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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Guild Ball- Meet the Butchers' Guild!

"You're just meat to them … weak, tender, soft meat. And they're the Butchers."
-Greyscales, Vice-Captain, Fisherman's Guild

The Butchers' Guild! These are guys and gals who play the game one way: by slicing and dicing their opponents. Let's have a look!
The team! This is every model released except for the new pig mascot: Truffles. Truffles looks awesome- smooth as buttah, can't wait to pick it up.

This is Fillet. She's one of the two captains, and she is a one-woman killing machine. Seriously, she is insanity!

Shank is one of the few Butchers with an extended melee range. He can cut his foes to pieces and leave them bleeding.

This is Brisket. She's absolutely a star on the Pitch. She's the best kicker the Butchers have, but she can lay some pain as well.

Meathook is a solid support character, tooling up your team to deliver the pain. She is missing an arm here... I can't find it, but I decided to let that battle scar live with her.

Ox is the other team captain. He's more about enabling the rest of the team nearby to deliver additional pain.
This is Boar. He's huge, hits hard, and knocks people down. Nasty!

Tenderizer is the goalie for the Butchers, and has tons of tricks for keeping enemy teams away from the goal.

Boiler is a bit of an all arounder- decent at kicking, decent at dealing damage, and loves to be near his killer pup princess.

Finally, we have Princess. She's a bulldog who can kick a ball and bite an ankle.

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