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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bolt Action - AAR: Campaign Road to Victory, Game 3

Finally got game three of our Bolt Action campaign in. Play testing continues to go well with very few changes to the core rules. Last time, Colby added a Tiger and a Flak 88 to his list, which is a bit scary to be honest. Both of us have really enjoyed the random unit generator and the unique tactical changes they present. Right now the Soviets have a edge on mobility and infantry, while the Germans are flush with anti-tank and big guns. Games have been really bloody with the body count on both sides nearing 100% in our first games.

Tonight we opted to play an open game. We rolled a D6 and added 1 to determine the number of objectives. Our game ended up having a total of five objectives, most placed along a road that cut through the middle of the table. Half our forces started in first wave and the other half in reserve. As a note we were still playing version 1.

Soviet Task Force:
1st Lt. Pavlov (Veterans)
6 Guards with SGMs (Veterans)
8 Guards with SMGs (Regulars)
12 Rifle men with 2 x LMGs (Inexperienced)
10 Riflemen with 2 LMGs (Regulars)
10 Riflemen with 2 LMGs (Regulars)
3 x Trucks (Regular)
1 x M3 Halftrack (Veteran)
1 x SU-100 (Regular)
1 x T-28 (Regular)
1 x MMG (Regular)

German Task Force:
2nd Lt. Schmidt (Veteran)
10 x Engineers (Regulars)
7 x Grenadiers (Veterans)
7 x Grenadiers (Veterans)
7 x Volksgrenadiers (Regulars)
1 x MMG (Regulars)
1 x Pak 40 (Regulars)
1 x Quad 2cm (Regular)
3 x Trucks/halftracks (Regulars)
1 x Flak 88 (Regular)
1 x Tiger (Regular)

Russian force press their attack into Romania. Along a dusty road they are met by a hastily created German blocking force. 

German PaK 40 deploys to counter incoming Russian armor.

Soviet forces take up position opposite the Germans.

A detachment of Soviet infantry is sent forward to hold the left flank. They come under heavy fire from the German anti-aircraft gun

A careless Soviet NCO, eager for glory, orders his men forward without support. They are ambushed by the Germans and forced to dismount under fire.

German forces catch the Soviets in a crossfire.

The Germans try to counter-attack the Soviet left flank but are confronted by a beast from 1939. 

The Germans send one of their precious Tiger tanks forward to stem the red tide.

It attempts to engage the Soviet SU-100, but its main gun fails to penetrate. 

German troops advance on one of the objectives.

The 88 sends rounds down range toward the mob of Soviets. 

The Russian infantry on the left are engaged by Germans on all sides.

After a near miss, the Russian SU-100 managed to put a convincing hole in the Tiger.

Few men remain, but that's the Soviet way. 

Soviet assault troops with SMGs take up position where riflemen once stood. Their goal is to hold off the Germans as long as possible.

Hot German lead pours in. 

A battle rages in the center for control of the road.

More 88mm rounds fly toward the Russians.

The Germans tenaciously defend their right flank.

Russian troops in the middle hold their ground as casualties mount.

Pavlov, sensing a collapse, rushes in to support his men.

Few Soviets remain, but they fight on.

It's down to close quarters fighting.

The Germans mount an assault on the middle, but is it too little too late?

Pavlov holds the right flank by himself.

The Germans finally take the middle, but HQ orders their withdraw, the Soviets control three objectives and the Germans two. It's time to fall back.

Another brutal game.  The Soviets threw their men as far forward as soon as they could and this slowed the Germans and allowed the Soviets to secure three of the objectives by games end. 

We rolled up our new units at the end of the game and Colby added another inexperienced infantry squad and a King Tiger.

The Soviets added another T-28 and a regular infantry squad (your allowed a max of 6 squads and this will be the last squad the Soviets get in their force.

For next game we are thinking of fighting on the outskirts of a bombed out town. We also plan on using version two rules.  We are starting to work on the graphic design and wrapping up these rules for the community, so stay tuned.

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