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Friday, September 2, 2016

Team Yankee Contest: Eat at Wolfgang's Truck

You have to love the ability to get an instant collector’s item for free and that is what WWPD and Battlefront plan to do over the next few weeks.  To go along with their release of Iron Maiden, the folks at Battlefront are making a limited edition of the Wolfgang and his Bratty Wagon objective, which they are not planning on selling to the public.  Here at WWPD, we have 20 of these one of a kind models and plan to give them out to our readers.
Who was Wolfgang?  He seems to have been a legend to the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) troops when they were in the field.  During an exercise, no matter where a unit was, or how well hidden, Wolfgang would find them in his wagon, providing Bratwurst to the troops who had to otherwise eat field rations. I did some research on this guy and many wondered if he really worked for the Warsaw Pact’s 3rd Shock Army since he knew exactly where each unit was at any given time. The troops felt he was the best recce unit in the BAOR since he also knew the location of a units OPFOR during a field exercise. Sadly Wolfgang passed away sometime in 2015, however he lives on in resin and can be available to make an appearance on your gaming table.

Where is that bloody truck!  I' am hungry!

Each week WWPD will host the “Show Us Your Tanks” contest in which we pick 4 lucky winners who post pictures of their Team Yankee or Flames of War tanks.  Winners will be selected based on appearance, cool tips and tricks, and setting a (tank selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower is something I would pick as a winner).

One of the few known Pictures of Wolfgang and his Bratty Truck
To enter, upload a picture to the Why We Fight Facebook page here

Or post it on Twitter using the hashtag #WinWolfiesTruck (don’t forget to message me @MitchWWPD)

The most "likes" or "retweets" would put you ahead of the pack!

You can always back up your post by submitting a link to it here

Starting on 9 September, we will look over all the submissions  and select 4 winners.  You only have to enter once since we will look at all entries, however you can always add new pics at any time. We will post the winners on the “Why We Fight” Facebook page and I will send out a Tweet as well. Selections will be made on 9, 16, 23, 30 September and 7 October.

The models will be shipped to you once they are made and we would love to see how you painted them and made them look great.

Twitter: @MitchWWPD

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