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Monday, July 11, 2016

WWPD: LIVE from Historicon 2016

I know some gamers can’t get enough of hearing about the games we play so we have decided to go real time with providing you the latest info to feed your gaming addiction (My name is Mitch and I am an addict).  For years I have been an avid user of Twitter, which I use to keep up with the Washington Capitals.  I discovered that while at a Caps game Twitter keeps me informed of the things that the TV and radio folks hear as the watch; I like to know why a player went back to the locker room, why a certain penalty was called, and of course to tell the fans from other teams how much they suck. So much like how I use Twitter to keep informed of things in real time, we plan to keep you informed of what we are doing.  Also, 144 characters is a lot easier to read than some of my long and boring articles.  Plus, via Twitter you can shout back at us as well.  I would love to field some questions from you to talk about during our podcasts.

So with all this said I will be live tweeting from Historicon next week.  I will post on games (only if I did well), the great models I see, the stuff I want to buy, and even some great gamers I will get to hang out with.

We have several Twitter accounts you can follow.  We regularly tweet updates and give sneak peaks for WWPD Events, announcements and articles.

If Twitter is not your thing, we have two pages you can follow and a great Flames of War group.

The WWPD Network
WWPD: Why We Fight
Flames of War:  Officially Unofficial

We update the pages daily and the Flames of War group is open to all comments on all aspects of FOW, from any manufacturer as long as the topic is Flames related.

Here's an excerpt from the Flames of War website on some other events we are hosting at Historicon.
WWPD LogoFlames Of War Events at Historicon
July 14 - 17 2016 is proud to be hosting two great games at Historicon this
year in the Flames Of War tournament area.
The first will be a Pacific-themed game and the second will be a Team Yankee mega battle with both being
played on a 4x12 table. Battlefront are providing prizes for everyone participating. Because of the 
exclusivity of these events, you will not be able to sign up online and will only be able to register for the 
games at the convention itself.

Peleliu Bloody Nose Ridge
The 1st Marines are pushing hard for Bloody Nose Ridge, but the Japanese under General Nakagawa
are not giving up anytime soon. This will be a close infantry fight with all the Pacific War tactical problems,
Banzai attacks, caves and bad attitudes. Kids allowed with playing adult.  A familiarity with the Flames 
Of War rule system is encouraged, but not required.
  • 10am Friday 15 July
  • 6 Players
  • 3 Hours 

Stem the Red Tide
World War III has begun with the Soviets advancing though West Germany. The NATO border forces have
been over run and reinforcements are racing towards the front to stop the Soviets before they can
completely break through to Frankfurt. This will be a mega battle featuring the Team Yankee rules. Armor 
and infantry commands will battle to secure three major objectives on a 4x12 table while being harried 
by air assets.  Will the Soviets advanced elements be able to secure a route to Frankfurt or will the 
Americans task force be able to hold the line against the Red Horde? Basic knowledge of Flames Of War
or the Team Yankee rules system is encouraged. If the game finishes in a timely manner we will be happy
to set the game up again for a second battle.
  • 5pm Friday 15 July
  • 8 Players
  • 3 Hours 

Do not forget that we will also be broadcasting the WWPD News From the Front Podcast LIVE on Saturday at 7:30pm.  Join Steve, Jon and Luke for normal podcast shenanigans recapping their adventures at the convention.  We have a large amount of give a ways and prize support for everyone attending.  This is our way to thank you to all of you out there who have continued to listen to us over the years and we hope you will join us for some great discussions and a few laughs along the way.

After the podcast we have a large gaming session.  We have board, table top and card games open to all.  This is by far the most fun we have at any show.  We get the opportunity to hang out and game with all of you.

Luke will also keep you informed of his experiences at Historicon; I think the fact he is playing in the doubles tournament with his son for the first time, you may also get some great parenting tips from him as well as how his games are going.

I look forward to tweeting to you next week, and if you are at Historicon please come over and say hello.

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