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Monday, August 8, 2016

Historicon 2016 Doubles Late War Eastfront Tournament

The Historicon doubles tournament is always a good time between friends.  It is a very light atmosphere, and this year was no different. The theme this year was "Enemies of the Soviets" - a late war eastfront tournament.  I did allow Japanese to be played, but nobody took that challenge.  There were a lot of good combos with Polish, Hungarians, Finns, Romanians represented as well. There were a ton of Soviet lend-lease tanks, which speaks to an interesting list issue - maybe under-costed? Anyway, we had 64 players rolling dice and having a good time.


 Luke's round three face.

 In the end Kurt Reese and Jesse Sheaffer won with Soviets, Scott Dickson and teammate came in second with Germans, and Allen Smith and Bill Wilcox came in third.  All three teams came in undefeated and it was decided on domination points and battle scores.

For complete standings of the tournament take a look in the WWPD rankings section.

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