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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Iron Maiden, Release Preview Two

Last week we gave you a look at the Chieftain, Lynx and the Charlie's Chieftain army deal, This week, we will look at the plastic models that will come out in the second batch of releases. We have some vehicles that you will just love and use quite a bit since they will carry around your infantry, shoot missiles at planes and tanks, or scout. So far, I have been very impressed with the quality of the plastic models for Team Yankee, especially the Leopard IIs and the Marders from the Leopard release. I have a feeling I will have a stack of these boxes on my painting table since each box set can be built into two different types of types. We are lucky that the British used some of the same chassis and hulls on different vehicles or we would be looking at a ton of different box sets coming out. Since I have yet to see the sprues for these models, I do not know if you can do some magnet magic and swap out the tops of the vehicles as you can do with the BMP box set. Once I get those pictures, I promise to tell you if that is possible. No matter what, the models look great and they look relatively easy to paint which is nice.

The first box set is the Spartan or Striker troop.  The Spartan makes an appearance in the Mechanized Company armed with the Milan missile, or they can bought from Divisional support where they cover your forces as mobile Blowpipe teams.  The Spartan is in your Recce Company, you have a slick version which acts as your command vehicle or can carry around some infantry.

Spartan MCT


The Slick Spartan
The Spartan Blowpipe

Next up is the FV432 which needs a cool nickname. If you plan to run a Mechanized Company (you should) you will need a bunch of these models. This model can also be built for the Swingfire missile troop which can only be taken in the Tank Company.  
The FV432


Here we have the Scorpion or Scimitar troop.  These are the main vehicles of the Recce Company, however you can also take a troop of one or the other because they are options in your divisional support. 

The Scimitar
The Scorpion
This article is about the models (sorry).  You can see the cards here  that will give you the stats of these vehicles and of course look out for all of the articles in the formations you can use these vehicles.
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