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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why We Fight Episode 5: The Ardennes and The Bulge

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Get ready for a bulging new episode of Why We Fight! In ACT I, the guys provide a quick update on some upcoming tournaments. In ACT II, we get an overview of the Axis lists in the new Ardennes Offensive book. Then in ACT III, we see what the Allies are up to in an overview of the new Battle of the Bulge book. Be sure to stick around for this special sneak peek episode.


ThePlebicide said...

Re the GW comments - All GW Stores are currently in the process of rebranding as Warhammer, seems that they discovered that non-gamers refered to the stores as 'The Warhammer Store', so they've just gone with that. And again, re the tables, many GW stores are now so called 'One man Stores', which mean that they literally have one member of staff, the store manager, who was probably the person you spoke too (They are also seem to be hiring people with retailing skills rather than gamers, I presume because they have decided its easier to give sales people warhammer training, then to give gamers retail training) . They have limited gaming space, two tables is about normal, the 15 or sixteen tables you mentioned was probably what used to be called a Bunker store, which is not the normal store anyway.

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