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Monday, August 22, 2016

Peleliu "Bloody Nose Ridge" USMC vs Japanese scenario game.

Historicon 2016 has come and gone, but here are few pics of the scenario game I ran for WWPD and Battlefront. This game was a Peleliu September 1944 battle for the Umurbrogol Mt. or, as the Marines of the 1st Division called it, "Bloody Nose Ridge".

The game had a Marine Battalion reducing a Japanese bunker and cave complex while also defending against Japanese counter attacks attempting to break the Marine line and reestablish contact with the Japanese fortified position. It came down to the last turn and was a entertaining all the way around.

Yes the tops of the mountains come off to reveal a cave area.
 The Marines have cut the Island in two.

 Marine position cutting the Island.

Japanese HMG bunker.

 The game began with a Naval Bombardment most of the Japanese hid in the cave and were safe.

 This guy got whacked by the Navy.

 Japanese run out of the cave mouth to attack the Marines.

 More Japanese run out of the cave to man the trenches.

 Japanese Banzai attack

 Marines put out a lot of firepower the Japanese are checked.

 More Japanese form up for the attack.

 The Marines reach the Japanese trenches.

 After taking heavy casualties the Marines destroy the bunker with flamethrowers and pioneer teams.

 Japanese still hold a strong position.

 Marines keep assaulting the cave and getting thrown back.

 Marines holding in the face of the Japanese.

 Marines stumble on a second bunker and take it out.

 The Japanese have almost broke the Marines lines

 The Japanese leave the trenches and run for the cave to make a last stand Marines shoot them as the pull  back.

 The Marines finally take the first cave and blow it up.
 The situation is the balance.

 Marine reinforcements to the rescue.
After many assaults the cave is cleared and the Marines win a bloody victory and a very high cost.

I do not get a chance to break out the "Monster Island" cave complex very often but when I do its always a good game.

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