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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bolt Action - AAR: Russian vs Germans

Bryan recently traveled up to the frozen north to play Bolt Action. One night we got in a great game. We themed the game around the fighting near Kiev in 1941, with tenacious Russian defenders trying to halt Army Group South's advance.

The Russians found themselves entrenched in well fortified positions, while the Germans came equipped with a pair of Panzer IVs armed with light howitzers.

A pair of MG-34s lay down a deadly volume of fire on the Russian defenders. 

German troops, lead by the evil Cthulhu Commander clear this Ukrainian farmstead. 

The Germans send one squad around the flank to act as a diversion and halt any Soviet counter attacks.

The German motor pool hauling men and equipment to the front.

The Soviets send an armored car forward to do what it can. 

The Soviets in this trench watch helplessly as the Germans lay down a wall of smoke to block the line of sight of the Russians in the other trench lines.

Soviet reinforcements arrive and are immediately engaged. 

The twin Panzer IVs slowly roll forward. 

The Soviet armored car is no match.

German troops advance under the cover of smoke. 

The German flank is secured by an 88 who doesn't let anyone through.

Soviet troops recklessly burst from the smoke only to get assaulted by the Veteran Germans.

Both sides take heavy casualties, but the Germans come out on top.

The Russians finally knock out a Panzer IV.

Machine gun and mortar fire take its toll on these defenders.

 ... while these Soviets watch helplessly as smoke obscures their view.

The final assault begins.

Waves of German troops stomp the Soviets under their jack-boots.

Both sides suffer heavy losses in the assault.

Desperate Soviet defenders hang on for the motherland. 

The last of their brave force holding on to the final man.

Was an excellent game.  In the end, neither side had enough victory points to claim victory.  The Germans did an excellent job of isolating the Soviets from one another using smoke.  This allowed them to use the majority of the German troops to engage a small Russian force.  The Soviets did a great job sacrificing men when they needed to to slow the German advance.  Well played and a great game.

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