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Monday, October 24, 2016

On the Road: Iron Maiden Roll-Out Tournament

With pictures from Kato Lee

After all the hype over Iron Maiden, I was looking forward to the release of the models and new book that will certainly be a hit for all of us who love Team-Yankee. The folks from Battlefront always like to make a big splash when it comes to a release, and the one on 8 October lived up to the excitement I had for the weeks prior. Battlefront used a series of world wide tournaments to introduce the public to the new line, and I was lucky to have an event near me, at my not so local gaming store Games and Stuff in Glenn Burnie Maryland.

Besides the release I had other reasons to be excited, as Battlefront was holding an 80-point TY tournament with the winner getting an 80 point British army and this event was going to be the test bed for our first "On the Road" podcast that Sean Sarah and I will be putting together for the WWPD community. So Sean and I headed up to Games and Stuff with Ben Gobel and Scott MacLemore in tow, both competing with loaner armies we were able to scrap together for them. Ben used my Soviet army, since I wanted to play with my West German force.  Scott and Sean followed suit and both also fielded 80-point German lists. The 3 West German forces we traveled with with were all based on having 5 Leopard-2 tanks and 4 Gepards.  I had Marders, Luchs, and Jaguars backing up this force while Sean had Leopard-1s from the new Panzertruppen list while Scott used a combo of Jaguar, Luchs and attack helicopters supporting his MBTs. Ben took and interesting force of 2 T-72 platoons of 4 and 5 tanks each, a medium sized BMP company, Shilkas, Carnations, and of-course Hinds to make up his force. Perhaps the best units he picked were the two scout platoons which cause me so much grief.

Around 14 players showed up for the tournament and it was a good mix of all three of the nations represented in the game so far. The event run by Battlefront's John-Paul Brisigotti and Brian Sayman started off with a "build a Chieftain" contest. The goal was to build a Chieftain from a sprue and the winner was to get an Iron Maiden book.  What made it difficult was the fact that we had no instructions, so I felt I had an edge from doing so many articles on the Chieftain last month.  I finished my tank in less than 5 minutes and was bested by Sean who was accidentally declared the winner on a tank that did not have any machine guns. I plan to give Throck a hard time about this as much as I can.

Right after this, the first games began and because of the large turn out, Scott and I had to play on a table set up with terrain from another game. It was cool to play on a real city table.

Leopard-2s so die, this time when hit by other Leopards.

The game didn't last longer than 3 turns, with my infantry taking the objective.

So here are the new Brits!

Only primed, but they still look great!

The Lynx

... and the Rapier

Sean's force in game 1.  Note the 4 Gepards.  If you run West Germans you must have at least 4 they are way to good not to.

Love the paint jobs on both sides!

BMP horde, get used to it.

I like the home brewed camo scheme on this army.

Glenn Goddard's Apache choppers take out Ben's BMPs and tanks.

Not a bad turn out.

This is Kato, but everyone knows that already.

Kato Can really paint! The picture above and the next 4 are all from him.

Kato's Leopard-1s, I am not yet sold on them yet. 

The winner of the tournament, Ben Gobel (L) and Glenn Goddard (R) talk to us after the tournament.
So besides the tournament we also recorded our first podcast called "On the Road".  This podcast has a different format than the ones previously done by WWPD. The focus of OTR will be speaking with gamers, gamer developers, publishers, and maybe even from semi-famous folks talking about the games they play. OTR will cover all kinds of games, so you may see us at many different events, so please come by and say "Hi" to us and maybe we can interview you.

At this event we spoke with the folks who showed up for the tournament, and someone from the Games and Stuff staff. However the highlight will be our long chat with John-Paul who I love talking to.  He did give us some great insight on the "bizz" and gave us a few teasers of what is to come out from Battlefront for 2017.  You will have to listen to the podcast when it drops to find out just what he told us.  The last interview we did that day was with Brian Sayman who also works for Battlefront and was a riot in to speak with. Please give OTR a listen when it comes out and tell us what you think of it.

Twitter: @MitchWWPD

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