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Friday, October 14, 2016

Market Garden Final Game

Our club up here "Ordo-ineptus" - Rolling low, rolling proud! , just wrapped up a Firestorm Market Garden Campaign.  The Campaign itself, while fun, was such a lopsided drubbing in favor of the Germans that I resigned formally as commander in cheif of allied forces forever.

We elected to end with a total war game.

The mission was a double sided breakthrough.
We wound up making a few tweaks to it in terms of size and layout.  We placed one objective on each end of the bridge.  In order for a team to win, they would need to break through the defenders and reach the other side of the bridge.

Defending companies could attack each other, or contest the objectives, but never control an objective.

Both Defending companies had 1500 pts, and deloyed on the board in a 2 ft bubble.

There would be 3 attacking companies, each with 1500 points, but they would be operating with half their platoons in reserve.  The idea being that what starts out as a tough fight for the defender, eventually becomes a massacre.

Some shots of the board.

(Club members from left to right, Wes (red shirt) Shane Lindey, and Kevin Dietz - German Commander)

I also wanted to run this game because of the awesome bridge I picked up in a tag sale.

Don't tell me this isn't the coolest bridge you've seen in a while.

Kevin brought himself some ss troops with street barricades.  Against that the allies brought a British Tank company, some American Airborne troops (led by George Purdy) and some British motor company troops (commanded by Vince Carboni)

I, after 4 years, finished painting my British Airborne with Urban rubble basing, and I pitted those against a Pile of German Artillery (Rod Puente commanding) some German SS troops (Randy Carboni) and a fallschrimjager company (Shane Lindey)

We deployed and the fighting began!

The Germans facing me on the right flank

The Germans facing me on the left flank

Overall Allied deployment against the Germans

The assault begins!

 German commanders plotting my demise

Randy advances his artillery spotter to ensure he gets his pie plate firmly on me.

My platoons shift their 6pdrs back and forth and take pot shots at the STuH 42's. but don't do much damage.

The Germans grow closer, and begin bleeding my platoons.

on the allied side, they manage to destroy the fortifications on the side closest to the frame, but eliminate the infantry on the other side.  so no breakthrough seemed to be forthcoming.

In the Allied defensive sector, Frost's perimeter is getting tighter.  I attempt to flamethrower his StuH42s and assault them before he can bring up their infantry support. I bail 2 of them and charge....but tank terror fails twice and they will be machinegunned to death the following turn.

6pdrs manage to wipe out this other platoon of StuGs

 The view from the bridge

My situation becomes increasingly desparate as Shane's troops launch several assaults on the buildings near the bridge. Breakthough guns, infantry and machine guns take a toll and gut several platoons. I am down 3 out of 8 platoons, and falling back to the bridge.

The allied attacks on the German side of the bridge begin to make progress....several assaults are thrown back, but the Germans are taking losses.

One final push by Shane's tanks, and my Paratroopers lose control of the bridge approach.  I throw what is left of them in a desparate assault on the tanks.

I pass tank terror. and score hits, but the tanks are allowed to fall back...across the bridge and right onto their intended objective.

What is left of my men are massacred to the man by the followup assault

An exciting game came to a close when a last ditch effort by the allies failed to kill the tanks on the allied end of the bridge.  I was happy with the scenario, everyone had a lot of fun and I got to use my bridge.  Overall a successful day.

Thanks for reading!

Tom Mullane (aka Captainecho on the forums) is a high school history teacher from Connecticutt.  His club Ordo-ineptus is based in New Milford CT, and he has been playing Flames of war since 2011.  Tom is glad to be writing for WWPD!

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