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Friday, June 10, 2016

Team Yankee - A10 Warthog Review

Hey there Team Yankee fans, I recently purchased, put together and painted the A-10 Warthog box set from Battlefront and thought I would share my experience.  Firstly the box set contains two resin A-10's and comes in at a price tag of USD47.00 which makes it compatible to the price of five plastic M1A1 Abrams.

The kit comes un-assembled in six main groups and for ease I will just use plain English - Cockpit and wings, tail,  tail fins, intake covers, ordinance and stand. My initial impressions were that the kits were pretty clean with nice detail and no warping however having come across this type of shiny resin before I was a bit disappointed as I have found it to be brittle and easily broken (more on that later).

Assembly was relatively simple however I did have to do some work around some of the joins to make the fit flush. Assembly is not my strong point so I tend to have little patience when it comes to fiddly little bits or incorrectly fitting parts. A more patient person could pin the main body to the tail and the fins etc on but I relied on glue alone and found it took some effort and I some lost skin in the process, which is now forever glued to the A-10's! (this is very normal for me though). I like to use nail clippers to clean up when required and whilst trimming one of the tails it snapped straight off at the base to the fuselage. I glued it on but this reinforced my opinion of this type of material being brittle as little force was applied in order for it to break.

Once they were together I was happy with the result, despite my previous whinging, and got stuck into painting which is my favorite part. These were only the second group of Team Yankee miniatures I have put together and painted, the others can be seen here. I experimented with colours and designs with reference to but without strict adherence to authenticity so please allow for some indulgence early on for me and do not be too harsh on the colours.

Positives - The detail is crisp and clean with minimum clean up required and the decals are just excellent!
Negatives - It is resin and may have a tendency to break.

Final score - 6/10

By Patch

"Patch has been playing wargames in Australia for around 4 years, primarily in 28mm, but has recently started in the realm of 15mm with the introduction of Team Yankee. Focusing mainly on painting, his skill as a wargamer can best be described as if he was part of a group exploring a planet he would be the one wearing the red shirt"

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