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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Konflikt '47 - Converting Automated Carriers

Friend of the LRDG cast, Stu Williams, has been working on an original, incredible looking Konflikt '47 British army built around a number of units of Automatons and Automated Carriers. You might have found his "work in progress" shots on the Konflikt '47 Facebook page. We were lucky enough to catch up with Stu and he has outlined how he went about making his original automated carriers. Enjoy.

Afternoon all, Old Man Morin at the LRDG Podcast and WWPD asked me to throw together a quick "how to" article describing how to scratch build my versions of the Automated Carriers. So grab a brew and I’ll explain my process to you.

How to scratch build an Automated Carrier

 What you will need:

  • 1 Warlord Games Bren Carrier
  • Automated Infantry parts: 2 Heads, 1 set of arms, 1 torso.
  • 1 Rhino/Predator Top plate
  • 1 Rhino/Predator turret mount
  • 1 set of Shurtzen (or some plasticard)
  • A couple of suitable hatches.
  • 2 suitable light Autocannons
  • Greenstuff

Step 1:

Build the Bren carrier.. or use an old one that you have and didn’t use (like me). Then make sure the top part is flat, you might need to file or cut it down depending on the make and mark of the kit.

Step 2:

Cut the top hatch square to fit the back of the Bren carrier.  Then glue it into place. You may need a bit of greenstuff to fill in the sides or any resulting gaps.

Step 3:

Measure the Shurzen/Plasticard and cut it to fit over the driver’s cockpit. Once you’re happy, glue it down. You may have to shave the edges into place once it has been glued into place (and has dried).

Step 4:

Add an access hatch, and if you can, a small circle to rest the Automated driver’s head.

Step 5:

Take the turret mount and cut it down slightly. Now cover the holes with plasticard and throw on a few more hatches to give the base plate a more WWII feel. 

Step 6:

Cut the automated infantry’s torso at the hips and glue it down onto the turret mount. 

Step 7: 

Hold the gunner's arms onto the torso to work out where the guns will lie. BlueTac is useful when posing your gunner too. Drill a metal rod or pin through the middle of the turret mount. This will hold the guns in place and will help prevent breakage. Glue the arms directly to the back of the guns before attaching them to the gunner's torso. 

Step 8:

Paint up your new carriers and enjoy! 

Add them to your growing force of Automated infantry... and roll some dice! 

We, at WWPD, would like to thank Stu for sharing his work and hope that you have found it helpful. - OMM

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