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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Team Yankee British vs Soviet Dust-Up

The first test of my new British Team Yankee forces against the Soviet menace was a blood bath. My force consisted of 3 formations and 14 platoons! This wacky force had 7 Chieftains, Swingfire, Mech Platoons, Mortar platoon, Scimitars, Scorpions, Milans all over the place. The Soviets had two large BMP companies, T-72s, Artillery, ZSU, and Recon BMPs.

The Brits held off the Tanks and deployed all the Mech, Mortar, Milan, and Guided Weapons platoon in the defense. The Soviets kept a BMP/ Mech Company, Arty and T-72s in defense. Their attacking force was Recon, ZSU, and a BMP mech company. Neither side took air I think both of use realize its so easily counted by much cheaper AAA vehicles and missiles.

This is the British Objective marker burnt out house.

 The other objective near the village.

 Brits defending back side of the village.

 Brit Milan platoon defending the woods.

 The Table.

 Soviets over looking the objective have selected their kill zone well.

 T-72s hiding.

 Soviet infantry defend the forward objective.

 The game starts with artillery fire.

 The Brit 8 tube mortars return the favor.

 The fire is effective.

 Another round of artillery duels.

Soviets keep pounding the town.

Brits keep pounding the objective, both sides just waiting for help.

 The fire is getting to hot Brits need to pull back into town.

 The Soviets sick of getting mortar to death send in ZSU on a direct fire mission.

 Soviet early reserves shoot up mortar carriers.

 Mortar carriers take a beating the Soviets hate them.

 Soviet dropped smoke to cover the attack.

 Swingfire missiles see right through it but it does cut down on some fire.

 First Brits arrive - not enough to do anything.

 Brit forces hide and wait for more help.

 Soviet Recon holds back.

 BMP company arrives guns blazing.

 The return Milan fire and Swingfires take a toll.

 Brits get the reserves and drop a smoke screen to get into position.

 Swingfire and Chieftains taking long shots.

 More missiles go flying.

 Chieftains press towards objective.

 Brits pull the second platoon into town its going to get hot here.

 Soviet infantry attacking the town.

 BMPs giving covering fire.

 Soviets attack.

 Soviets are killing Recon Scimitars and FV transports.

 Brits closing in on the objective the Soviet infantry has taken a pounding but its still effective.

 Swingfires and Chieftains light up the BMPs.

 The problem is the Soviet infantry and how to move them off the objective.

 Soviets kill Recon Scorpion with RPGs.

 The attack on the town has stalled to much British firepower.

 T-72s start to move into position.

 The Brits assault the objective and the Soviets fail morale to counter attack, it leaves the attackers hanging in the breeze.

 The Brits have to take the objective before the T-72s get in the fight.

 Soviets try and move forward against the Brit position.

 Two platoons of Brits and FV put out a lot of firepower.

 Soviets still can't push into town.

 The Brits have the objective but its one turn to late the T-72s can contest it.

 The Soviet counter attack is in full swing BMPs, RPGs and T-72s all shooting.

 The fire is brutal.

 These leave the table on failed morale checks.

So much for taking the objective the Brits just got their butt handed to them.

 Brits still have the Swingfires on over-watch and few running tanks.

 All out fire on the T72s are effective.

 Soviets lose a bunch of tanks on the return fire.

 The Brits have to pull back away from the objective we have no hope of taking it and pushing the Soviet infantry and BMPs off the objective.

The Soviets dig in and just shoot they have not enough firepower to move the Brits off the objective either.

After two more turns of cleaning up the attackers by each sides defensive forces, we call the game a draw.  Neither force has the strength to move the other off the objectives.  I did learn a lot from this game about the British forces. One, never let a Chieftain get in RPG range - they are lunch meat. Two, Scimitars are useless - do not buy them. Scorpions are not much better, but do have a brutal gun. I would suggest two vehicles in every force for the spearhead move. If you really want the Recon formations, Guided Weapons troop (which is awesome), run two platoons of 2 Scorpions to make it happen. The Brit 8 track mortar platoon is the best value in the game for indirect fire - I will buy these guys every time. Neither of these forces are ever going to have a company morale check - its just to hard and I think its a real flaw in the Team Yankee rules. Games will drag on and on with no conclusion unless you can take an objective. Taking objective is almost impossible with the watered down assault rules and high rates of fire so even this method of ending a game is hard to get to.

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