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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Once again the holiday season is upon us. If you've been visiting the site for a while, you might have seen my holiday gift guide I did here two Christmas' ago. Here's a few new ideas and things to add to the list! Either for you or if you're looking for something for a member of your family, I'm sure you'll find something gaming or hobby related on this list that will make the gamer on your naughty nice list super happy during this time of year.

Storage suggestions for the gamer on your list would be welcome in any shape or size. Whether you can get him or her a new shelving unit, or a small dresser with some nice sized drawers. Travel cases and foam are a welcome site as well, it helps our models travel safely. Storage for anything gaming related is always a welcome addition to any hobby, painting or gaming area. It makes things easier to find and keeps your gaming area free of clutter for actually playing games, rather than having to move your airbrush, paints or basing materials out of the way just so you can play a game during your holidays!

Terrain! Buildings, roads, hills, and trees are all the basics that make up a gaming board. If you're looking for an easy to find solution for great games and even better pictures, make sure you let Santa know that terrain is an easy to find and relatively inexpensive gift. Not sure where to get it? Just type wargaming terrain into Google and I'm sure you'll find something that will be here by Christmas! Take advantage of the Battlefield in a Box terrain, it's pre-painted and pretty much table ready right out of the box!

Sure Panzer IV tanks are always welcome with a few new tubes of super glue, but what's even better is what they're sitting on. A kitchen table is not the most ideal place to build or paint models, but you can protect your table, and in some cases your relationship with the addition of a Hobby Mat. It's a durable mat you can find in almost any size and it's great for assembling, cutting sprues and painting your miniatures. Michael's, Target, and most hobby stores will have this item in stock and for a relatively low cost. Your hobbyist will thank you for it, and there won't be any more nicks taken out of the coffee table.

New games!! Before you dismiss your friend or family member wanting or 'needing' to get into something new, ask them! If their friends or gaming group plans on trying something new out, this is a great chance to find a starter army box or the base game for another game they might be interested in.

'Guildball', 'X-Wing', 'Warmachine' and 'TANKS' are all systems that are popular, fun to play and have a starter box that you can get them into a new game quickly and affordably. The new Team Yankee army boxes cost between $60-$75 USD, with many stores and online retailers having stock for Christmas.

If you lack imagination, or perhaps time. Then a gift card or some sort of credit from a certain someones favorite hobby or gaming store is the best thing in the place of an actual game or model. I think in today's economy, $40-$50 is suitable and will allow the purchase of either one large item, or will allow a serious restock of dice, tokens, paint and other model/gaming supplies.

If your favorite gamer has boxes and boxes of unopened figures or vehicles lying around, send them away!! CGR PAINTERS will paint anything gaming related in a relatively short amount of time and for a decent price. I know there would be something very cool about opening a package of models that are ready to be used on the tabletop battlefield.

Here at WWPD, we're huge fans of Stark Wars! The one thing that should be on everyone's list this Christmas, is time. Time with friends, family and getting away from your busy life to escape. So what's better than taking the family to a movie this holiday season to get away from the house and enjoy a night or day out with the kids or your friends. You don't get a lot of free time, and you never know how much of it you have left, take nothing for granted and enjoy it!

A very Merry Christmas and all the best to you, from all of us here at WWPD! We'll see you in 2017 with new games, new reviews and of course podcasts, opinions and the best table top related content on the web. Thank you for your feedback and your continued support of

~Cheers, Matty

Matt MacKenzie loves the history of WW2 and many types of gaming. He enjoys regularly contributing articles to WWPD. Matt is retired on weekends and enjoys FoW, Team Yankee, X-Wing and video games. He also hosts a gaming related podcast at

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