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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Iron Maiden the Last Wave and a Freebie!

In this article - the last of three that are focused on the new releases coming out for Iron Maiden - we have a bit of surprise for you.  The folks at Battlefront are releasing a new mini version of the Team Yankee rules in the new Charlie’s Chieftain boxset deal.   The mini rules are 90 pages and cover everything except the data on the forces of the game.  I like this move since you will get the info on the forces either from the books or the cards when you buy the models.   I am guessing here, but Battlefront sent me a picture of the sticker that announces that a particular box has the mini rules, so maybe we will see the mini book in other releases and maybe re-releases of the three previous box sets.  I have some snaps of the new mini rules at the end of this article.

I also said in my second article of this series that I will provide you pictures of the sprues for some of the plastic models.  I finally got my hands on the Scorpion/Scimitar and Spartan/Striker. It looks like unless you find a smart way to make it work with magic or magnets, you will not be able to do swap outs between the two different versions for either model.  Maybe the gun on Scorpion/Scimitar can be magnetized, however the Spartan/Striker looks like it will take more creativity since the rear of the model is so different.  I will be doing the unboxing articles in the future and I will see what can be done to give you some flexibility.

On to the new stuff.   This article will detail the resin and metal releases that are coming out with Iron Maiden. Much like the metal and resin of Leopard, we are looking at infantry and support vehicles.

First up is the infantry which comes in a company box set. I am guessing that it contains more than one platoon, and I know from the pictures provided the command stand and the optional SF GPMG teams are included. I do not know if they have the extra models needed for the Milan section, but  I am sure more data will come out as the release date gets closer.

So far, I have been impressed with the sculpts of the Soviets and the Germans, except for the fact that the RPGs seem to be a bit brittle and snap off easily.  These sculpts also seem like the same high quality and with the Brits you get to paint them in Camo, which many painters dread (it’s actually very easy).

One of the other release is the Rapier Anti-Aircraft Missile Platoon, which comes in a set of 4.

Here is the Abbot, which also comes in a 4-pack.

The M109, which should be the same model as released with the American M109 box set.

Now for the iconic Harrier! The Harrier comes in a set of two.

So there you have it - the toys of Iron Maiden!  I am looking forward to seeing how these models look after I have built and painted them.  I also like how much of this release are the plastics, which sometimes are a pain to build but look so nice once they are done.  I do wish they made more of these models with the ability to swap parts for different versions - like you can with the BMPs.  I also do hope that much like the other releases they have the individual sprues for sale at a later date. This lets you round out your formation with the right amount of vehicles you need.  In future, doing this for the resin models would also be cool, since I have 6 Leopard 1 tanks, and need 7, so I am looking for someone with an extra tank right now.

90 Pages, all rules and backstory
Equip Special Rules, none from Leopard and Iron Maiden are included

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