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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dropfleet Commander: Scourge Starter Fleet

Earlier we looked at the my demo fleet for the UCM - now let's take a look at their Scourge opponent! It mirrors a similar ship composition of three combat cruisers and one troop deploying cruiser, and eight combat frigates and four troop deploying frigates.

First up are two Wyvern class Cruisers. These ships excel at close range combat with tons of Close Action weapons, in addition to the Scald rule reducing the opponents save by one in close range.

The Hydra class Fleet Carrier can launch fighters and/or bombers. They are basically tokens in the game. Fighters serve as escorts that increase a friendly ships Point Defense rating, while Bombers attack enemy ships.

The Chimera class Mothership in the Scourge version of a troopship - dropping mass amounts of infantry to the front lines or reinforcing zones with Orbital Defense Batteries.

Scourge Frigates are unique in that they can all hang out in the atmospheric altitude - the lowest altitude and a level that for the other factions, very few ships can enter. This provides them great survivability as it is hard to hit ships in atmosphere. The Scylla class Frigate combines this ability with unique guns that only shoot upwards - at you guessed it - enemy ships above them.

The Charybdis class Frigate is a bombardment ship. It hangs out above enemy garrison territory and lobs balls of screaming plasma down from the skies, killing enemy ground troops.

The Gargoyle class Strike Cruiser is the Scourge ship that launches dropships to the ground, providing either infantry to reinforce territory or armored units to fight off the enemy.

The Harpy class Frigate is a very basic Scourge gunship. Small, cheap, and a single offensive gun to hunt down the enemy.

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