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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bolt Action - MOAB 2016 Recap

By Bryan

October 1st-3rd saw another successful Bolt Action event at MOAB 2106 in Sydney, Australia. We had 32 players in the end (after 'real life' culled the herd of enthusiastic gamers) and 3 days of Bolt Action gaming. As always there were some terrific tables to play on and the players put in huge efforts to create some truly inspiring painted armies. There was of course all the major powers represented, as well as Bulgarians, LRDG, Hungarians, and even Swedes! Here's a photo report of the weekend.

This is  is Damiean Hanson's Soviet Naval Brigade, he took home the Best Sport award in addition to creating a characterful force.

Patch's LRDG took home the coveted 'Best Army' award by popular player vote.

The MOAB team and players would especially like to thanks our sponsors. These companies and individuals have given massive support to the Australian Bolt Action community. A massive thanks to these guys;

War and Peace Games

Mini War Store

Warlord Games

Knights of Dice

Rubicon Models

Dice of War

And David Hunter and Jakob Lotz for donating painted vehicles as prizes!

This year we also had some very special trophies and indeed medals, being made by members of the community. Patch painted some fantastic single models up for us to mount on trophies and Benjamin cast up some medals for the best Axis and Allied generals!

We also had a Konflikt '47 1-day event on the Monday. The guys armies featured some great conversions and painting.

MOAB (Mother of all Battles) in Sydney is always on the first weekend of October every year and the Bolt Action event is growing with each one. This year we had two international players make the journey down to play, so come and join us in 2017! 

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