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Monday, November 28, 2016

Bolt Action - Road to Victory

Road to Victory is finally here. After months of play testing and editing we are ready to release it to the BA community.

Our games over the last several months have been challenging and entertaining. Road to Victory is a campaign where generals play a series of games, growing the size of their platoon between each game using a unit randomizer. The randomization of units present players with unique combinations of units and challenges they might not other wise field.

In addition to random units your commander and his units gain and lose experience as the campaign progresses. Players are in the seat of a platoon commander and having to win missions based on what they are given instead of what they need. Will your commander give you the anti tank assets you have desperately being needing, or assign you control of a newly formed unit of grunts. Only time will tell.

We certainly hope you players enjoy this new way of playing Bolt Action.  


GReg said...

Thanks CBAX Great work look forward to giving it a run.

Unknown said...

I've been thru the campaign system, and I find it quite interesting. I was wondering if I could get in touch with the authors ; I'd like to run such a campaign, but would need to translate it (we french are pretty lousy at english ;) ). So I was wondering if I could get the file where I could just translate and put to good use all the publishing effort that was made.

Anthony 'Anfernee' Mason said...

Contact us via our facebook page ( and we will set you up with the file.

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