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Monday, October 3, 2016

Iron Maiden: Winners of Wolfie's Truck

WWPD and  Battlefront ran a contest where we gave away a unique objective marker for those who send us a picture of their tanks. The response was overwhelming, and we were able to end the contest early. 

I was really impressed with some of the pictures and even more impressed of how many participants we have from around the world.

So here are the winners;

Hugo Carmona, Portugal
Carsten McLean, Canada
Robert Kelly, Canada
Mark Francis, USA
Andre Silva, Portugal
Alex Rainbow, UK
Mattiw Valenti, Italy
Igor Torgeson, USA
Ian Harrington, USA
Dane Tkacs, USA
Kevin Morris, USA
Daniel Lengauer, Germany
Stephen Lee, USA
Sebastien Clement, France
Florian Benzel, Germany
Adam Booker, Australia
Matthew Hartnett, USA
Antti Arajavi, Finland
Chris Potter, UK
Danny Masterovich, USA

... and here are some of the pictures we received:

 From Adam Booker, 'Panther on Wood"

Andre Silva send us this, boy I can think of so many lines I could use right now!

 Antti Arajavi, called "Tiger in a Finnish Winter"

 One of my fave's; the driver of that tank is in fact Little Ditka!

 Chris Potter, who must be deployed sent us a few great pics!

 Safety violation!  Where is the spotter?

 Find the tank, and find the sailboat!

 Nothing illustrates the beauty of a sunset like a Pz IV

 From Florian Benzel, its called "I still got to paint my M-113's"

 From Hugo Carmona, I love these pics

 Hey Hugo, these guys didn't do so well the last time they were in Italy

 Igor Torgeson's "Ambush in the bush"

 "Go Joe" from Mattia Valenti's

 Being from Milan, we may see that camo pattern on a runway

 Take aim at the House of Versace!

 Robert Kelly's entry

 He thought this was contest commenting on Canada's gun laws

 From Sebastien Clement, entitled "What my granddad saw out the window in 1944"

 Our local boy Kato with his Nationalist Chinese army, they fight better on two-ply BTW Kato

 From Alex Rainbow, I thought this was real, not mini's, Its called "Lets Ambush Each Other"

 From Dane Tkacs; shows that you can spray-paint snap a picture and win

 From Daniel Lengauer, who went to the extreme since he is a vegetarian

Ian Harrington, Santa in his T-55

Ian Harrington, another from Ian, called "A Message to you Rudy"

Kevin Morris also took the quick route with a game pic (allowable), are the AMTRACs really tanks?

Another from Robert Kelly, not a winner for not having "First Clash" in the stack

From Mark Francis, next the tanks head to Schrute Farms

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