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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Team Yankee Dust-up Soviet Motor Rifle vs US Mech Infantry Company

by Eric "Tarzan" Lauterbach

I had another chance to play on Sean Mackintosh's geo-hex 6mm board.
We decided on a dust up between a Soviet MRR and US Mech Company. The Soviets had two Motor Rifle Companies, BMP Scouts, Full T-72 company, Hinds, and some Gohpers. The US OB was Three platoons of Infantry, mortar platoon, Vulcan platoon, 2 ITV platoons, Arty, Abrams, Attack Helos, and A10s for good measure. It was shapping up to be a good fight we rolled random for who was Soviet and let the action begin.

 The board the Soviet side to the right, US top left.

 US Objective.

 Soviet Objective.

 Soviets defending back objective.

 Soviet sector.

 ITVs looking for a good spot.

 The US dig in and wait.

 If you are Soviet you must attack its in the rules somewhere.

 Soviets busting trails in the woods.

 Token infantry left behind on objective all the BMPs and most infantry move out.

 Its actually taken three turns to get into position to move out on the attack.

 US Attack choppers show up..(yes not cobras but hey they work)

 The US goes for the Soviet AA Gophers.

 These goobs miss.

 Bailed out hit from the choppers.. Morale....ouch bye

 Soviet turn Hinds show up and go for the US Arty.

 The US Vulcans have not arrived yet.

 Some good shooting for the Soviets.

 BLAM.. US arty toast.
 Oops then the Vulcans showed up on the next turn.

 Soviet turn the Hinds run away from the Vulcans and attack the US choppers...yes its silly.

 The Soviet Recon shows up as well and hits some ITVs with a very lucky shot.

With some really lucky reserve rolls the Soviet T-72s show up as well.

 Soviets go on the offensive before the US is fully deployed.

 Soviets attacking.

 US Turn A10s come in.

 US ITV gets a bail as well.
 A10 rock the Soviets ..looking like highway of death.

 Nothing for the Soviets to do but press the attack.

 Move to the objective.

 We are about to learn assaults are pointless in Team Yankee...

 Soviets should just shoot the crap out of them and not bother assaulting.

The US bounced the assault even as beat up as they were.

 US call in A10s on the finial protective line... ouch!
 The silly Helo dual has been going on but is now over 

 US reserves are arriving and the attack window is closing for the Soviets.

 The Abrams have arrived and its getting ugly.

 Time for a charge

 Soviets crack the US platoon.
 and take the position.
 The Soviets have made it to the objective but the US has another platoon backstopping it.

 BMP-2 fire at Abrams.

 Getting a bail.

 The US has pulled all the reserves in and set up a defense from hell in the woods. To top it off the A10s whack the soviets again.

 more chopper madness..

 The Soviets are pretty well spent no way to attack the US line.

 The good news is the T-72s are winning the dual with the Abrams.

 BMP fire and T-72 fire is taking its toll.

 The US close in and they are not looking to take prisoners. 

 US blast the soviets to bits

 The Abrams platoon is destroyed.

 The Soviet MRC is destroyed.

We decided to call the game a draw with the Soviet Infantry wrecked and the US Tanks wrecked neither side had the tools to push the other off the objectives.

I am discovering Team Yankee is a way more dynamic game in 6mm terrain can screen forces and there is actually maneuver.

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