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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WWPD South Operation Market Garden Mega Game BatRep (Day 2)

Hey y'all!  SonBae here posting a Batrep done by WWPD South's very own Dane Tkacs covering a Mega Game we held here in Huntsville, Alabama at the Deep Comics and Games from 17-18 September 2016.

From Dane:

The Huntsville Historical Gamers (HHG) gathered on SEP 17-18 to recreate Operation Market Garden using the Flames of War ruleset.  The HHG Mega-Game stretched over 5 tables.  The Mega-Game pitted 10 Axis players against 7 Allied players.  Each side had approx. 11,500 points for a mega-Game total of 23,000 points. Lists were chosen from the forces in Market Garden for the Allies or Bridge by Bridge for the Germans

Part 1 of this BATREP can be seen HERE 

Turn 7

XXX Corps quote:  “this IS the wide part”

101st  Airborne battling the 107th Panzer Brigade

82nd Airborne  - wait!  Where did those come from?

52nd Air-Landing engaging KG von Tettau

59th Grenadiers advances on the 101st contesting the Veghel bridge

3rd Fallschirmjager places accurate fire on the 82nd Airborne

KG Graebner advances to assault the Polish Airborne

KG von Tettau engages the 52nd Air-Landing

Turn 8

XXX Corps  clears the last of the 6th Fallschirmjager

Strategically the Allies lost. XXX Corps only advanced halfway through board 2 by the end of Turn 12.
Tactically, it was a minor allied victory. Allies held 8 bridges/ objectives at the end of the game, including 1 newly built, Bailey Bridge.

6th Fallschirmjager defends to the last man. Oberstleutnant von der Heydte was consistently able to “Rally Once More” those lightly wounded troops and damaged guns, ensuring they were able to remain in action and keep up their volume of fire, long after they should have left the battlefield.

101st  Airborne finishes the last of the 107th Panthers in assault

82nd Airborne calls in air support on 3rd Fallschirmjager Stug support.

52nd Air-Landing calls in air support “on those dreadful flametanks”

59th Grenadiers advances on the 101st contesting the Veghel bridge

3rd Fallschirmjager rips into the 82nd with accurate HMG fire

Turn 9

Fresh from refueling, AOPs from the 1AAA return to the battle area.

German FW190 in hot pursuit

XXX Corps   enters Eindhoven

101st  Airborne finishes the last of the 107th Panthers in assault

Polish Airborne continue to halt advancing halftracks and armored cars

52nd Air-Landing engaging KG von Tettau

107th Panzer Brigade: Destroyed

59th Grenadiers bring up Panther Support

3rd Fallschirmjager dig in to guard the Southern Approach to the Nijmegen Bridge

Turn 10

82nd Airborne Engineers build a Bailey bridge across the Maas River, replacing the blown Grave Bridge

59th Grenadiers Panther Plt now in control of the Veghel Bridge

3rd Fallschirmjager Mortars destroy the 82nd's remaining 75mm pack howitzer battery

Turn 11

Lead elements of XXX Corps enter Son and Best, Linking up with 101st Airborne

101st  Airborne assaults the Panther Platoon from the 59th Grenadiers

3rd Fallschirmjager: Remnants of the StuG Platoon pushes across the Nijmegen Bridge to engage the Polish Airborne Brigade
Turn 12

101st  Airborne assaults the 59th Grenadier Division’s Panther Platoon

KG Graebner final assault the Poles defending the North approach of the Nijmegen Bridge

KG Spindler last rights are given before the final assault


Great fun was had by all!

Axis held 5 bridges/ objectives at the end of the game, including the (blown) Arnhem Bridge.

Best Allied General: Jorge Del Rio, 82nd Airborne
Best Axis General: Michael "I'm Not Dead Yet" Reaper, 6th Fallschirmjager
Best Allied Painted Army: Tom Adkins, Polish Airborne
Best Axis Painted Army:  Michael Burt, 3rd Fallschirmjager

The Huntsville Historical Gamers enjoy fantastic support from our FLGS (The Deep Comics and Games in Huntsville, Alabama).  All Prize support was provided by The Deep!  

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