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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FLAMES OF WAR Bulge Compilation Sneak Peak

By WWPD: Why We Fight.  Eric Lauterbach, Luke Melia & Mitch "The Meta" Reed

We wanted to give you all a sneak peak of the upcoming books from Battlefront; The Ardennes Offensive and The Battle of the Bulge.  We are very excited about this double release and plan on providing you with many in depth reviews on the books themselves and cover topics such as what is new, what is old and what has changed over the next few weeks.  We will also be covering these books in detail on the Why We Fight podcast.

The original books, Nutz, Devils Charge and Blood, Guts and Glory changed Late War play substantially.  The Americans, with new lists, equipment, stats and special rules became a major powerhouse in Flames of War.  Many folks have said that the Americans became overpowered to a degree and we saw tournament play flooded with 7th Armored and 99th Infantry Lists.  The Germans, with the infamous Panzers to the Meuse list, saw auto-attacking Germans in force and as they moved further into Late War more and more heavy German Armor.  When all of these books and lists were released Flames of War was at its most popular point and the excitement surrounding them was electrifying.  These compilation books promise to have the same energizing effect.  There are a number of changes in these books and although some players may not like all of them, I believe they will have a positive effect on the game as a whole.

From a tournament organizers perspective these books are a huge help when trying to do a theme Bulge tournament. With so much variety of lists It gives the tournament player a wide range of options to choose from. So no matter your playing style the compilation has a list for you. We will be seeing a lot of  “Bulge Theme” tournaments very soon and in the years to come.

The Allied lists.
Tank Company 4th and 7th Armored
Armored Rifle Company 4th and 7th Armored
Tank Destroyer Company
761st Light Tank Company
761st Tank Company
29th Infantry Div. Rifle Company
Perimeter Outpost company 28th,
Rifle company 2nd and 99th
Engineer combat company 291st
Cavalry Recon Troop 14th Cav group
Cavalry Tank Company 14th Cav group
Parachute Rifle Company 101st
Airborne Engineer Combat Company 101st
Glider Rifle Company 101st
Ranger Battalion 2nd Ranger
Desert Rats Armoured Squadron
Desert Rats Motor Company
Desert Rats Rifle Company
Armoured Squadron 29th Brigade
Rifle Company 53rd and 51st
Parachute Company 6th Airborne
Airlanding Company 6th Airborne

The List of Germans:
FHH Panzerkompanie
FHH Panzersturmkompanie
FHH Panzergrenadierkompanie
111th Panzerbrigade Panzerkompanie
111th Panzerbrigade Panzergrenadierkompanie
SS Kampfgruppe Peiper
SS Kampfgruppe Hansen
SS Schnellgruppe Knittel
150 Panzerbrigade Kampfgruppe
2nd Panzerdivision
Panzer Leher Division
9th Panzer Division
116th Panzer Division
Fuhrer Panzerkompaine
Fuhrer Panzerfusilierkompanie
Fuhrer Panzergrenadierkompaine
Fuhrer Grenadierkompanie
Nordwind Panzergrenadierkompaine
Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie

Each of the 225+ paged books are impressive additions to the Late War period and together they cover the full range of units that saw action in late 1944 and early 1945.  While the core of these books were taken from older soft cover book releases or PDFs from the website; many of these lists have been tweaked to provide a more balanced playing experience.  Adding to this core are new lists for each of the nationalities and the addition of Commonwealth forces which was not contained in any of the previous releases.  Much like the past releases from Battlefront; each book has the historical setting,  background of the units involved, painting tips, and even rules for playing in the fog and snow.  

Many of you may have gotten somewhat of a “Spoiler” from our interview with Wayne Turner on the Why we Fight Podcast and know how excited we are about this release.  We know that once you find out more about these books you will see why we felt this way and you may even dust off some of those old tanks you did in snow camo and make a list from these great new books.

So please stay tuned over the new few weeks as we share details from The Battle of the Bulge and The Ardennes Offensive with you as well as give you our impressions of what we think about these new releases.  

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