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Friday, June 24, 2016

"Unknown" - A cooperative survival boardgame by Rob and Dave games

"Uknown" is a (pardon the pun) relatively unknown game that I happened to come upon on Kickstarter. I thought it looked promising, backed them, and then completely forgot about it.

Check out Rob and Dave games on Facebook. I'm not sure if this game will be available for purchase soon, or what.

A few weeks back, a suspicious package (Man, that's a great band name- Suspicious Package) arrived on my doorstep, and this game was inside! I finally talked my buddy Sean into trying it out with me, and we were quite impressed.

The game consists of a group of survivors exploring their underground world. They fight monsters, avoid hazards, and gather food for their settlement.

Sean and I recorded a playthrough- check it out! The game is fantastic!

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