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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Premium Terrain-Clock Tower (BB200) Review

I would like to introduce my favorite piece of battlefield in a box terrain – The Clock Tower. This is being released as part of Battlefront's 2016 Premium Building Line for use with their Team Yankee ruleset and will work great for their World War II Flames of War set as well.

So let’s take a look at this iconic European building. Many European towns have a similar building either near the center of town, or sometimes as part of the exterior “wall” of the town as the Sally-Port was usually guarded.   Here are a few actual clock towers from Freiburg, Rothenberg, and Vilseck.

Here we have Battle Front’s Clock Tower, product code BB200 and it retails for $50.00 USD.

The model comes with:
• 1x Brick Sally-Port.
• 2x Tower - middle sections.
• 1x Clock - middle section.
• 1x Small roof.

Each level of the Clock Tower is large enough to accommodate two infantry teams (on medium bases).

The Sally-Port is wide enough to accommodate even the largest tanks (note an M1 Abrams can pass with room to spare.).

Note the detail on the brickwork, shingles and clock as well as the texture on the walls.

 I really like this model.  It is very representative of many of the city clock towers in Europe of and the color is great and fits in well with the other battlefront properties perfectly.  It is acommanding piece of terrain (guess where the artillery observer is going to go?) and taller than the standard two-story housesfrom the Battlefield in a Box line.  It is a great terrain piece on the game table, especially when combined with other houses. Though some may not appreciate the $50 price tag, this is a lot of building for the gamer’s money.  The quality is there and there is a lot of resin in this tall building.  I plan to purchase other modern terrain buildings for My Team Yankee gaming.  But this one especially lends itself to multiple era gaming.

This building rates: 1 prost, 5 ziggy-zaggies and a beer stein clink!

This Building was provided by Battlefront.

(Editors note:  Special thanks to The DeeP Comic and Games for letting us shot these model shots on their tables and to Nathan from The DeeP for the use of his M1)

Dane is a member of the Huntsville Historical Gamers and a occasional contributor to WWPD.

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