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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bolt Action - Campaign Task Force Generation Preview

Now that we have published several games from the Bolt Action Campaign system we are developing we wanted to give you a preview of the basic task force generator tables. 

When you and your opponent(s) start a campaign you will start with a 2nd Lieutenant and two squads from the same entry.  Each task force will get an additional free unit based on the nation the player is playing.  A player will then randomly add two additional units from using a Unit Generator table.

Once a player knows what type of new units he is adding to his force he will then roll on the appropriate unit table (infantry, artillery, vehicle).

To account for availability we have placed common units in the middle of the table and more powerful rare units on the edges. The campaign will also include a mechanic for allowing limited substitution of units for players who do not have the necessary unit in their collection or who need more infantry.

You will notice that there is not an entry on any of the tables for soft skin vehicles. Instead of having soft skins take up space on a  table, all infantry and artillery units will make a separate dice check to see if they come with a soft skin transport.

Infantry squads are the only units that have predetermined moral. All other units will randomize their moral. For most units you don't have to worry about points and can take any applicable upgrades, however infantry units are different. Players will get 110 points to spend on each infantry unit in their force. That 110 points is spent before each game allowing players to make minor tweaks to their infantry squads between games to adjust for the campaign.

After adding a unit to your task force you will also randomize a units moral if it is not an infantry squad. Between games units moral could change and your officer may receive a field promotion depending on the outcome of the prior game.

Play testing is going well and we are very excited in with this new format for playing games of bolt action. A community draft will likely be released in mid to late October for feedback and the full campaign will be released around Halloween. 

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