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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bolt Action - AAR: Campaign: Road to Victory, part 2

Last Campaign game saw Pavlov and Schmidt lose most of their men.  Now they have been reinforced with replacements and additional units.  The Russian drive into Poland has brought them to a poorly defended German checkpoint.  Word of the Russian advance has reach Battalion HQ and Lieutenant Schmidt and his men are rushed to the front to stop a potential break through by Pavlov.

In this game we deployed three objectives diagonally down the center of the board.  The objective include a field kitchen, a supply stash, and two dead cows.  The player who holds the most of these objectives at the end of the game wins.

Currently the Russian force consists of the following;

Pavlov the Veteran 1st Lieutenant
2 x Regular Guards Infantry Squads
2 x Regular LMG Squad
1 x Inexperienced LMG Squad
1 x Regular SU-100
3 x Regular Trucks
1 x Veteran Half Track

Currently the German force consists of the following;

Schmidt the regular 2nd Lieutenant
2 x Veteran Grenadiers
1 x Veteran Pioneers
1 x Inexperienced Volksgrenadiers
1 x Inexperienced MMG
1 x Regular Quad 20mm AA gun
1 x Regular Pak 40
3 x Regular Trucks

The German checkpoint.

Advanced elements of the Russian force take up position along a fence.

While another squad was sent to the right.

A German squad rushes to confront the Russians.

While the second squad screens for the trucks bringing on additional troops.

The Pak 40 takes up position in the woods.

Soviet troops begin pouring onto the field.

The poorly equipped Volksgrenadiers are given an opportunity to prove themselves.

A powerful anti-aircraft gun unleashes its deadly payload.

Guards infantry equipped with SMGs rushes the Germans.

LMG troops cover their advance.

Soviets outflank and take out the German quad.

The Pak 40 manages to hit these Soviets in the woods with some HE.

German infantry fight hard to hold the road.

As do the Volksgrenadiers.

A deadly Soviet assault ends with many dead Germans.

German Pioneers set fire to some ill-prepared Soviets.

A fierce battle ensues near the check point. 

Suddenly these Germans find themselves in a cross fire.

The Pak 40 manages to take out the Soviet halftrack

Soviet forces overwhelm the Volksgrenadiers.

The Russians begin to consolidate their position.

The last of the Germans hold out in the middle.

These two Germans survey the battlefield.

The SU-100 turns its gun on approaching Germans.

The Germans manage to beat back these Soviets.

The Soviets hold the check point.

While the Germans hold one flank.

In the last gasps of the game the SU-100 takes the final objective. 

In the last moments of the last turn the Soviets manage to take two of the three objectives.  So far the Soviets have won one game and tied a second.  While the Germans have one loss and a tie.

The Russians added a regular MMG and managed to scrounge up a regular T-28 to add to their force, while the Germans added a Regular 88 and a mighty Tiger tank.  Things just got real.  We were both really excited for the reinforcements.  Mostly because our games will now include an 88 and a Tiger.  This will pose all new challenges for the Soviets and give the Germans some fun toys to push around the table. 

By Cbax

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