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Saturday, November 19, 2016

On The Road; Episode 2

Episode 2; with Sean Sarah and Mitch Reed, hosted by Tyler Held

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In this episode Mitch and Sean go to Fall In 2016 which is hosted by HMGS. The guys talk too many of the folks at the event and discuss a wide variety of games as well as listen to the concerns some have about Flames of War Version 4.

From our LA studio, Tyler interviews his girlfriend Ashley about her video and board gaming addiction.

For comments, concerns, or if you want us to come out and cover an event, please contact me at or on Twitter at @MitchWWPD.
Ron Wismer’s Fireman podcast is called Mythic Giraffe and you can find him on twitter @mythicgiraffe or on facebook.
Matt MacKenzie aka Matt Varnish can be found here on Dice Devils, and of course on
Ashley Nekomata’s Youtube page can be found here.

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