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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bolt Action - K47 - Getting some German vehicles ready to roll, or walk, out!

To say that the team at the Bolt Action Alliance are a little excited about the impending release of Konflict 47 (K47) is an understatement. Walkers, jet packs and heavily armoured soldiers fighting against or along side occult figures like Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves just sounds like a great amount of fun. We recognize that it will not be for everyone but we hope that there will be a lot of crossover and it can sit alongside the more traditional game, perhaps even bringing in some new fans to the greater Bolt Action genre.

In preparation for K47 I managed to get my hands on a German walker from the Dust Tactics range and decided to paint it up so it will be ready to field when the game hits sometime late July or August 2016. I have already painted two paper panzers that would fit perfectly into a post '45 type of setting and I wanted to go with a similar prototype feel for the walker. I feel like the Flakpanzer V Coelian and even the Leopard are the types of fighting vehicles that would be seen after 1945 so will form the core of my tracked force.

Without knowing what stats the K47 walkers will have I have taken a bit of a gamble on using a Dust Tactics one but I am sure my opponents will cut me some slack  and allow me to proxy it for another one. It would really fit within a lightly armored scout/tank hunter class of walker designed to move fast, punch hard and then redeploy before heavily armed opponents can get a fix on it. I have added a search light/IR light, some stowage and a pintle-mounted MG for close in defence.

My first force for K47, will be an elite technology based type of force rather than the occult and I am really looking forward to seeing what the rulebook has for me to play with. The main reason for this is that I can use the bulk of my existing late war German Grenadiers, so will not have to paint up any new infantry.

In regard to the painting I have used Vallejo Model Air 71.039 Hull Red modulated with an off white to give them the prototype feel with random engineer markings which I just made up. Over the top I have used the AK Interactive range of enamels and in particular the dark wash for green vehicles. Overall I want the feel of a force that is just entering the age of rapid technological advancement post '45 and is throwing prototypes out there for battle testing.

So next article on K47 may see us discussing the rules after having seen the rulebook but hopefully this has given you guys some inspiration to start planning some forces like I have!


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