratroopers
8-1 British Infantry Win vs. Canadian Tank
8-1 German Fallschirmjager Win vs. US Tank Co.
8-1 Russian Motostrelk Win vs. German Panzergren (Lehr)
8-1 Hungarian Tank  Win vs. US Armored Rifle
8-1 German Peiper/Volksgren Win vs. New Zealand Infantry
8-1 US Tank Co. Win vs. British Tank Co.
6-3 US Tank Co. Win vs. German Heavy Tank Co.
2 Draws

Round 2-No Retreat –  0 Axis Wins, 9 Allied Wins & 1 Draw
8-1 US Armored Rifle Win vs. German Peiper/Volksgren.
8-1 US Tank Co Win. vs. Hungarian Tank Co.
8-1 US Paratroopers Win vs. US Paratroopers
8-1 US Tank Co. Win vs. German Panzergren (Lehr)
8-1 US Armored Rifle Win vs. British Tank Co.
8-1 Canadian Tank Co. Win vs. New Zealand Infantry
7-2 British Infantry Co. Win vs. German Fallschirmjager Co.
7-2 Russian Motostrelk Win vs. German Heavy Tank Co.
6-3 US Tank Co. Win vs. Russian Motostrelk
1 Draw

Top 5 after Round 2
US Armored Rifle Co.    16pts.
US Tank Co.                    16pts 
British Rifle Co.              15pts.
US Tank Co.                    12pts.
Russian Motostrelk          11pts.

Round 3-Breakthrough – 2 Axis Wins, 6 Allied Wins & 2 Draws
8-1 US Tank Co. Win vs. Hungarian Tank Co.
8-1 British Rifle Co. Win vs. US Tank Co.
8-1 Russian Motostrelk Win vs. Canadian Tank Co.
8-1 US Paratroopers Win vs. German Heavy Tank Co.
7-2 US Armored Rifle Win vs. US Tank Co.
7-2 British Tank Co. Win vs. German Panzergren (Lehr)
7-2 German Fallschirmjager Win vs. Russian Motostrelk
7-2 German Tank Co. Win vs. New Zealand Infantry
2 Draws

25 of 30 Games Completed
7 Axis Players (35% of Total)      5 Wins (20% of Wins)
13 Allied Players ( 65% of Total)      20 Wins (80% of Wins)

Top 5 LW Lists       

1st Place - Chris Fretts – US Armored Rifle (CV) – Battle of the Bulge

8-1 Encounter vs. Christian Bach – US Paratroopers
8-1 No Retreat vs. Doug Wood – German Tank (Peiper) & Volksgrenadiers (2 Formations)
7-2 Breakthrough vs Joe Lewis – US Tank Co. (CT)

2nd Place - Mike Brenneman – British Rifle Co – Nachtjager

8-1 Encounter vs. Mark Jones – Canadian Tank Co.
7-2 No Retreat vs. Jim McKinney – German Fallschrimjagers
8-1 Breakthrough vs. Scott Erny – US Tank Co.

3rd Place - Joe Lewis – US Tank Co. (CT) Battle of the Bulge

8-1 Encounter vs. Matthew Thomas – British Tank Co.
8-1 No Retreat vs. Will Yankausky – Hungarian Tank Co.
2-7 Breakthrough vs. Chris Fretts – US Armored Rifle Co. (CV)

4th Place - Chris Novak – Russian Motostrelkovy – Desperate Measures

3-1 Encounter vs. Peter Adolphsen – German Panzergrenadiers
7-2 No Retreat vs. Andrew Merrill – German Heavy Tank Co.
8-1 Breakthrough vs. Mark Jones – Canadian Tank Co.

5th Place - Jim McKinney – German Fallschrimjager – Fortress Italy

8-1 Encounter vs. Joshua Miller – US Tank Co.
2-7 No Retreat vs. Mike Brenneman – British Rifle Co.
7-2 Breakthrough vs. David Cicak – Russian Motostrelkovy

Wrap Up 

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Events at GenCon 2017 a big success.  All seemed to have a great time.  We plan to do this again next year so please consider joining us then!

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